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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

Steve Judd – Astrology

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Steve is the best astrologer out there in my book – witty, concise, up to date astrological look at what is happening around the world and in people’s lives. And he tells it like it is – my kind of person....you may have seen some of our videos we made together on our respective video channels - here is a taster: https://youtu.be/TLe8VLi94qA

Jane Delaford Taylor – Art

Jane 2


Jane is the very talented artist who has bought Archangel Metatron to life in all his glorious colours for us here on this site.  Jane and I also worked together producing the Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle deck (published in 2019). She has a wide range of beautiful artwork – all of which are stunning. She also painted many of the images you see on our sprays eg The Elementals, Kids Range, Hope, and Spiritual Protection.

KSC Crystals


I have bought a number of Keiths beautiful crystals and recommend him based on great customer service, good prices and selection of crystals themselves. He usually has a great selection of Merkaba crystals as well.

Kate Bedell 

Kate Bedell


Kate painted the Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Christ images that we have on our healing sprays, dedicated to these Ascended energies. 


Angie Ricketts 

Angie R


Angie painted the beautiful angel wings on all our 8 Archangel Sparys (Uriel, Michael, Jophiel, Gabriel, Raphael, Zadkiel, Chamuel, Metatron).