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Amanda's distance training forms part of the curriculum of her legally recognised Training School - Angelic Celestial Colours Ltd. This school is the culmination of working with Archangel Metatron consciously since 2005 and having trained, mentored and attuned many people to Metatron's energy in addition to helping them understand how his energy works.

The distance courses offered here are well tested, with many practitioners having gone through the process and, after qualifying, are now working with the Metatron's in their respective communities. 

Metatron Colour Healing™ Level 1

The reasons for doing Level 1 are varied. Some choose to receive the attunement energies into their lives as a personal blessing and gift. It helps them find their spiritual path and access deeper knowledge of themselves. Metatron acts as a bridge to empower and remind you of all you are. Others specifically take the Level 1 program as a foundation for Level 2 and with a desire to take the healing energy and learning into their community to be of service there. It doesn't matter how or why you wish to start. It is beneficial to have Metatron as a guide and teacher at any time in life, and for any reason. It can only lead to soul growth and a heightened state of being.

Distance work, whether healing, attunement or teaching, is equally as effective as a face to face exchange. Students have completed these courses from USA, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, Slovakia, Italy, South Africa and most countries around the globe.

Sometimes you will be called to do this work. Time and again Metatron proves that his energy reaches out, whether via dreamstate (where you may link to Amanda's work before contacting us), or through signs, synchronicities and nudges, or smelling the sprays used in her YouTube channel. People report many ways that this work calls them in and if you are reading this, you likely are one of them ...

"I've no idea how I found you I just stumbled on your work ... I am so grateful to Metatron for leading me here."

Prerequisites for doing Level 1

A willingness to take the initative, do the work and continue on your spiritual path by following the suggestions given through the meditations, manual and your own reading. 

A certain degree of computer literacy is necessary (or the ability to call on someone who can assist you with this). Video files are sent via Vimeo links and meditations are sent via Dropbox or Sharefile. They are easily accessible - we usually recommend Chrome as a browser. Video files themselves are not downloadable but can be accessed ANY time going forward as the links given are permanent. 

A willingness to explore new ideas and concepts as well as a desire to carry on the work long after the course ends. 

When does it happen each month?  

Level 1 distance courses take place most months. Sign up goes live on the Angelic Celestial Colours website (www.angeliccelestialcolours.co.uk) on the 1st of every month at 1pm GMT. You are signing up to complete the course in the following month. For example, if you sign up on the 1st January you will be in the February intake. 

There are two packages to choose from within Level 1. Each leads to the same qualification and certificate. The core teaching materials are the same in both packages (Gold and Silver.) However, extras are included in the Gold package. We offer this to cater to all budgets.  Please read carefully so you can choose which package will best suit you.

Gold -  £310. We have 12 spaces available each month. This package includes a reading from one of Amanda's experienced teachers plus extra items detailed below.

Silver - £199. We have 6 spaces available each month. This is the standard package which only includes the essentials needed to complete the course. This package also includes a reading from one of Amanda's experienced teachers.

When I have signed up, when does it begin? 

The Level 1 program begins on the 11th of the month when your reading is sent to you via email.(so if you signed up in January you will get your reading and start your course in February). This is a 1 hour pre-recorded session which can be based either on questions you have sent in (we will request these) or it can be an intuitive look into your life if you would prefer. It does help us to know your profession and marital status as a minimum. We will also ask you to send us a recent photograph to enable us to tune in to your energy. The session is designed to highlight the areas that Archangel Metatron suggests you focus on, with the intention of healing them. It is not intended to answer questions like 'why am I here/what is my soul mission?' In truth, you are the only person who can answer this question. However, you can be offered support to help empower you to make changes in your life, clear away old energy and invite in new opportunity. A reading should reflect where you are at the moment and anything important that you may need support and guidance on. Bear in mind our job is to walk beside you, not give you all the answers or do it for you. 

On the 11th of the month, you are sent your pre-attunement manual and preparation meditations to do in your own time. 

Your attunement video gets sent out on 22nd of the month, and the full manual and other materials get sent on the 23rd.

During the month, you all have the opportunity to participate in a PRIVATE Facebook group just run for Level 1 students (it will be closed upon the completion of the course). This is to introduce you to each other as well as answer any queries you may have. When the group is closed, you are welcome to exchange contact information with anyone you have particularly resonated with. This is an optional extra and you do not have to participate. What you get out of this group is also down to what you put into it. We encourage you to write posts and talk to each other - sharing your experiences helps you to learn from one another. 

The Facebook group is run by Marina Kaplais, a Metatron Colour Healing teacher herself, and one of Amanda's core team.  Note: please let us know if you go by a different name on facebook so we are able to identify you easily and allow you access to the group. 

 Overall purpose of all Level 1 packages is to:

            o   Integrate Metatron's energy into your physical body and deepen or introduce your connection/relationship with his energy.

          o   Gain insight into how Metatron wishes you to work with him.

o  Create an enhanced ability to integrate a 5th dimensional consciousness into all you do by working with Merkaba energy. Understanding this energy as well as that of Metatron's Cube and some other aspects of sacred geometry.


o   Start learning how to channel Metatron's energy. This may be in a healing practice or via speech, movement, writing, teaching etc.


o   Deep cleanse and purify the body. This is an ongoing process.

o   Help to align the male and female energies within us.

o   Fill you with strands of beautiful, divine light to activate the light body.


o   Prepare you to start healing with Metatron's energy.


o   Help and guide you regarding how Metatron's energy works.


Level 1 is equivalent to a Reiki 1 standard in that you will be able to practice Metatron Colour Healing on family and friends but not the public. This is covered in Level 2.  


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