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An Introduction to my Distance Learning Programmes

Metatron Colour Healing is my own method of healing. It channels the transformational energy of Archangel Metatron using colour and light to restore, replenish and upgrade the whole body matrix. This is made up of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. We achieve this by working with the extended chakra system which then disperses the energy to wherever it is needed. As it is an intelligent energy, it knows where it needs to go.

The Metatron energy is channelled through the higher chakras, down through the healer and into the client. As such, the light emanates from higher realms but is anchored to Earth by the energy of Archangel Sandalphon who grounds it and ensures it is compatible with the Earth's energy field, and that of the individual. It uses hands on healing and work within the aura to help maintain optimum health. The body naturally responds to the vibration of light and as such, it has the ability to enter at a cellular level to bring lasting change and recovery.

The client will often experience Metatron and Sandalphon's energy by seeing colour, geometric shapes (sacred geometry is also used by the healer) and a huge variety of sensations that ensures the client feels lighter, relaxed and connected to their true self.

The healer is usually given guidance on what steps you should take next. The Metatron energy is always about moving you forward to be all that you came here to be. If the healing is treating a physical illness, you will be shown any underlying, emotional patterns that may have helped contribute to that illness. These will need to be worked on layer by layer until full health is restored.

Colour can be incorporated in a number of ways during a Metatron healing session. This could be through the specially designed Metatron Colour Healing Therapy sprays, as well as coloured silks, crystals, visualisation and colour breathing where appropriate.

You are required to empower yourself with Metatron's love, guidance and light to break free from old patterns, habits and behaviours to start the journey back to health, happiness and contentment.  Healing can also be used as a wonderful tonic and 'pick me up' whenever an infusion of light and love is needed to support your journey through life. Metatron healing is recommended for many other issues, including the ancestral, past life, karmic, inner child and many other areas that can result in imbalances.