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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

meHello and welcome to my site. My name is Amanda Ellis, and above all else I work with and channel Archangel Metatron’s energy in all that I do.  I am an International Spiritual Teacher, Writer, Colour Therapist, Public Speaker and a Healer. I'm also one of life's perpetual students never happier than when mulling over something and trying to see things from a higher perspective via a number of spiritual tools.
I have two teenage children and like many working parents I juggle my responsibilities and commitments to my family with the work that I do, and as my children are still school age typically do not work the major academic holidays.  We live by the Sea in Bournemouth, England, UK – and are also within easy reach of the New Forest – another area of outstanding beauty, where ponies roam free and many good walks and English cream teas can be found!  When I’m not working I am at my happiest when walking in nature with the family, baking, reading, exercising at the gym...as well as socialising with friends and loved ones. I also love music particularly 80's electro pop (Soft Cell are my all time favourites) and rock (Springsteen goes a long way in my book...) and enjoy going to live concerts. I'm also a lover of watching Tennis - the Wimbledon fortnight usually sees me glued to the TV - perfect excuse to put feet up, eat strawberries and hull peas (as I watched my grandmother do every Wimbledon fortnight too)....my tennis hero was and always will be Jimmy Conners although being British I have a soft spot for Andy Murray now as well..

Life has not always been so easy, and like many of you I have been tested and experienced hard lessons and experiences in life.  I have been married twice, experienced loss and suffered depression at times in my life too. I have always tried however to look forward and learn from anything that has happened - viewing everything as part of the journey I am on in this life time. I also believe a good sense of humour and working hard for what you love goes a long way too...

I grew up with a strong Christian background - my parents embraced everything from low to high church to the evangelical movement at one point too (I have had the laying on of hands to cure hip problems and seen people speaking in tongues).  Now however I embrace many other ideologies and beliefs, including Karma, Past Lives, Reincarnation, and belief in other Galaxies and Ascended Masters.  I would describe myself as a spiritual being rather than a religious one - and no longer attend any church believing spirit, god and the angels are all around us not contained in one place of worship or through just any one person.  I'm particularly interested in Budhist thinking too and believe in the power of chanting too..

All that I do and say is meant to be non denominational - I believe Angels and Archangels belong and are a part of all races, creeds and cultures. And as for Colour - another passion and healing modality I endorse it is part of our natural world coming from the source of light that sustains and keeps us alive.

In terms of core values - I believe in the saying 'do as you would be done to' - in a nutshell if we all embodied this, the world would be a far happier place. I am also interested and try to practise Mindfulness - which is to have an awareness of being in the moment, and taking time to be still and go within whenever possible.

Because I am firmly immersed in family life which also includes looking after aging parents I believe that Metatron is helping me integrate all that he offers within what can be a fast moving, busy life. I believe passionately in helping myself and you to integrate practical spiritual techniques and energy into our everyday lives. I also believe it can be simple – it is us that over complicates most things! Metatron often repeats the manta of 'Keep it Simple'!

I have been walking my path consciously with Archangel Metatron since 2005 where I was first introduced to his energy within the Colour Mirrors system of healing that I taught for over ten years. Before that however I am sure he was waiting in the wings for me – as he is for you – to lead me forward in my life. I had loved Angels long before this – but it was Metatron and the world of Colour which he inhabits which really sparked my drive to change my life. Doing so, meant a huge leap of faith as I left behind a successful business career in Marketing to try my hand at something my soul had long been nudging me to do.  I am so glad I did – for it has opened up many beautiful experiences in my life – and the truth is once we are firmly on our spiritual path, it continues to unfold and develop as we evolve and become better people.

I was directly attuned to Archangel Metatron via Pippa Merivale in 2007 and continued my training with her up to Level 3 – the highest available grade at that time. Subsequently I have been shown my own way of working with both Colour and Archangel Metatron ever since. I am grateful for all previous teaching received and am excited now about the new direction my work is taking integrating the best of all I have been shown, as well as incorporating my own ideas and themes – all of which have been channelled through me by Archangel Metatron.

I continue to teach Colour Therapy. Colour for me, along with Metatron has been the one thing that has helped me through some of the darkest moments of my own life. Its transformative power to lift and heal never fails to surprise me.

Integrating all that I do, I also offer a number of Individual sessions which are sometimes available in person - but more usually via Skype at distance.
I also enjoy public speaking and am able to travel to talk about the work I do – as well as being a regular exhibitor / speaker at a number of exhibitions and fayres.
I am here to help others discover who they are and what they came here to be. If you are drawn to Metatron it is usually because he has a plan or role for you in mind, as well as helping you emerge into your true self. My job is to help facilitate you with that.....contact me to find out more, or sign up to my Face Book Page where there are regular updates....

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