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vicky wallIn addition to Metatron's guidance and energy, I was also blessed to have the energy of Vicky Wall helping me to concoct the aromatherapy blends.

Vicky was the creator of Aura Soma - the colour system that preceded Colour Mirrors (which is the system of colour that I currently teach.) Aura Soma was the first big colour system that truly took on the world and Vicky was a very special lady.

She also helped Melissie Jolly to create Colour Mirrors and is around many of us who dedicate our life to working with colour.

Unfortunately, I had not been personally aware of her presence, or had the pleasure of meeting her, when she was alive.
I have also never done any training in Aura Soma. Despite all this, and with no forethought on my part, I became aware of her presence within my home a few months before these new Metatron bottles were first made.


I kept smelling the perfume gardenia and seeing this white flower in my third eye.

It started to appear in messages for clients and the sense of its perfume was so strong, I began to wonder what was going on.

Then one day, a friend (who happened to be Vicky Wall's goddaughter) remarked that gardenia had been Vicky’s favourite perfume. In that moment, her energy literally whooshed in to help me.

Vicky, in spirit, has sat on the end of my bed every night whilst my vision for these new bottles has come to fruition. She died in 1991 but her energy has been a constant presence in helping me choose the right combination of oils - right down to the number of drops needed in each combination. Her energy is so helpful. She has kept me calm and undeterred and she is so excited to be part of this new system of Metatron colour healing.

Vicky had a strong connection with Metatron during her lifetime and both of them bring a beautiful energy to the bottles and were invaluable to their creation. Her presence in this work is appreciated by many.

"I had a lovely connection with the silver and lime spray. My back was hurting so I sprayed them, held my quartz crystals, and lay down. A wonderful heat travelled up my spine and realigned my body. It felt like there was a deep realignment of conciousness and love. I was so pleased to hear that the late, wonderful Vicky Wall has assisted with your bottles. I so love Aura Soma. Thank you for the magic in these amazing times, as the ancient gifts return." 

The following endorsement below is from Jill Kramer - Vicky's goddaughter herself.

"It was a wonderful surprise when Amanda started to mention that she was seeing white flowers everywhere and noticing a very heady perfume of gardenia in her house. I realized that Vicky Wall, my godmother, had arrived. I have many childhood memories of her and the times we spent together when I was very little. We often collected flower petals and herbs, making potions together through many happy summers spent in Sussex.

I immediately sensed that Vicky had come back for a purpose. She was so happy being in Amanda’s home and I sensed that great things were coming. This was the start of many weeks of Amanda and I chatting, working hard towards the launch of the new Metatron bottles on the 11th November. Personally I can take no credit for physically having done the work, but I hope that through all our chats and the channelling between Vicky, Metatron and both of us, that I was able to inspire Amanda to get these bottles out into the world. And oh my goodness what an impact they have had! The minute they were launched in Bournemouth we all began to wonder how great the power in these bottles could actually be. I was present via Skype for most of the launch day and it was just wonderful to witness the enthusiasm every single person had. I literally flew over the Mandela grid, via the computer screen, which was an unforgettable experience and one only to be tried in this way! Before she passed away in 1991, Vicky told us all that there would be new colours and she was definitely right about that. It’s wonderful to see that many spiritual figures are making such positive comments and the bottles virtually sold out within days. It was a fantastic project and it was wonderful to be part of it all.

Since the whole set of bottles arrived at my house, I have been amazed that literally every single person who comes inside has commented about the wonderful perfume. Even the postman commented as he came to the door about the wonderful smell. The bottles themselves are so powerful and so energetic that they seem to be able to puff out their perfume and energy even when no one is close by. This weekend, during a family get together, it was so lovely to see my two young nieces being so enthusiastic with them and choosing and spraying their favourite colours. This provoked a discussion around the dinner table about them and colours in general and it was just pure joy to watch how every single person become fascinated with not only the bottles themselves, but also by Amanda’s words behind each colour. The younger of my two nieces is normally shy but after she used the Aquamarine throat energy spray, it was incredible to see how she suddenly blossomed out and became the life and soul of the party." 
(Jill Kramer, Vicky Walls goddaughter, November 2013.)

Melissie Jolly
These colour sprays have developed out of the Colour Mirrors system, in particular Melissie Jolly's work. She has encouraged and supported me, and her love of colour inspired me on my colour path in this life. Her system of Colour Mirrors (which I have been part of since 2005) was also helped by the energy of Vicky Wall and thus continues the legacy.

I am immensely grateful to Melissie for being part of all of this, and for having the love and wisdom to see that colour cannot be contained in any one system or form. Colour is pure energy that will go and do what it needs to do!  I now offer my own Colour Healing Course that utilises my Metatron energy sprays . Details of this can be found on this website under the Training School heading or at angeliccelestialcolours.co.uk.

Here is a picture of Melissie and I earlier this year in Norway at the Colour Mirror's conference.