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Based on the late, great Dr. Masaru Emotos work, we know that the words and designs that sacred water is exposed to, are important. For those unfamiliar with his groundbreaking work, Dr. Emoto is best known for his 1999 book "Messages from Water." In his book, he details a number of experiments where water is frozen and the resultant ice crystals that form are scientifically photographed under a microscope.
water 9 emoto 2a
What they clearly and consistently show is that the water crystals are affected by the vibration of whatever they have been exposed to. This can be a word such as ‘love’ or ‘angel’ where beautiful, symmetrical crystals are formed, or words such as ‘you fool’ where deformed, non-symmetrical crystal patterns form. Amanda was blessed to be able to interview him in 2013. One of the questions he asked her concerned colour therapy products and 'How do you get the water to carry the message of what it is supposed to heal?'

This is a valid question and the answer in terms of the Metatron Energy sprays is :

1) The colour of the glass bottles infuses the vibration of that colour into the clear water/oil mixture inside

2) The powerful presence of not just Metatron's Cube but Metatron's name, is carried into the product by being on it! (NB - in some variants other sacred geometry symbols are used, for example a Vesica Pisces, but also channelled art.)

3) The crystals used, energise the water and this energy remains in the spray
4) Metatron's energy enters the water by invitation and is then sealed in via invocation and ceremony

Meeting Dr. Emoto one year before he died was an absolute blessing. I have felt his presence often since he passed, in particular when I created the Water Elemental spray.
Dr Emoto3