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Melanie Mayone Radford


Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website - Luminous North (coming soon!)

Hello there, I discovered the powerfully transformational energy of Archangel Metatron through Amanda’s work three years ago. Originally consulting her for a session; within 12 months I had undertaken Level 1 Attunement, Level 2 Practitioner training and in 2019 qualified as a Teacher of the modality.

My Attunement to Metatron’s energy was swift and potent, with evidence of its healing efficacy almost immediately demonstrated. Our journey together continues to joyfully evolve; being of service to others within Metatron’s fold of Ascended Masters has taught me humility, faith & has ultimately brought me back in touch with my Higher Self.

Raised within Roman Catholicism, and while no longer a follower of any formal religion, through Attunement to Metatron my connection to the energies of Mother Mary and Jesus/ Yeshua has deepened.

Spiritualism too is in my English ancestral line, with my maternal Grandmother Violet practising (quote) “rainbow colour healing” throughout her life.

Reflecting back over my professional life conducted within the UK Education field, first as a University Lecturer, and latterly within the Alternative education arena, I now recognise how Metatron’s gentle but persistent hand had been there on my shoulder throughout my career.

As a Metatron Colour Therapist I offer the following services :

  • Distance & In-person Healing: encompassing physical conditions (for example: chronic & acute pain);emotional & psychological issues; spiritual issues (for example: assistance with the navigation & transition between different life stages/challenges)
  • Tarot and Oracle Card Readings: intuitive readings to provide guidance, insight & empowerment
  • Teaching: Delivering In person Level 1 and 2 Metatron workshops

All Healing sessions incorporate energetic frequencies from Amandas Metatron Colour energy sprays, Crystals, Sound (via Chakra Tuning Forks; Harmonic Chimes; Singing Bowls) and Sacred Geometry ( Metatron’s Cube, Platonic Solids)

Looking forward to connecting with anyone called to work with me.

Melanie x