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Distance Attunement Testimonials

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Level One Testimonials

"Hello Amanda. 
I have savored the Level One course and found such connection to the healing work I already do. The course has reminded me of how all of what I do is connected. And that Metatron is a powerful ally. I love all of the guided meditations in the teaching videos. Very powerful and rich experiences during them. Thank you!"  
"I had an experience I would like to share with you. The session I had with you in Level 1 suggested that I practise using colour spheres that Archangel Metatron would be downloading to me.  So today, I am working at a spa and while waiting for my client I was reading my Metatron manual. I stopped at the photo of The Gateway when my client came in. I put my phone in a drawer and left the room to allow my client privacy to get on the table. I started the massage and after 5 minutes I noticed a glow coming through the cracks in the drawer. I took it out and it was The Gateway photo shining BRIGHT. What's unusual is that the cell usually shuts off after a few seconds. So I set it on the dresser and was amazed that that it didnt dim or shut off for the entire massage. I feel like Metatron wanted to work through me today. I used the Flame Attunement spray and the Spiritual Protection spray with her. She said she felt amazing and wanted to know all about the sprays. Thank you for your support and compassion, it is transmitted through your sessions. You and Archangel Metatron have helped me tremendously and I am so grateful."
(USA Client)

"I loved doing the Metatron Colour Healing level one course and to be able to do it online was great. The meditations, the attunement and the videos all helped to bring the course to life. Amanda has a very down to earth, and authentic energy and her genuine passion for Metatron and the bottles shines out. Since doing the course, things are shifting already and I am very excited about doing level two!! I am so glad Amanda asked me to become a teacher!" (Penny Wing, A Metatron Teacher.)

"It has been almost a month since my attunement and I can feel the shift into a place of strength and serenity. With the initial attunement, I felt the uniqueness of both Metatron and Sandalphons' energies, and as I work with them, this energetic feeling remains constant.  I look forward to the co creation between myself and the Archangels. Thank you for your service to humanity. You are such a gifted teacher and I have learned so much from you."

 “Following your Metatron attunement, I have been in a state of calm ever since. I feel nothing will phase me. I usually fall asleep at some point, but not today. I saw Metatron & Sandalphon colours in meditation today, colours are not something I usually see. Thank you for an amazing experience Amanda.” (D. Mundy) 

I loved the attunement and this week has been full of changes & the feeling of a big shift occurring! I have even noticed a few things keep coming up repeatedly that need addressing & I have wanted to declutter!  I had a reading today and she straight away mentioned an angelic presence around me, healing work for me as a future & working with colours, before she had completed my first round of cards!  The reader spoke very highly of you when I told her afterwards about our Metatron work, and of your sprays too. Thank you so much.” (T. Warrington)

And here is a longer story from one client regarding how she experienced the attunement process.

The day before: 

In the morning, I had a 1 hour session with Amanda and we discussed Metatron and Sandalphon and their energies and my energies. It became clear that I have been working with Metatron my whole life, from the time I was a little child. When I would wake in the night and be afraid of the presence in my room or hear my name called, I think it was Metatron letting me know he was there. But I was afraid. I had been geared to the idea of ghosts and the idea that a presence in my room must be evil not light, a bad dream. Now I see that it was just him and if I had had a different relationship with the world of spirit, I would have been able to move more quickly to the path I am on now.  

When I started doing healing work, it quickly took on its own energy. I was never able to attach it to anything that I had heard of. When people asked what I did, I would not have an answer for them. I did not know. I just stepped out and let the energy through and went grocery shopping in my head.  

Amanda suggested that the night before my attunement I go out into my garden, sit under the stars and connect with Metatron. It had been a very long, busy day at the Inn and I was tired. Before work, I had bought an orange echinecea plant to put in my garden. I had the idea to take it up to the medicine wheel/landing site and sit with it and the stars.   

It was a very dark night. It had been raining and I could not see any stars at all. I turned on the porch light to guide me to the landing site but it was still very dark. I sat on my bench, clutching my echinecea plant and experienced fear. Fear of the dark. Fear of the wild animals. Fear of the unknown. I thought maybe I should just sit here and be with this fear. Maybe working with Metatron is about letting go of fear. But it was awfully dark, and I thought I heard something coming down the road between the woods. So I let it go and took my orange echinecea and went down in the circle garden where I always feel safe.  There, I sat quietly for some time. I saw colors, especially around an orange geranium that I had planted in a small garden I have been developing since I consciously started my work with Metatron. Maybe it will be my Metatron garden.

Due to storms over England, Amanda decided not to try to Skype with me before the attunement, but to just have me lie down and receive the energy. 

Before the attunement, I put the echinecea plant in the center of the medicine wheel so it could be the focal point and a conduit for the energy to come through and spread throughout my gardens.  

I cleared the house, lit a yellow candle and laid down. The first thing I noticed was my brain wandering so I decided to do a mantra in my head. I repeated "I'm open to recieve Metatron's energy" over and over, until the mantra shifted to something else.

Throughout the attunement I was given a series of mantras. I felt the energy and the mantras shifting down through my body.

I felt swirling energy around my head and then down through my whole body. I felt my hands activate and I saw a white stone in my right hand and a golden orb in my left.

I felt like I was levitating. I saw Metatron at my head and Sandalphon at my feet. After about 40 minutes I got up, went and sat in my circle garden and I was still very much in the attunement energy. I just sat in it, in my garden.

I felt very peaceful and trance like. I can't remember now what I saw or heard. I just sat in the sunshine and listened to the birds and felt the warmth and my connection with all things. 

Before going outside, I wrote in my journal "see the star in people and in all things." Star is the name of my professional Map team that I recently activated when doing healing work.  I feel "star" will be a strong symbol for me. Maybe that's why Amanda saw me sitting under the stars the night before my attunement. 

I also felt my deep connection with the animal kingdoms opening up during the attunement. I believe one of the mantras I recited was about opening up to hear the animals.  

Once the attunement was complete I felt very light and happy. I had another long day at work but I moved through it in this new energy with a lightness of being. (D. Mclean – USA) 

Level 2 Testimonials

"A huge thank you for my Metatron Colour Healing, which I was blessed to receive from you. The environment in which you did the healing felt really sacred. I was especially impressed with how kind and gentle your approach was. I felt so cared for and safe the whole time. The whole experience left me feeling so uplifted and renewed. I just want to say thank you for sharing your extra special gift with me. You are indeed an exceptional woman.” (Testimonial from UK Level 2 Practitioner, Rosie Johnson.)

"The attunement video was awesome, as usual.  I watched it late at night (was having one of those days) and after that lovely experience I went to bed and fell straight to sleep but had an incredible night of what I can only imagine was lucid dreaming.  I was being instructed by Sandalphon the whole night.

I woke fully several times and then I would surrender and go straight back to that energy.  I don't remember what was said, but just that feeling of spending a whole night learning!  

I love that I can feel a huge progression from starting Level 1 to now so it will be exciting to see what comes next. Thank you."

Personal Testimonials about Amanda

"You have that 'ting' of crystal glass. You live what you talk about & believe in; even the uncomfortable truths. That authenticity has great authority. Thank you."
"You warm my heart. You are the real deal and I so appreciate that, Amanda."