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The Archangel Metatron sprays were birthed in 2015 - since then the range has expanded to include other Archangels and Ascended Master energies also.  However, the original (and constantly updated) Metatron sprays have remained firm favourites with many and continue to grow in popularity.  They also form a crucial tool for the Metatron Colour Healing System that Amanda created around the same time.  However, they can be used outside this system - they are multi-functional and available to everyone. 

Amanda had over ten years of experience as a Colour Therapist, Transformational teacher and healer before making them and so they contain not just her own professional experience of colour but her practical experience of using it to help people too. 

Tracy Eden, a qualified Aromatherapist, joined Amanda in 2017 to take over making the sprays and assist in the creation of new ones.  She hand makes each one in ‘Spray HQ’, her studio near Bristol in the South West of England. Each new spray is still very much a co-creation with Amanda and takes play, experimentation, inspiration, and a touch of magic!

Above all else these sprays are ENERGY – they may smell nice, they may look nice but they are most importantly, energetic tools to help you clear blockages, access higher states of being and welcome in the presence of Archangel Metatron (or the appropriate Ascended Master) into your life.

They are powerful aids to meditation and connection with Metatron’s guidance and love.  Metatron wants them to be shared.  They are safe to use with other healing modalities such as Reiki if you feel so inclined. They will just amplify the healing energy! They were specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Metatron’s own healing system but are not confined to that.

Although these sprays are based around the chakra system, Metatron wants us to rethink how we look at the chakra system. This doesn’t mean that we are replacing traditional knowledge or colours but instead are looking at a different perspective on it. The chakras and their colours have always been evolving and will continue to do so.

The sprays are of an extremely high vibration and carry not only the messages of water and crystals but the scent of aromatherapy oils that are specifically channelled for the purpose.  Each spray also has a specific message channelled by Amanda from Metatron, or the Ascended Master/Being concerned.