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Launch Day

20131111 150315

We launched the new Archangel Metatron Sprays on 11th November 2013 (11/11/13.) I say we, there were 13 of us to represent the 13 energies that were being birthed. It wasn’t planned, but this was obviously Metatron's intention all along.

Those that follow my Angelic Celestial Colours Facebook page will know that I talk about the number 11 a lot in reference to Metatron. It is a powerful master number and symbolises illumination (often into difficult places where healing is needed), and beckons in new beginnings so we can let go what we no longer need.

So on the day of 11/11, it felt very much like a rebirth and transformation with two very "Metatronic themes." Of course the 11th day of the 11th month also marks the Armistice and the ending of World War Two so it also carries an energy of world peace around it.

I've attached some photos of the day to give you a feel for it and to better show you what we were doing.

Aside from experiencing the new energies of each of the 13 bottles, we also created a powerful Mandala using Metatron's Cube. The energy of these wonderful products comes from the power of that sacred geometry.

The truth is, you can create something but it is only when something is out there and doing its job that the true magic starts to happen. In the first week that the sprays launched, I received such positive feedback and I know that the sprays will continue to do their job of shining Metatron's light into your homes and lives.

"Yet another amazing day!! Thanks
Amanda beautiful bottles well done you!!!"

"It was a lovely, powerful and inspiring day! Thank you."

"Mind blowing incredible perfection, so beautiful. What an achievement" !!!

"I grounded myself after this wonderful experience and just had to eat some chocolate and nuts to get back into my space here in Holland! What an incredible day and so lovely to see so many familiar faces and make acquaintance with some new ones. A really wonderful project from Amanda. These bottles are going to take the world by storm, I am sure."