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Amanda...just to acknowledge your lovely groundedness and transparency. You speak from where you are with no pretence, with simplicity (even amidst some difficult ideas to message), with genuineness, authenticity, and boundaries intact. It is quite obvious that is who you are as a person. You simply ARE. It is...Thank you for walking your talk

Amanda, again you have held a torch for me in a very very dark moment. I am truly grateful to you for your spiritual guidance and playing such an important part in my journey. I am in awe of your gift of the spoken word, and the ability to speak so fluently from the heart. I know Metatron plays a big part and I thank him too. Thank you for supporting me, and holding a non judgemental space. I know what I have to do now

I would like to express my appreciation for you and Metatron and your spiritually healing videos and readings which you share so frequently on You Tube. They are often so profound, tuned in, deep and expansive..clarifying human issues in an uplifting way filled with grace. Thank you

I had an experience I would like to share with you. The session I had with you in Level 1 suggested that I practise using colour spheres that Archangel Metatron will be downloading to me. So today I am working at a spa, while waiting for my client I was reading my Metatron manual and I stopped at the photo of The Gateway when my client came in. I put my phone in a drawer and left to allow my client privacy to get on the table.
I started the massage and after 5 minutes I noticed a glow coming through the cracks in the drawer. I took it out and it was The Gateway photo shining BRIGHT. Whats unusual is that the cell usually shuts off after a few seconds. So I set it on the dresser and was amazed that that it didnt dim or shut off for the entire massage. I feel like Metatron wanted to work through me today. I used the Flame Attunement spray and the Spiritual Protection spray with her. She said she felt amazing and wanted to know all about the sprays ....thank you for your support and compassion that is transmitted through your sessions. You and Archangel Metatron have helped me tremendously I am so grateful.
(USA Client)

Hello Amanda,
I have savored the Level One course and found such connection to the healing work I already do. The course has reminded me of how all of what I do is connected. And that Metatron is a powerful ally.
I love all the guided meditations in the teaching videos. Very powerful and rich experiences during them.
Thank you!