• "Come to the edge he said.
    They said we are afraid.

  • "Come to the edge he said.
    They said we are afraid."

    "Come to the edge he said.
    He pushed them, and they flew"

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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

amanda ellis

Updated 2019 - Hi My Name is Amanda and I have two websites - this one at https://www.amandaellis.co.uk and a dedicated shop for my healing sprays at https://angeliccelestialcolours.co.uk/

On this website you will find information about my work with Angelic and Ascended Master frequencies as well as information about my Training Programmes and Channelled work with the Heart Squad.....a group of beings that I work with in spirit to bring empowering messages of love to lift us in these turbulent times. The core team include Princess Diana, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Prince and George Michael - but others come and chat too....it is a new line of energy work that took me by suprise in 2018 but one which continues to grow and flourish.

My official training programmes revolve around helping people to connect with Archangel Metatron and Sandalphon and this system of attunement and teaching is called Metatron Colour Healing™ - there are two levels - details of which can be found here

All of my work is centred around empowering you to walk your path with support, light and love. My main guide Archangel Metatron who I have been working with since 2005 consciously (although he has been around me long before that) takes me and those that follow my work into many areas - personal and collective - and isn't afraid to get us discussing the 'big subjects of the day' that not only shape the present reality we live in - but times to come also.  As a teacher of Metatrons energy I am inspired by his nudgings and voice - which I hear loudly and with clarity. I hope to help you also find the reassurance, love and support that this relationship brings. For, to invite in an energy as sacred and pure as Archangel Metatron, is a blessing in life. His is the energy that we and the world need right now - as we evolve into a better species and a kinder, more just world - where we realise we are all connected, and the truth lies inside of each of us. 
If you are new to working with angelic energy don't let that put you off - essentially Metatron is an energy - that you can link into, but the language and nature of it is unique to every single person. Often people are not aware that such energy has been working in the background of their lives for many years - they just hadn't labelled it 'angelic'. 

As you navigate through this webite you will find regular updates about the work I am doing, as well as uploaded videos, meditations, spiritual writings, colour therapy, and regular feeds from my facebook page (which is called Angelic Celestial Colours - same as my online shop).

At present the main energies that I am linked to other than Archangel Metatron and the whole Angelic Kingdom are; Christ, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mother Earth, Ashtar and I am also strongly influenced by Bhuddic energy and particularly the works of Thich Nhat Hahn. I also count Dr Masaru Emoto as a spirit guide and teacher. 

My work is NON DENOMINATIONAL - I believe we can all learn from each other - I resonate with those who walk their talk not just say they are 'spiritual'....and as we move into 5th dimensional consciousness as the new currency upon this planet it is what we do...not just what we say that matters...

Can we act in love? Show tolerance, respect, non judgement and love - even in the face of opposition and destructive forces....most of us have those in our lives that are not always a vibrational match and my teaching helps us navigate this as we walk between two worlds - Earth and Spirit, 3D and 5D and beyond and also adopt the principlas of As Above so Below. 

We are in times of a change of paradigm where heart centred living will be key ......as we turn that key together with the help of the spiritual beings of light around - and with our own higher self - we will see the first glimmerings of a new dawn for humanity....one that will be worth waiting for and one which is promised to all....

You are welcome to journey with me - I welome you and am glad you are here....



"I would like to express my appreciation for you and Metatron and your spiritually healing videos and readings which you share so frequently on You Tube. They are often so profound, tuned in, deep and expansive..clarifying human issues in an uplifting way filled with grace. Thank you"

"Amanda...just to acknowledge your lovely groundedness and transparency. You speak from where you are with no pretence, with simplicity (even amidst some difficult ideas to message), with genuineness, authenticity, and boundaries intact.  It is quite obvious that is who you are as a person. You simply ARE. It is...Thank you for walking your talk"

"Amanda, again you have held a torch for me in a very very dark moment. I am truly grateful to you for your spiritual guidance and playing such an important part in my journey. I am in awe of your gift of the spoken word, and the ability to speak so fluently from the heart. I know Metatron plays a big part and I thank him too. Thank you for supporting me, and holding a non judgemental space. I know what I have to do now"

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