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So that leads us back to the bottles themselves. What follows are messages for each one, all channelled through.
Choose the one you are drawn to - remember colour and angelic light is an energy - your subconcious tends to know exactly which one it needs - so trust the one you instinctively go to. There may of course be more than one - or indeed the whole set - just go within and see which colour speaks to you - and the read the message...

A testimonial here describes their power:

I wanted you to know of a unique experience I just had….with your sprays. I came in to my bedroom and sprayed all three around me and felt this beautiful lifting, like a breeze blowing in and I must tell you …it felt like you were in the room….and if filled me with peace and joy.
Then it occurred to me, that this must be happening with everyone else who uses your sprays…and how wonderful that is that you are connecting with people around the globe this way. Between the videos, which are like a private reading in themselves and then using the sprays…it connects us all….and that is how we are helping to raise the vibration of the planet.
(D. Ray, USA)
"I opened my parcel this morning, wow what a joy it was to smell all the beautiful smells and see all the gorgeous colours, that feels healing in and off itself!! I loved all the hearts and stars and the note from Tracy with a lovely photo of Amanda on it!! Biggest thanks to you all. It was one of the nicest parcels I've ever received!"
"Hi, Just received my first sprays. Wow! The energy is amazing. It is almost tangible that so much love, care and attention has gone into making them. Looking forward to ordering some more very soon. Currently sitting in a haze of olofactory and sensory bliss!"

The Messages

Bronze - Earth Star Energy Spray
untitled 9289

I Archangel Sandalphon watch over you – helping you to take steps in this life that are on track, in line with your true purpose and of the right intensity. There are times to take little steps and other times huge strides are needed. I help to plant and ground all your ideas, ambitions, projects and plans into reality.

I watch over you with compassion and gentleness and will help anyone feeling stuck, unsure or needing help to move forward. There may also be times when you are asked to stand still – reflect and look at where you are and where you have been. I watch over this process also.

I see you as a child of the earth – part of Gaia and all that is good regarding this beautiful planet Earth on which you reside. I watch over your growth as I do everything living on this earth – the trees, the plants, the birds in the sky – all are part of this reality and this world.

My colour of bronze stands bright and proud – but if you look closer into its reflection you see many colours of the earth. In truth like Metatron I embody many colours – the deep reds and browns of the earth, the blackness of coal, the green of roots and shrubs, the golden core of the earth, the colours of mineral, crystal, and all that which lies beneath our feet. So remember my reflection and my brightness and my soft strength which will always support you, and in terms of crises will hold you when you need carrying....

Essential Oils in Earth Star Spray are - Peppermint, Marjoram, PetitGrain & Sandalwood

Useful for Grounding, When going through big changes, Support, After Intensive Energy Work, Before, During or After new inititaives / Projects etc, After Travelling, During any healing work to integrate energies, During Energy Portal periods eg 11/11, Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice , Easter, Christmas etc
There are many more uses this is just some....

Crimson - Base Energy Spray

untitled 9180

Be at peace with your physical body – with its imperfections and of course its inherent beauty.

Do not shy away from the aging process – see it as a blessing to be here longer to experience more of what your soul came here to learn and be.

Search not for physical perfection, but inner balance and health. Your blood, your bones, your physical organs just as much a part of you in this lifetime as your soul that resides within its temporary home. But yet look after that home – your body – whatever its state, however you have been born or are now – look after it, nurture it. Do not hide it, be ashamed of it – but love it for you are it and it is you. Look at yourself, truly look at yourself and see all of you – not just the bits you like, but the bits you don’t – and then make peace with them, and love them too.

For if you don’t love your body, who will?

Within the crimson light we have life itself – the heart pumping and the blood flowing – the energy you need to run and jump and dance and breathe...

Crimson light within you – and expanding out of you – its power and strength capable of transforming your home, your finances, your health, your support and safety within this world.

Breathe in the crimson light and let it travel where it needs to travel within you.

Spray it around you and feel its protection, and sense of solidity.

Crimson love, Crimson strength, Crimson health, Crimson abundance.

Essential Oils in Base Energy Spray are: - Patchouli, Ginger, Cypress, Cedarwood

Crystals used in the making of the Crimson Spray are: Himalaya Red Azeztulite, Red Tipped Amethyst, Kambala Jasper, Clear Quartz Cube Platonic Solid

Useful for Lethagy, During or after Illness, Anytime the physical body needs support eg when changing diet, after exercise etc, Helping the physical body to cope during emotional upset, Good for all Skeletal, Muscle, Energy ailments, Good for Motivation, Direction, Passion and Grounding. There are many more uses this is just some....

Plum – Sacral Energy Spray
untitled 9188

Metatrons love right into the place where we store our shocks, our hurts and our pain – whether old, new or such deep rooted ‘stuff’ we are not even aware of its existence.

This love is unconditional, this love recognises you as divine and the powerful being that you are. This frequency of love will never fail you, never abandon you and never not support you...

It sees who you are, who you have been, and all of what you can become.

The barriers and blockages that hold you in fear and stuckness can be overcome. Your true self can emerge from the shadows. Use this spray to tap into new fertile ground where you are not pulled back, but lovingly pushed forward.

Where you can be creative, sexual, happy and free....

Put your hand in Metatrons and feel his love and pride in you. This level of care and divine love is bestowed on all who are called.

Within the plum colour of this spray we have the richness and majesty of love in all its splendour. The deep purple colour of the plum as it displays its ripeness, it’s readiness for use, and the expectation of all that flows from within it. Be like that ripe fruit and let the world see you are ready – ready to move on, ready for the bountiful harvest to come from all your endeavours and past experiences.

Tap into its depth and beauty and let all the hurt and feeling of restriction go – and welcome in the new way....

Plum is also about deep spirituality, introspection, and search for answers – a colour to help heal spiritual crises and challenges.

Plum Purple for Spiritual insight and creativity, Plum for Divine recognition, Plum for Harvest and planting seeds for the future

Essential Oils in Sacral Energy Spray are: - Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Rose

Crystal energy within this Sacral spray consists of: Unakite, Golden Healer, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Fire Agate, Bustamite

Suggested uses for Plum are: Healing Trauma / Shock stored in the Sacral area, Any time you need Divine Love, Creative Pursuits, Sexual Problems, Needing Inspiration for new initiatives or relationships, Bringing Metatrons love close to you. This is a very multi purpose spray, and like others can be used for many purposes. If you are drawn to its colour and energy use it!

Fuchsia – Solar Plexus Energy Spray
untitled 9178

Zest for life, zest for love, zest for right now....

Life wasn’t meant to be hard and grinding – you are born now in times of great opportunity yet so many still look only at the negative around them. Lift your energy, let the shock of fuchsia pink love strike you in the centre of your being, waking you from slumber, and all that is difficult in your world. Yes many of you face challenges – that is a huge part of what you chose when you incarnated – and yet whatever place you are in – life offers another chance, another new day, another go at all of it. And I am beside you at such times of renewal.

Use the sheer forcefulness of this love to move you forward, to shine your light with the brightest intensity you can manage.

There is nothing to fear – only fear itself is frightening. Look again at the love and the light that is all around you – feel my presence and then rise above all that weighs you down – everything that diminishes your light – and SHINE....

Fuchsia is a colour that is shocking – it is shocking how much YOU are loved, how much YOU are held and supported.

Use this spray whenever you feel ‘small’ or insignificant – because at such times you have simply forgotten – forgotten all that you are, and all that you can be. Let my fuchsia pink light highlight where you are going wrong or where the next step or turn needs to be.

Tune into the centre of your being – this sensitive part in all of you that came here to DO- not just simply sit and wait.

Fuchsia for when a kick start is needed, Fuchsia for tough love, Fuchsia for reigniting your own flame and passions.

Essential Oils in Solar Plexus Energy Spray are: Lemon Grass, Clary Sage, Bergamot

Crystals used in the Fuchsia spray are:  Golden Healer, Citrine, Tetrahedron Shaped Fire Agate,

Suggested Uses for Fuchsia are when you need Comfort, Love, Help with Loneliness, Isolation, Lack of confidence, Standing outside of your power, A need for centredness and direction, New Starts, Encouragement, Hope, Connection to the Divine and much more.....

Lime – Heart Energy Spray

untitled 9184


For our hearts to be fully open and to be functioning well there is a need for purity and what has been called zero state. By that we mean a state of cleanliness – not clogged up with old emotions, upsets and pain – these will eventually lead to disease if not removed and replaced with something else.

The Lime vibration lifts from the heart anything stuck, anything old that is no longer needed, anything that is slowing the pumping of the heart to its normal rhythm.

Lime is alkalising – Lime is revitalising and refreshing – it creates a place of bright unsullied beauty, enabling the heart to raise its vibration, to open itself to giving and receiving unconditional love – and for being a powerful transmitter of the new Metatron energies arriving now on our planet.

In a way it is rebirth for our hearts that welcome in the springtime air once winter has gone. Lime gets to the roots of an issue and also plants seeds firmly in the ground.
It is the ultimate supporter when we are ready to grow and change and lift ourselves from where we have been to where we COULD be...

It will bring clarity to any situation which causes us heart ache, showing us the higher perspective and bigger picture at all times. It can be successfully used in any distance work to clear the path for others. It can also be used not just at the heart – but anywhere where Metatrons cleansing light is needed.

Lime for cleansing. Lime for growth, Lime for clarity and Lime for raising the divine feminine energy within us all that is seated at the heart.

Essential Oils in Heart Energy Spray are: Grapefruit, Fennel and Jasmine

Crystals used in the Heart Spray are: Brazilianite, Rhodocrosite, Golden Healer, Watermelon Tourmaline, Purple Fluorite Octahedron Platonic Solid

Suggested Uses for the Heart Energy Spray are: For Grief, Healing heart break, Relationship difficulties, Opening to receive love and help from higher realms, Cleansing, Inner Child Work, Letting go of past hurts...and much more.

Jade - Higher Heart and Thymus
untitled 9278

Jade for the Higher Heart and Thymus – a place within each of you that is the bridge between Heart and Throat – two of the most powerful yet vulnerable places in the human physical body.
Yes there is a need for protection here – which the Jade does effortlessly – it also bolsters your immune system and helps prevent infection and disease.
For those that are already ill – whether physical or mental it helps to reprogram what the body has learnt and heard – for truly the body responds to our inner voice , our feelings just as much it does the DNA each of you are born with.
Use this Jade energy to cleanse away harmful messages that you may have consciously or subconsciously put into your body. This energy centre within your body is a transmitter which sends signals to other parts of you that then act accordingly by either becoming stronger or weaker. You may send messages that eg. You can’t cope, are not supported, can’t do something, are nervous and frightened and then this in turn manifests into something within you.....
Change the language YOU speak to your body and let the Jade soak in and help those new messages to be properly transmitted and sent to where they need to go.
Jade is about fresh new beginnings for your physical body – it helps clear past karma that may be affecting your health and general constitution. Together with the Fuchsia Pink and Plum spray it helps you LOVE your body and find a new respect for it.
Jade as the bridge between Heart and Throat helps heal all those times we have not been heard or cannot find our voice. It also helps heals our heart that again is often damaged by the receiver box that we hold at the Higher Heart.
As a receiver the Higher Heart also allows you to open up to much greater channels out into the wider universe – and to utilise that subsequent light and love within you. It is an important portal through which like eg the Solar Plexus and Heart you can charge up your light body, and activate and reprogram damaged cells and DNA.
I, Archangel Metatron liken it to a fuse box that for many of you is compromised, there are mixed wires, fuses blown within your circuitry and the Jade energy helps to come in and rewire, replace and test out a new fuse box with all the right amps and lights and circuitry you need for now – to be healthy, fit, active and well at all holistic levels available to you.
This Jade energy is light and of a very high vibration – use it in times of wellness to prevent illness and as a tonic when unwell.
Emotionally it helps us access unconditional love and to process forgiveness. Evolved 5th dimensional qualities such as Compassion, Oneness, Love and Empathy are all heightened by this energy centre being clear and open – a job the new Jade spray does magnificently well.
Jade for Protection, Prevention, Reprogramming, Love and Forgiveness

Essential Oils are : Thyme, Lemon & Ginger

Crystals used in the making of this are the same as for the Aquamarine Throat spray: Linarite, Angelite, Howlite, Larimar, Green Calcite and Azumar
Suggested Uses: - Any Immune related disorder, For Colds, Flu, To prevent infection eg in families when one is ill, When travelling, Visiting or staying in hospital, For light activation work, Good for those that over give and then get run down. A must have for healers or anybody in close contact with the public.

Aquamarine – Throat Energy Spray
untitled 9182

Communication done in a different way..... Speaking and listening in equal measure, both just as important. To truly hear another, and to speak your truth in return – so few are able to do both. Communication is also about discernment – who do you choose to listen to, who do you follow, or elevate in status, whilst not recognising your own inherent wisdom. This is the time to let your voice of love be heard in a world that sorely needs it.

The aquamarine has qualities within it that are not of this world – it brings in vibrations and energy from different galaxies and stars where many methods of being understood and what you call speech are in place. Telepathy, Intuition, the sense of knowingness... and more besides that you will come to learn in years to come.

The throat linked to the heart and third eye – a clear channel needed between all of them. The aquamarine runs its crystalline light through each – as well as upward to the ear channels too.

The need for our communication to be truthful at all times. Without truth there is nothing – all are diminished by lies and misconceptions.

The Aquamarine shines brightly and twinkles and sparkles whilst around it others may not live by the same intensity of what is right and what is wrong.

Yet look to yourself - Watch your words – because your words carry far more than you think. Watch your thoughts because they create your reality. And watch what you chose to hear and respond to.

Take care of the throat – the place through which you breathe and life itself travels into the body.

Aquamarine for Truth, Aquamarine for Judgement, Aquamarine for listening and for being heard.

Essential Oils in Throat Energy Spray are: - Spike Lavender, Blue Chamomile, Lemon

Crystals used in the making of this are the same as for the Jade Higher Heart Spray: Linarite, Angelite, Howlite, Larimar, Green Calcite and Azumar

Suggested Uses for the Aquamarine Energy Spray are: Any Throat / Nose / Ears physical condition, Help with Communication or being Heard, Channelling, Writing, Singing. Speech impediments, or shyness in talking, Finding our Voice, Public Speaking, Clearing past trauma from the throat area (place where much past life memory is held). The aquamarine is also very protective. As well as much more....

Tanzanite – Third Eye Energy Spray
untitled 9176

Tanzanite is the new upgraded Third Eye spray – before this energetic centre has been a vibrational place of mystery – to dare to see beneath the veil, to lift eyes up to spirit and to be prepared to challenge the old ways of seeing the world – aided instead by new found esoteric light and understanding. Are we ready now? I think we are….Archangel Metatron certainly thinks so – to see what has always been available to us – now is the time for this chakra to fully awaken and evolve.

Tanzanite is rare – it is a precious gemstone and is within this spray – offering expanded light into the Third Eye just when we need it. Invariably, described as a ‘breakthrough stone’ clearing away blocks, fear and heaviness and replacing it with heightened awareness.

In its violet and blue ray lies much treasure and the ability to remove the seal that has blocked spiritual sight and sensorial upgrade. For Metatrons Tanzanite acts as purifier for all head chakra points including the Ears – hearing spirit, the Eyes – seeing spirit, the Crown – being blessed by spirit.

Tanzanite truly is the liquid drop that sits upon the Third Eye anointing it with love and opening up the secrets that have laid hidden and at last can be claimed.

A powerful aid to meditation, channelling, and connection to Metatron and the Angelic realm, Tanzanite clears a path to clearer linkage with spirit.   Used regularly it cleans out old programming and ideas that you ‘can’t see’ or ‘can’t hear’ or ‘can’t see spirit’ and replaces them with a new pattern that you can and you will…..

Visualise your Third Eye as a beautiful violet flower opening up further than it ever has before knowing that this is safe to do under Archangel Metatrons protective care. It is easy, you can do this, expanded intuitive capabilities flow in….gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience – allow Metatron to teach you in your own way and at your own pace – this spray is a powerful aid to facilitate that process and is given lovingly by spirit at this time for your own inner development.

Enjoy it and know that you deserve its riches….

Crystals: Azumar, Tanzanite,  Prophecy Stone, Rainbow Kyanite,  Petagonite, Chrysoccolla

Essential Oils in Third Eye Energy Spray are: Petit Grain, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Cypress, Lavender

Suggested Uses are for the Third Eye Spray are: Opening to Intition / Clairvoyant abilities, Freeing up artistic abilities, Sinus and Headache problems, Helping to see Clearly into the future as well as present day, Connecting to the light matrix and the ability to see beyond time and space - seeing our own lives from a higher perspective and much more....

Teal Alta Major Chakra Energy Spray


The Alta Major Chakra point is situated at the base of the skull where it joins the neck positioned just above the first vertebra of the spine.
We hold so much information and energy within our skull that the energy can easily become blocked at one or more than one point. The Alta Major forms the base of an energetic star shape energy field that links the following points together:
  • Crown Chakra
  • Third Eye
  • Ear Chakras
  • Sinus
When expanded this Star Shape expands down to the Throat and Higher Heart (including Thymus) and upward to the Soul Star Chakra too. When all of these points are balanced and connected it forms a Merkaba within and around the whole upper body space. 
The Alta Major also links to the Hypothalmus, Pineal Gland and Pituatry Gland too.
As well as all this due to its position at the top of the spine it is also linked to Base Chakra at bottom of the spine and Kundalini / energy that rests there. 
Many names exist for this chakra including:
Well of Dreams, Mouth of God, Animal Eye and Zeal point. 
It is also a point of protection for the physical body and one that can get easily weakened by negative energy - it helps to imagine a filter over it only allowing in life affirming positive energy of high vibration. Interestingly I have read that the wearing of scarves around ones neck aids not just physical warmth but helps protect this vulnerable part of the body.
Teal the last of the 12 chakra energies within this system of healing. Teal waited till we were ready to accept its gifts and remember all of whom we are - so much more than physical beings - but linked to Source, Oneness and all that is.
The Alta Major point representing another gateway for the the ebb and flow of source light within - that light when filtered correctly aiding upgrade of many centres. 
Teal is a fifth dimensional colour energy that carries with it the life force of our world the suns light. An energy of refinement, delicacy and high vibration - it is of extreme importance at this time in your waking conciousness. 
Teal as a bridge between blue and green offers both peace, protection and strength from the blue and expansion, growth and healing from the green. 
A protective colour that is also able to transmute lower vibrations and maintain higher conciousness. 
The Teal helps bring balance to the chakra points around the skull - including to the right and left hemispheres of the brain .
Works quickly and effectively with laser like precision to fine tune sensory centres and ensure all are working in harmony with each other.  In essence it concerns the realm of the MIND - and it is the mind that has held many back from trusting and walking their spiritual path. With 5th dimensional light coming into the mind with this energy however it dissolves and removes thoughts like 'I can't' and 'I fear' - it replaces such sentiments with renewed focus, fresh perspective and light rather than heavier energy. 
I feel this spray has many more uses which will reveal themselves in time - it appears to have a link to ancient Egyptian energy and also be helpful in past life recall as well as healing past lives. 
Teal for Letting go of old thought forms, for balance and inspiration. 
Also beneficial for neck and shoulder problems.  Useful in Kundalini Yoga for work with spine.   
Helpful with any sight, Hearing impairment or head related problem eg headaches. (Should not replace any medical assistance already being sought or adopted). 
Essential Oils of: Star Anise, Cardomon, Frankinsence, Elemi
"Star Anise has a beautiful, fresh, sweet, spicy, liquorice-like aroma. It is produced from the seeds of an unusual fruit which grows on a small oriental tree. The fruit is, as the name suggests, is star shaped, radiating between five and ten pointed sections, about eight on average. These hard sections are seed pods. The star-shaped fruit is picked before it can ripen, and dried and the oil is usually extracted from the seed via steam distillation. 
In folklore Anise was believed to protect and was supposed to avert the Evil Eye"
Crystals used in the making of this Teal spray are:
Clear Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Rainbow Quartz, Jade, Almandine Garnet in Pyroxene, Emerald, Golden Healer, Rose Quartz

Silver – Crown Energy Spray


Like the Soul Star I stand at your Crown as gatekeeper – nothing will be allowed through it or be accessible that is not of the right vibration for you.

The silver light it acts as a filter – removing anything of low vibration and instead clearing a path for that which is good and of the light.

As your Crown expands and opens so do you. You see new horizons, new vistas and new possibilities. You are guided and nudged by many beings of light who whisper to you of forgotten talents, gifts and attributes that you came into this lifetime with.

It is your safe platform from which to enter other realms and meet many kindred souls from your own soul group (living and in spirit) – as well as those who are linked to you via different galaxies and star systems.

Just as a 6 pointed star reaches out in different directions and orientations – the opening of your Crown reveals new paths and energies that you cannot see or sense when purely locked into the physical body.

Silver is a safe protected pace from which to; explore, experience, learn and grow. It neutralises anything harmful to you, and reflects back to sender anything negative that another has sent your way.

Not only can silver be excellent for opening the Crown chakra but it acts as first defence in your energy field keeping your own energy body intact and whole. Use it to repair any holes in the aura, or any places which are weakened by others negative behaviour or actions.

Silver light can be blinding and is powerfully used to deter those of lower energies to come near to us. It can be a shield that stands over us allowing us to really open up and use all our senses to experience the spiritual world around us.

Silver for Protection, Silver for Openness, Silver for Spiritual Gateway, Silver for Filtering.

Essential Oils in Crown Energy Spray are: Cypress, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Lemon, Sandalwood

Crystals used in the Silver Spray are: Amethyst, Selenite, Imperial Topaz, Rainbow Myanite

Suggested Uses are for the Crown energy Spray are: Opening to Spirit / Angels, Communication with Higher Realms, At a physical level - headaches and pains, Feeling disoriented, Spaced Out, Not being able to mentally switch off, Feeling blocked and uninspired, No new ideas etc.

Lavender – Soul Star Energy Spray

untitled 9173

A Lavender Soul Star – the gentlest softest resting place for spirit before it fully enters your physical body. Feel the sensation as this centre opens up to the love and light that I bring.

Your body recognises the truth of the message from spirit that I bring. Lavender lets you rest awhile, and be held in its embrace and comfort and place of ease.

There is nothing challenging about lavender – it takes you to a place of acceptance. Whatever you may be struggling with at a human level the messages and energy that enter through your soul star from me bring peace.

If your Soul Star is closed to help I Archangel Metatron can open it with your permission – I have stood by waiting for the moment when you welcome my love and light into your body in this lifetime. Because we have surely met many times before! I am not a new being to you – we have danced and worked and lived many lifetimes together – some painful and some sad. Indeed some of you still cling on to your sadness whether from this life or the last – let me soak up that grief and sadness with my lavender light. It is a process that can be done whenever you ask.

The Soul Star is your gateway to the higher realms above and I watch over and guard it fiercely – like a father would protect his child.

Only that which is of the right frequency of love and light will be allowed to enter your body.

I stand as gatekeeper and welcome in many other ascended master and higher beings energy if this is what your soul requires and has asked for.

Lavender can bring out our vulnerability but at the same time our inner strength, knowing we have so much spiritual support that never wavers.

Lavender for Softness, Lavender for Grace, Lavender for Love, Lavender for Guidance.

Essential Oils for Soul Star are: Patcholi, Basil, Lemon Grass

Crystals used in the Lavender Soul Star Spray are: Amethyst, Selenite, Imperial Topaz, Rainbow Myanite

Suggested Uses for Soul Star Spray: - Helping to connect into rebirth periods in your life, Soul Star energy always brings in the new - this could even be new life - so helpful before conception of a baby to welcome new soul in, also helpful for connecting into your higher self and aspects of yourself that have been hidden ie greatest potential, your true life path.
Useful for meditation, connection to the divine, great in any spiritual practise from Healing, Yoga to many forms of energy work. Helps set the energy before workshops as well as much more....

Rose Gold - Stellar Gateway Energy Spray

untitled 9282 2

A Rose Gold burst of fragrant fine mist descends down through the portal of your Stellar Gateway Chakra. This is your highest energy centre - a link to Spirit and the Archangels via a divine ladder of light and to the Godhead itself.

To be connected at this level is an anointment and crowning of your own true divine self - you are precious light and soul here right now on Earth and the Rose Gold vibration reminds you of your heavenly home when you need its touch and gentle presence to be comforted and to know that all is well…

Archangel Metatrons highest level of light, holding 5th to 7th dimensional level consciousness - Rose Gold provides a safe space for you to expand your consciousness as well as merge with other soul group members for assistance and love should you choose to do so.

Unification energy is held within its warm embrace and the promise of connection and alignment to the light within you.

Combining dual colour properties the kaleidoscope of Rose and Gold blend to offer both beauty, grace, and sacred energy within you.

Be the beautiful light that you came here to be. Let no one interfere with your divine mission that is unique and for you alone. For you are special and perfect and are the only aspect of the divine that looks and feels like you - how precious is that!

You can travel through the Stellar Gateway to the wider cosmic energy whilst here connected by your silver cord to the earth below held by Archangel Sandalphon – the bronze spray of which links nicely to the Rose Gold spray, in terms of ‘As above So Below’

Protect and look after your higher chakras - they are delicate - do not abuse them with alcohol and drugs or anything that gives a false sense of bliss. The Rose Gold repairs damage done to the aura mending and sealing any fragmented parts or holes that are there.

The only bliss you need is divine bliss already at your disposal and the Rose Gold energy takes you there on an Angels wing…..

Rose Gold for Ascension, Rose Gold for Enlightenment, Rose Gold for Precious Beauty and Light

Essential Oils for Stellar Gateway are: Rose Blend, Frankincense, Basil, Jasmine Blend, Mandarin, Neroli Absolute


Crystals Used in the Rose Gold Spray are: Brandberg Amethyst, Imperial Golden Quartz, Rainbow Mayanite, Silver / Gold Healer, Astarline, Ajoite, Rose Aura Quartz, Star of David Spinel

Suggested uses for Stellar Gateway Energy Spray are during Meditation, Visualisation work, Astral Travel whilst using Earth Star to keep you grounded, Accessing Wisdom, Spiritual Truths, Aura Repair Work, Prayer and any deep spiritual process. Rose Gold is also very protective.

Lemon – Joy Energy Spray


Where do you block joy? Joy is about the simple things – the laughter of children, the suns heat, the newly mown grass, the sound of singing, the bloom of flowers, the recognition of a friends face...the list is endless. And yet so often you seek it in big ways, in impossible ways – so you say to yourself – I will be happy when this happens or that happens. I say look again – joy can be with you right now, in this moment, in these circumstances.

There can be joy amongst even sad times – if you look for it. Savour every experience, look for the higher meanings and blessings within any situation you find yourself in. There are always blessings....

Feel the happiness of the Lemon energy as it is able to sink in to all the dark places within you – all the sadness all the despair...

And feel it lift you into a different space – that of joy and laughter and happiness.
For the angels and Metatron bring joy – they are not about despair or lack of hope but the very opposite. They want you to feel their light, their love and their happiness of spirit.

This Lemon spray is also useful to help connect into your inner child – and lift her spirits and sense of wellbeing. For those of you that have had difficult childhoods or are going through one at present – use the Lemon spray to help lift your vibration and feel the happiness of the angels around you.

Lemon is the centre of the brightest daisy bursting to reveal its simple beauty. It is the tallest proudest sunflower. It is also linked to the sun – the life force of our world, and to the restorative effects of sunshine and dappled sunsets.

Use lemon to remember how simple it is to be joyful in our world – to turn your attention away from that which is ugly, and instead to that which is beautiful.

Lemon for Joy, Lemon for Happiness, Lemon for Healing the Inner Child, Lemon for Confidence, Lemon for Laughter

Essential Oils for Joy energy spray are: Mandarin, Melissa, Lemon Grass

Crystals used in the making of this Joy spray are: Citrine, Golden Healer, Rutilated Quartz, Orange Calcite, Chrysocolla, Yellow Jasper

Suggested uses: helpful for SAD, Depression (please seek medical advice also - there is no shame in seeking help from a doctor), Great for working with Children as well as Inner Child Work, Helps build Confidence, Self Esteem. Helpful for study and focus, Lifts energy in rooms, buildings, a good general spray to have around the house - eg. spray after arguments to restore positive energy.

Flame – Attunement & Connection Spray
untitled 9203 2

My Metatron guiding light flame is bright orange. It is a powerful flame that you can carry and have to hold to light your way as you take your steps forward. Whatever you are being asked to do (often by me) I will guide you.

When you think you can’t go on, I will push and carry you.

When you think it is too dark I will light the way forward.

When you are asked to go out of your comfort zones I will illuminate the path before you.

My light is inextinguishable, it is eternal, and it is always there for you. When you forget me, I do not forget you – I am beside you and willing to go wherever you go, and bring my light and power into all areas of your life and the wider world.

Its orange light reminds you of your lions heart – the part of you that is brave, fearless and will step where you need to step, transform what you are asked to transform and be who you are meant to be.

When you feel unsure or uncertain – let me guide you. Let me remind you of how you do it, or how to be.

Let my flame burn brightly and show you the higher truth in any situation. It will purify any lower energies that are around you. Use it as a compliment to the violet flame – it has a similar energy and purpose.

Orange is linked to attunement to me and it is the path of what many of you call ascension – but in truth a better word is evolution.

Orange is the colour for the future – it is about enlightenment and joy. It’s complimentary colour turquoise asks you to trust and go with the flow – not to dictate or control – but use the flame within you which has all the answers you seek, and which is where truth and love reside...

Flame is illuminating, Flame is Purification, Flame is the light in the darkness, Flame is who I am – Archangel Metatron.

Essential Oils for Flame energy Spray are: Cloves, Sweet Orange, Frankincense, Palmarosa

Crystals used in the making of this Flame Spray are: Rose Quartz Platonic Solid crystals ( 5 shapes), Clear Quartx, Fire Agate, Orange Calcite

Suggested uses for Flame are manifold. It is THE colour linked to Metatrons new energy - so use it anytime, and for any reason. It will lift you and help you connect to him. It is also a powerful energy to use to help manifestation and anything you need help with creating magic for.

White Light - Merkaba Energy Spray


When you need the purity and the cleansing refreshment of white light this is the spray to use.

It prepares you for any heightened spiritual state – be it Merkaba activation, meditation, healing, channelling etc.

It is very powerful and was made not just with clear quartz Merkaba crystals but all 5 platonic solid crystals too. The Platonic solids are called the building blocks of life.

The energy within this spray correlates with when you want to start again, begin anew, rebirth into a new way or transitional state.

It is hugely helpful when setting sacred space around you, and also when clearing lower energy that you may have come into contact with in day to day life.

It can be used on different levels from helping to activate your divine light body and merkaba state – to at a more general level clearing space.

White Light is multi functional and when you are confused over which colour you need – white light is always safe and supportive. Similar to the quartz spray it hols the imprint of al rainbow colours within it and if you need red you will get red, if you need blue you will get blue.

White is an amplifier energy and so this spray will help amplify anything that you are doing.

Use it in manifestation as well as to boost healing etc.

Together with the flame essence these two make up a power pack of Metatrons help, support, love and light.

They can be used anywhere over the body and at all times and for every situation you may find yourself in.

White Light for Expansion, Purification, Heightened Spiritual States and Cleansing.

Essential Oils for white Light energy spray are: Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Mandarin

Crystals used in the making of this White spray are: Clear Quartz, Merkaba, Selenite, Herkimer Diamond

Suggested Uses: I have personally found I have used this spray a lot. Asides from its use in activating our light body and helping us activate our Merkaba (more info to come on this) it is a great cleanser. use after being in any negative place or with any negtaive / draining person. Also a great protector. Use in rooms and on yourself to clear your energy and start again...

Rainbow Bridge – Spirit Release
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In earthly terms we talk about rainbows and finding pots of gold at their ends – but who makes the rainbows, who creates the light and the colours and the essence of the universe.
Facing passing over to our next life is simply about merging once more into the light from whence we came and that light is not separate from us – it is the very substance we have carried within us whilst here on Earth. Yet our physical bodies become depleted through so many reasons, some earlier than others – and others have the light snuffed out early through accident or violence. Yet there is no such thing as a death that was not meant to be – purely a misunderstanding of what that particular soul wished to pursue / learn/ experience whilst here. The soul decides when death to the physical body happens and when the spirit shall be set free to begin its next journey in another dimension – maybe out of reach but just as real as what we understand by life in the here and now.
Do not battle death or fear it or see it as your enemy – it is just as much a part of the human existence as everything else. Life does not make sense without death and renewal – how else are we to evolve?
Allow Archangel Metatron to be with you when you face that Rainbow Bridge – see it as the next stage of your journey and a return to that which you already know, and not something that is alien to you. For what awaits is Love, Love, Love – when the time is right for you, and not before.
The energy of Rainbow Bridge cannot propel you forward towards death any quicker than your soul already has planned, what this spray can do however is help you find peace and comfort and to feel the energy of the angelic realms around you that help open the door to your next realm of existence.
The spray helps to purify the physical body and pay it the respect it deserves for having served you well in this lifetime. The spray also carves a path of rainbow light for you to follow when the time is right for you.
It helps the person drop their responsibilities and burdens or concerns for those they are leaving behind – and give all of this to Metatron to hold. It helps tie up loose energetic ends as well as practical physical ones.
It is a multi dimensional spray respecting any persons religious or spiritual persuasion – it can help call in the energy of whoever or whatever has been a spiritual help to that person about to pass – as long as it is from the light. So it can embrace Christ Energy, Unicorn Energy and Buddhic energy etc – always with Metatron present and holding a sacred space.
It can either be used by the person to pass, or for them in person or at distance.  It can also be used after death to help the soul find peace and love, and will it on its journey back home.
A Footnote:
Metatron Rainbow Bridge Sprays - these are intended for those at the very end of their lives to let go of the fear of death and release themselves once more to the journey of spirit.
I am very aware that this energy comes through me but is not me when I make these sprays and so once again I sat and asked for guidance from Archangel Metatron and Vicky Wall, the Colour Therapy Pioneer in spirit who helps me with essence making.
 Vicky straight away took me to pick up Benzoin and as I read the words from The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood it just seemed so unbelievably perfect "No matter what touches the spirit, the soul must be allowed to speak...to be able to penetrate to the core of our being...Persuasive and direct it will open the heart and mind to receiving gifts which have been denied, allowing the spirit to receive from the soul, in feeling, knowing and just being". Because at the moment of passing the soul is in control - it always is of course but we forget that in our earthly life.
The book also talks about the importance of fragrance to guide the soul home - something greatly respected in other cultures, but which many of us in the West have forgotten. Even if you die at home often there is the sounds and smells of eg cooking etc that may not be desirable for the person on the threshold. How much better to wrap them in beautiful heavenly scent for their forward journey.
Metatron reminded me that whether oils are deemed safe or not is immaterial at the moment of death - unfortunately many are drugged as death approaches - what scent does is bring them back to their soul where there is nothing that is harmful.
Essential Oils that are used in this spray are Benzoin, Juniper, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile - an oil widely used by both the Romans and Ancient Egyptians at the point of death.
I got a strong sense of some of the people who will be helped by this spray - I don't know their names - just felt their energy - and I wanted to say to each of them 'I hope you enjoyed your life, I hope you ate nice things, met lovely people, had moments of bliss and sheer joy whilst here on earth - but it is time to return home now - have no fear'.
Metatron is known by many names and for many things. In some traditions he is the Archangel who decides the moment of death for each of us - watching over our soul as he does through our entire life. This may seem a scary thing to be in charge of - but if you could have felt the divine love and gentleness that he poured into each bottle you would think again.
Complete respect, Complete acknowledgement of the uniqueness of each soul and a combination of Strength and Love entwined.
These sprays cannot accelerate a persons passing - they are simply a tool to help the soul get ready, prepare and let go at a time that is right for them. Metatron is whispering in my ear as I type saying they are 'The Souls Helper'....
Crystals Used in the making of the Rainbow Bridge Spray were:
Cathedral Quartz, Moldavite, Imperial Topaz and Silver / Gold Healer.
The Bluebell Bridge Spray for Loss and Grief is a perfect compliment to this spray.

Bluebell Bridge – For Loss & Grief
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N.B: This special Metatron Energy is NOT included in the 15. Complete Metatron Set!

This spray could easily have been called Peace for it helps take us into a place of peace, stillness and calm – despite external situations that may be going on around us. For those facing loss or grief this is a personal sacred journey where we mourn who or what has gone, but are reminded of the angels love and support in our darkest hours.  To feel grief is to be vulnerable to a whole spectrum of emotions that may include; shock, numbness, anger, tears, helplessness, hopelessness and despair.  Yet within the Bluebell energy we can sense the spring rebirth which lies in wait for us reminding us of the cycle of life and the never ending arrival of fresh starts and tender shoots of new beginnings that are also present. It helps carry us when we want to give up, it awakens our senses once more to life and all it is has to still offer, and it treats us gently and kindly and wraps us in its healing embrace.

Archangel Metatron talks of a garden of remembrance that you can visit with this spray – you breathe in the bouquet of flowers that this energy confers and are taken to a walled garden filled with flowers of every variety and colour – all emitting a heavenly scent.  You feel relaxed and your body softens as you recognise that here is a soft safe place that you can visit at any time you need to – to remember those or that you have lost. You sit quietly on a wooden bench in the middle of the garden – and listen to birdsong and the sound of the gentle breeze in the fruit trees.  You notice a gateway at the far side of the walled garden and a golden light appears as sunlight streams through it.  You notice a shape appearing and see it is the higher self presence of the person you miss. They walk towards you and you embrace and sit beside each other on the wooden bench looking at the garden pool of spring water in front of you.  You can spend time together – maybe there are things that you need to say, maybe you just want to feel their presence once more. You just enjoy this time together – it may also be a time of great healing where you talk about issues or things that were left unsaid in life, but now need saying. After a while you notice the appearance of Archangel Metatron on your right hand side – he smiles at you and says ‘It is Time’ ...you both understand that it is time to go back to your respective realms – knowing that there is no separation really – that is an illusion.  Your loved one moves through the golden gateway once more, and you sit and wait till Metatron turns to you, looks you in the eye and beckons you back to life outside this garden of remembrance. You walk with him out of the walled garden more at peace and reconciled to taking new steps in your life going forward.

Metatron reminds you that you are never alone. He is with you all the time and that this sacred garden can be revisited whenever you need to enter it, but that there is also a beautiful world outside it waiting for you as well. You will notice the need to revisit the garden becomes less over time – still use the spray to remind you of all the beauty and happy times you experienced with those you have lost. But also feel their wish for you to move forward and on with your life and to live each day to the full for both them and you.

Essential Oils used in this spray are: Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, Gardenia, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Clary Sage, Cedarwood Atlas and Lemon

Crystals Used were: Ajoite, Empowerite, Morganite, Angelite and Tigers Eye

A Footnote:

As I was being shown the essential oils to put into Bluebell Bridge I was surprised that they were so floral - and then I thought - it is as though Metatron is making a beautiful posy of flowers for the one who is left and struggling without their loved one. There are also more oils in this one than in any other spray - a real concoction of different scents.

I also picked up the different responses people will get to using it - for some who find it hard to connect to their emotion it will release pent up tears, for others it will help stop a constant flow to more manageable pace.

One I have just made is leaking its contents before my eyes - just silently seeping out of the top of an upright undamaged sealed bottle - no doubt reflecting many unshed healing tears that just have to flow now for many of us.....

For all ultimately though it will help bring peace and balance.  It can be used in the immediate after effects of loss or for stored past pain that has not been dealt with or needs the final pieces releasing.

It is a comforter to all who use it.

Emerald - Renewal & Recovery
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With this energy you are taken into an ancient forest with trees that have stood for thousands of years. Here you remember your connection to the land and the earth and remember who you really are. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in or whatever condition has manifested – the Emerald ray brings in renewal and a chance to start again. Born out of work in Belfast, Northern Ireland the symbolism here is relevant – where there has been so much pain, anguish and blood spilled – we can reclaim once more the deepest levels of healing that Archangel Metatron gifts us with and be reborn. To be used for deep rooted pain – sometimes buried so deep we are even unconsciously aware it is even there. This can help heal Ancestral, Karmic and this life time pain from the most painful wounds to aid recovery.

Used together with the Midnight Metatron energy spray it can help us unfurl from our foetal positions of self comfort to take a deep breath and with Metatrons help look at what we need to heal so that the damaged roots can be removed and new light breathed into the parts that remain. This healing often will entail looking at those parts of our self that have caused the pain in the first place – our destructive emotional patterns, habits and behaviours that we are asked to finally leave behind. Like the ancient trees within the forest that mark their years with thickness of bark and rings around their trunk, - all of life that we have been stays within us – but anything we have outgrown can be moved past and we can then flourish and branch out in new ways free of restriction and past issues that bind us.

Emerald also holds deep healing for the heart where we often store so much of our discomfort and hurt. Emerald is strong, it cuts to the crux of the matter. Used after the Midnight spray it can draw out all negativity and toxicity that we hold – offering us new shoots of life and energy that we have been unable to breathe trapped in our circle of despair and despondency.

A very useful spray in healing – whether in hands on healing, psychic healing or distance healing – to break through layers of scar tissue and heal whatever is present.

Emerald also gives us a big push from Metatron to love ourselves – there is no room for self doubt and self criticism here within this energy – just a reminder of how much we deserve love and to treat ourselves and others with they respect they deserve.

A deep detoxifier and cleanser for the physical body and physical objects such as homes, spaces etc. Also useful for ritual work eg putting back positive energy to the earth and land and our communities.

This spray out of all of the Metatron sprays is the one most linked in to the crystal kingdom. Beautiful powerful crystals stepped forward to be included in this spray including: Dioprase, Blue Amber, Petrified Wood, Mohawkite, Emerald and Brazilianite – all of them reflecting the colours of the earth itself. In terms of healing, Brazilianite itself has been called the ‘The Stone of Return’ – by which it is meant that it helps return the body back to its optimum place of balance and harmony.

Essential Oils are: Frankincense, Bergamot, Corriander, Vetivert, Cedarwood Atlas

Crystals used in the Emerald Spray are: Mohawkite, Dioptase, Petrified Wood, Brazilianite, Blue Amber and Emerald

Uses for the Metatron Emerald Spray: All of the body – but especially Heart Chakra – or wherever there feels a need for healing. This spray is also very grounding, takes one out of their head and into their physical body. Great for boosting physical energy, bringing balance and harmony, bringing one to their senses in terms of shock or fear.

Rose – Inner Child
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Each of you came into this world pure, innocent and full of wonder and joy. Look at a young baby – delighted in every little thing, each advancement, every new sight, sensation and texture.  Life can soon knock that out of you – many of you are damaged or affected by patterns, behaviour and actions in childhood – some of these have been intentional and can form deep lasting scars in the form of emotional or physical abuse, others of you are damaged by unintentional behaviour – norms passed down from one generation to the next, societal pressure and expectation, lack of awareness / spiritual understanding by those who were / are in fact your earthly guardians.

And yet whatever has happened or been experienced – you survived it all – you emerged from childhood to where you are today. Many of you have grown, developed, changed – but so often the child within gets abandoned at a stage in life that just became too heavy to carry forward. And so there he or she sits and waits – watching who you are now – wondering when they will be remembered / acknowledged and heard again.
Like the name of the spray itself each Inner child sits like a bud within our heart – some buds are withered and affected by blight, others are very tiny and stunted in size, others are so ripe the bud wants to burst open and be seen in all its glory.   The energy of this spray creates a well of love for that rosebud to sit within, and as the light gets shone on to it – so the petals unfurl and the Inner Child knows it is safe and the right time to appear once again revitalised by love once more – an energy it remembers before incarnation.
The Inner Child may need to be treated gently, carefully, respectfully – and the rose pink energy allows this effortlessly. In addition an Inner Child that is angry, frustrated and wants to lash out will be soothed by the pink embrace of love, where all tension and pain softly dissolves. It is also safe to express emotion within the pink embrace, knowing that you are held always.
And then once healing occurs the child within wants to join you on your journey now.....to experience all you experience, to enjoy life and remind you of the need to play, to be creative, to explore to do silly things again just for fun and laughter and the sheer delight of being alive.
Rose Inner Child Spray for Embracing, Healing, Listening to and Incorporating your Inner Child into your life once more.
Essential Oils: - Rose Otto, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang
Crystals Used in Inner Child Spray are: - Mango Calcite, Morganite, Rose Quartz, Penetration Quartz, Empowerite, Rhodachrosite, Pink Kyanite

Sapphire – Divine Peace
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N.B: This special Metatron Energy is NOT included in the 15. Complete Metatron Set!

How do we find peace in a world of seemingly endless conflict, noise and chaos....
Peace – Finding Peace does not have to be hard, we look on your world with its endless talks and initiatives towards peace, we see you reading about how to find peace, ways to accomplish it ......can we instead go back to the beginning?
Peace doesn’t come from anywhere else or anyone else – it lives within you. It lives within you even in times of struggle, trial and hardship, it lives inside you during all phases of your life - the truth is it never leaves you – it is always there – just waiting to be unlocked.  There is no magic to finding it or ideal way of finding it – but I tell you this – it is not found in rushing and striving and hurtling through life. It lies in stopping, being still if even for a short time. It is there and reachable and attainable in every day – yet so many of you bypass it. Just sit and stand and breathe – connect into my Blue Sapphire ray of Divine Peace and allow your body and mind to be still. Do not force it, do not judge or cajole it – just allow the SPACE and TIME to be – even for a few minutes each day. To sit and connect to yourself – how you are feeling, what you need help with, to commune with your soul.
Your soul is never stressed or tense or fearful – your soul – flows from one lifetime to another experiencing, observing, participating, enjoying, learning – but it stays at peace within you.
Connect into your breath, connect into your heart – bring the Sapphire energy deep within you – breathe it in allowing its softness, calmness and simplicity to sit within you. Allow it to wrap around you – to feel the safe, everlasting peace of divine love always available to each of you.
This can be done amidst the noise and everyday life around you – surroundings do not matter – what matters is what is inside each of you – and that is love and a well of peace available to everyone at all times.  Stop and be, be still and calm, be held in love and feel free.
Also hear my plea to be ambassadors of peace in your world – again this is through who you are and the energy that you carry – it is about exuding peace, responding in peace to situations or people who are not in alliance with it – it is about teaching by example to family, friends, children. That is how peace will eventually be established as the norm – by being it and demonstrating it. Start now, take it a day at a time and in every moment remember you have a choice to be peace – use the Sapphire energy to help you become that and allow it to grow inside you, so peace is what and who you are.
As an additional note to this spray here are some observations I noted whilst making it:
Peace - this has been a theme very much to the forefront this week as I make the Archangel Metatron Divine Peace Spray, and also in clients I have seen these last few days.
One beautiful lady today cried intensely with me and I held her and explained that the peace doesn't come when X or Y happen, it comes amidst the imperfection of our lives when we tune within, and when we come to peace with ourselves, as well as allow ourselves to feel divine love.
As I made the crystal essence yesterday I stood back and looked at what was happening. It was a beautiful sunny day on the 11th of a month (11 always being a number linked to Metatron about illumination). The spring water had been blessed and the crystals sparkled and I could almost see the transference of energy between them....and then something happened.  Out of nowhere a lot of noise started coming up from the road below my balcony. I could hear building work going on in the distance, someone else was cutting hedges back with some piece of heavy machinery and my immediate thought was 'Great just when everything was perfect' (!). I questioned Metatron about should I bring the water in until a time it was quieter, maybe on another day also. He smiled at me and laughed at said 'But this is the exact purpose of this spray - to find peace even amongst the noise of life around us'. He reminded me how unless we retreat and live in the middle of nowhere it is virtually impossible to find complete silence in our towns and cities - but that it doesn't matter. And also Jesus himself created miracles in the midst of busy markets, crowds and general hustle and bustle.
What we all need to do is find the peace within ourselves despite anything in our lives that we judge imperfect.
To find that still place within our heart - our sanctuary and place of refuge, healing and where all our answers also lie.
Peace doesn't have to be elusive or found when we have completed something, are somewhere, or as an aspiration to achieve. It is possible today - right now - and the new spray will help us find it. 
Brilliant Sapphire Divine Peace Energy for use whenever we need it.  Works as a compliment to Flame Guiding Light Spray, Rose Inner Child and any other spray you would like to compliment with this energy.
Essential Oils in Sapphire Spray are: - Peppermint, Lemon Grass, Coriander, Lavender, Elemi, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood

Crystals used in the making of Sapphire Peace are: Crysoberyl, Linarite, Stone of Sanctuary, Purple Angeline, Astarline, Azumar, Angelite

Midnight Indigo - Light in the Darkness
untitled 9274

Together with the Sunrise - New Dawn spray - this Midnight Indigo energy lies at the very heart of what Archangel Metatron offers to each of us - to root out fear and replace it with light.

This Indigo energy is able to scan our bodies and our life and help lift out fear and any negative emotion that is preventing us from being all we came here to be. To be empowered, and whole and joyful, not weighed down by that which aims to keep us small and our light dimmed - to reveal our truth and beauty - not the mask we can sometimes present to the world. 
It acts as detector - enabling us to sense, see and experience where our fear lies so we can start the process of removing it.  To do so however requires we acknowledge that it is there in the first place - Metatron allows this to happen safely within the protective confines of deep intense Indigo.  We may wonder whether if we dive into its embrace will we ever emerge once more to the light - but the promise of Midnight Indigo is that it is safe to go into that space / that void  - to reveal our weaknesses, our pain, our  soul injuries. Within its surprisingly soft embrace we find RELIEF in the Indigo - we experience the light within the darkness - always.  As the Midnight sky sets and brings in the darkness of night - the dawn and Sunrise follows - it is natures way and ours. 
Indigo helps us to connect into our dual aspects - the parts of ourselves that are difficult to understand and those that are easy.   We can only truly understand the light by understanding its contrast too. 
Indigo holds mysteries, secrets, hidden desires, unspoken wishes - but it also contains the freedom to be all that we are, without labelling something good or bad. 
In times of our life where we are troubled or challenged - Indigo can bring great comfort - helping us understand the bigger picture and to steer us to calmer and more peaceful waters.
In times of difficulty and trial this is often when Metatrons presence is first felt - he after all helps us with transition and change, which for some can be triggered by 'wake up call' or an event that on the surface appears hard, but given time often is seen as a blessing bringing new direction and energy in its wake.

Sunrise - New Dawn
untitled 9189 2

Used together with the Midnight Indigo Spray this Sunrise energy from Archangel Metatron helps us quell our fear and step into our power and light. Very helpful for any times in life where change and new direction are sought - or indeed any time when a boost is needed.

The pale gold of the Sunrise energy holds a perfect mix of sunlight, joy and positivity. It can be used daily to help maintain a balanced state of mind and happy and healthy outlook on life. It can also be used as a 'reward' or treat' when you feel you deserve a dose of high vibrational light to recharge you. Its delicate colour reminds us of the preciousness of happy times - to not take for granted all that is beautiful and loving in our world.
It helps you be receptive to see the best in any situation, to appreciate beauty in all its guises and forms - from the simplest delights of nature to sophisticated works of art. It holds a gentle assurance that ALL IS WELL - whatever is happening - that there is a divine plan at play - and a New Dawn can come from the most difficult situations or times.
Sunrise as an energy is beneficial to maintain our Solar Plexus energy store - our reserves of power, confidence, belief and stability. Within the Archangel Metatron range there is also the Fuchsia spray for the Solar Plexus reminding us how well we are loved - and which works well with Sunrise too. In truth our bodies need and want different colour energies at different times - but the energy of Pink (Love) and Gold (Spiritual Power and Wisdom) are always beneficial.
Sunrise New Dawn as an energy replaces and fills the body with a sense of new beginning after the fear has been identified and made to go by the Midnight Indigo spray. Fear can eat away and create a big energetic hole when it leaves the body!! The Sunrise spray used directly after the Indigo ensures the very highest levels of light recharge and replace what has been left as 'empty space'
Sunrise energy can also 'plump' up cells, organs, or any part of you that needs recharging - useful in times of illness when using visualisation and other alternative methods to 'combat' disease. Useful also after surgery, or any time the body has been shocked or hurt - physically, mentally or spiritually.

Lilac Light - to still the mind
untitled 9186

Lilac Light to still the mind - to go within and find a quiet safe place of balance and peace. With the lightness of this energy anything heavy or burdensome can be gently lifted away from both the body, aura and mind.
Allow yourself to be led down this path of grace where beauty and purity lie.  The Lilac Light will slow everything down so that the only response can be one of stillness...allowing and giving permission to stop and just BE.
Perfect for enhancing meditation and connection to our inner state.  Relaxing into its soft embrace takes us back to a state of unconditional love where all answers lie. 
To be able to see and sense aspects in life from that higher perspective where there is no judgement, no right or wrong, just acceptance and trust and a dip into faith too.
In its silent reverent energy one can ask for help, feel that one is being heard and listen back for answers. Sometimes these may come from Metatron himself - or they come from your own inner knowing - Metatron reminding you of all your vast experience and wisdom - not just from this lifetime but many others which you can draw on to find the guidance and insight you seek. 
The Lilac Light brings balance to any situation or issue that you are searching for answers on - dissolving heightened emotions so that the truth can be seen and felt. 
Useful for anyone developing their intuitive and psychic abilities and opening up of all their senses on their spiritual paths. To be used to open up the higher chakras and the heart so that guidance can be sought.
The energy calms panic around any situation that is causing distress - enabling you to feel and see that there is always a way forward and always support when you need it.
Empowering you to realise your true potential - to have faith in your own instincts, hunches and feelings. To trust the guidance you receive and not doubt it or ask again and again....
To be less concerned with what others think and more at peace with how you feel and what you want. 
Lilac Light brings back the magic into ourself - rather than seeing it as 'out there' Metatron reminds us that Lilac as the last colour on the visible rainbow spectrum - heralds the pot of gold at its end. That gold lies within us and  is the complimentary colour to the Lilac. Gold Stellar Gateway links particularly to this spray - offering very high vibrations of light to work with and integrate - truly both are gifts from the Angelic Kingdom for us here on Earth.....
Essential Oils in Lilac Light are:
Rosewood, Melissa, Rosemary, Gardenia
Melissa a key ingredient in this spray has the following properties (taken from The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood
"Melissa vibrates at a very high light frequency, and travels far. The energy it brings into the spirit comes from a place more distant than we can imagine, beyond the sun, beyond the stars.  When the magnetic energy is at a low ebb, Melissa supports our need with understanding that defies words.  Melissa is a spiritual conduit, and thus a precious gift of the heavens at any time, but perhaps especially appreciated before meditation or prayer."
Crystals used in the making of this essence are:  Amethyst, Revelation Stone, Shattuckite, Lavender Jade, Kammererite
Shuttuckite activates the throat and third eye chakras, enabling clear verbalisation of psychic visions. Shattuckite can also be used to process the channelling of information from the spirit world. It also provides protection against possession during channelling. Shattuckite may also be used with automatic writing to sharpen ones intuition.  (Taken from KSC Crystals website) 
Revelation Stone
Is a type of Jasper, found in New Zealand. Its colour varies through the range of red, yellow, brown, green and black.
Robert Simmons writes: "Revelation Stone has a powerful resonance with the heart, and it stimulates the heart's capacity to be conscious of the unfolding pattern of the future. If we work with Revelaton Stone while attuning to the heart, we can experience vivid and accurate visions from the future time stream. It displays that awareness to the mind's eye as images or visions rather than words.
"The future one sees with Revelation Stone is not a precise, predetermined set of events, but a pattern of possibility—the potential future, or the blueprint for what may happen, depending on human choices. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to improve their psychic capacities."


Magenta group

Magenta - an anointing spray for when you wish to to receive Divine Love. Magenta a colour long associated with Archangel Metatron - the highest of the Archangels and the one closest to God / Source.   The Magenta spray is the BRIDGE which connect us back not just to his energy but our higher self and divine light we all hold. 
It reminds us of the holy place within ourselves - the heart and seat of our soul.  When we are able to see the divine in all things as well as ourselves we raise our vibration to that of the angels. 
Magenta stops time, and stops all that holds you back from experiencing a state of alignment with the highest vibration available to you.
It allows you to access a place of enlightened consciousness where only love is real - all else falls away....
It holds within it the Namaste energy - I bow down to the divine in you and everything I encounter. 
Within Magentas ray there is no place for judgement or blame, hatred or fear - just an expanded self that knows itself at one with the universe and the laws of that - which are love.
In essence this spray is Metatrons BLESSING......a special energy that holds the key to an elevated state whenever it is used.
It comforts, supports and holds you in his loving embrace and helps you gain insights and revelations that get us back on our paths and in touch with our truth.
It is Divine Love encapsulated in oil and water form - a sacred way of connecting to higher beings of light since the dawn of time. 
As a colour Magenta is not a traditional colour of the rainbow - it is one of the new 5th dimensional colour frequencies coming into our planet now and is the herald of many more.  It contains both Red and Blue as colour properties bringing in positive qualities of both those colour rays - Strength, Protection, Direction. 
Even though the Magenta Metatron spray is highly linked to spiritual connection it is also very grounded as a result of the Red energy it contains to. 
Metatron helps us bring to earth all that we access from higher realms whether that be via meditation, merkaba travel, or more...
Magenta is also a colour linked to the healer - so this spray is an important aid to anyone who practices healing on others - or who wants to heal themselves. 
Essential Oils in Lilac Light are:
Galbanum (an ancient biblical oil), Myrrh, Rose & Frankincense, Yarrow and Cardamon - the sprays scent is reminiscent of Holy Incense.
Crystals used in the making of this essence are:  Same as for Gold Stellar Gateway which teams up well with this spray too -
Rainbow Myanite, Imperial Topaz, Amethyst, Selenite
Any time Love or Connection to an Enlightened Space is Needed. Perfect for Healing in any form.
Works well with Teal Alta Major which also clears and amplifies head chakra points. 

Christ Light, Cosmic Love
untitled 9211

Strip everything back to whom you really are....you are love incarnate.
You came from love, you were made in love, your heart was started by love, and when it stops beating it will return to another state of love.
From whence the first spark of creation came – Love was at the core, and you are of the stars, of the galaxies, of the cosmos itself.
You are made up of crystalline light that has the potential to shine brighter than ever before on this earth.
When I came 2,000 years ago in physical form, I was misunderstood – I became defined by my suffering yet all I wanted was to teach about love and how that transcends any experience, any injustice - and always offers an answer to those that out of alignment with their true nature. it has taken until this time for humanity to really now hear this message and energy - that everything is love.
If you respond in love you can only create love
If you look with eyes of love - you see only love
If you listen with ears of love that bypass pain and suffering and hear really what is required – it is the need for love
Love is all around you – yet you fail to see it – it is in the birdsong and in the face of a newborn child or an elder wise with years of experience both from this incarnation and that before…
Love is in the person who stops to help, the passer by that smiles, the friend and lover, and the one who challenges and teaches you minute by minute, hour by hour.
So many feel unloved and unlovable – yet you are all loved beyond measure and in equal amount – from the one who has fallen into hate to the one who shines brightest…you are still loved by the creators energy just the same.
Love heals anything
Love is available to everyone
It is not scarce it is here now more accessible than ever before.
All you have to do is be open to receive it..
You need no ones help, no structure, no doctrine – all you need is to hold love at your core and all resistance, suffering and anguish melts in its embrace.
My Christ Light is within you, you don’t have to search or strive for it – it is simply here right now whenever you need it.
Cosmic Love brings Grace, brings beauty where there is difficulty, and nourishes heart and soul to remember its origins and heritage as well as its future – and that is love…
Christ Light Cosmic Love for Nurturing Self, Forgiveness, Opening to Unconditional Love, Dissolving Judgement & Blame, Ending Suffering and bringing one back into alignment with soul self.

Earth Elemental Spray
untitled 9301

Allow the Earth Elemental energy to bring you HOME. Maybe you have been feeling lost, unsafe, unsettled or unsure - it may also be that you struggle to put roots down anywhere never able to fully anchor even if only for a short time before moving on again.

Your roots are tangled, scattered or weak. Use this energy to help them grow and strengthen and really connect to the Earth and your place upon it – and yes you deserve and are entitled to be here. And you are loved by this earth. Each life equally important, each life special and sacred - your place upon Gaia assured long before you incarnated.

This IS your home for now - it is where you belong - indeed where you have always belonged, and you are welcome, and you are safe.

Feel the rich aromas of spice and mystery that seek to open your eyes to all that this Earth has to give you. For this Earth is an abundant place, a loving planet that seeks to support you and nurture you as she would a plant or tree upon the ground.

And yet the Earth needs to know you are here - send a signal to her today that you are ready to grow and thrive and walk new steps upon her. Maybe you seek new experience or maybe you want to deepen what you already have. Talk to her - the earth is receptive, she listens and she is here for you now.

Let her help you connect more intensely to the ground underneath your feet - helping establish firm foundations from which you can accomplish anything.

Let her encourage you to love all physical aspects of life – for the Earth is a physical place and whether you run, walk, sit or climb upon her it is about connecting and making conscious that which is real and tangible and alive.

Allow this Earth essence to also awaken within you your love for this planet again – to look with fresh eyes upon her beauty, to see the good in man rather than the bad, to connect to the animal realm and the wonders of nature. The Earth is a beautiful place and so are you.

Essential Oils in the Earth Spray are: Cinnamon, Bay, Myrtle, Ho Leaf

Crystals Within it as energy and used in its preparation are:

Kaurilite Sedona Stone, Hermatite and Quartz, Clear Quartz Cube, Red Tipped Amethyst

Useful for:

Travelling / settling in to new places and situations, Ley Line work, Visiting Sacred Sites, Feeling Safe, Connecting to Nature, any Lower body Muscular, Skeletal or Joint problems.

Compatible with: Archangel Sandalphon Bronze Earth Star Spray, Crimson Base Chakra Spray and Emerald Renewal and Regeneration Spray

Air Elemental Spray
untitled 9299

The gift of air - to soar and reach heightened states, to be able to see, hear, feel and sense all of life from a Birds Eye view, letting go of our human smallness in terms of perspective and accessing a clear perspective on life in the freedom that comes from being in air.

Helping also to aspire and dream big – to think in new ways and instigate new activities and behaviours that were before closed off to us – all with the motivation and direction of air behind us encouraging and steering us forward.

To live life fully and to breathe deeply this is the gift of air – to help us not become so entangled by what lies here on earth in day to day life – but to understand everything as part of a greater whole, including phases of life and different ages of being.

Helping with transitions – and cycles of life – just as the birds migrate when they know winter is coming to warmer lands – so to this Air essence helps us travail through each part of life – giving us just the right vibrational energy we need at any one time.

When air around us feels stale and enclosed this energy comes in to purify our space – both in our surroundings, our auric field and within ourselves.

For air sits within us – we breathe it in and exhale it in equal measure. Think of your lungs and the air within them – when was the last time you properly exhaled DEEPLY – allowing all old energy to leave, and likewise when did you last breathe in DEEPLY – taking in as much fresh air as you can?

This spray reminds you of the gift of the breath – the majesty of each one. Helpful to those practising Mindfulness meditation, to get in touch with their inner world through breath work and the air element.

Air essence encourages us to look up, to see the beauty above us – to look for the sunlight and starlight rather than the ground underneath our feet.

To stand straight to look ahead knowing that all is safe before you.

Essential Oils in the Air Spray are: Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, Yarrow, Frankincense and Cypress

Crystals within it as energy and used in its preparation:

Fluorite Octahedron, Blue Calcite, Angelite, Clear Quartz,

Useful for: Headaches, Asthma, Emphysema or any lung condition, Need for Clarity, Fresh Thinking, New perspective, Stress, Panic, Fresh Starts, Clearing physical space, Pollution and Toxins,

Other Archangel Metatron Healing Sprays that compliment Air include:

· Lime Heart Chakra Spray

· Flame Attunement & Connection Spray – Making Space for new energy

· Indigo – Light in the Dark – making Shadow work even more comfortable

Water Elemental Spray
untitled 9212

Allow these blessed holy waters to revive and purify you. Representing life force energy the Metatron Water Elemental spray is there to bring relief from all that is blocked or stagnant within you. To quench your souls thirst for flow in your life and to dive deep into life rather than sit on the shoreline and wait for the right moment.

There is never a right moment – only now – and now is perfect to bring alignment back to places within you that feel disturbed, troubled or stressed.

Working strongly with the emotional body this energy helps to maintain equilibrium and restore balance. Used regularly it can be a valuable helper in regulating emotions. If the need to cry and release tears is needed this can aid that process. If tears have come too often it can act to dry them and direct energy elsewhere to strengthen and fortify – or whatever is needed.

The Water Element also helps hormonal issues and problems – again seeking to bring emotions into flow and balance – not to be clogged up by feelings and thoughts that causes huge dams to break as emotion is released in an unhealthy way.

Connecting you into the water within your body – you are 70% Water – it responds to what you tell it. Any thought or feeling or statement you say to yourself is absorbed into it. Over time this leads to toxicity and disease if the words you say are always negative, self critical or abusive.

By spraying and tuning into the water that flows through you – you can reprogramme such thoughts easily and effortlessly – this spray helps that process be fast and you will sense the inner calm returning as you affirm to yourself – ‘All is well, I am happy, healthy and abundant’. Let the living life force within you – which is water hear that and use this spray to remind you to do that – a meditative aid and one that can be used anywhere, anytime that emotional balance needs healing and help.

The Dolphin energy within this spray also invites you to play, to enjoy life, to seek out new experiences, new people, new situations. Life is ever flowing and you are encouraged to learn, grow, enjoy and savour all that is available to you in every moment. This includes the little things too.

This spray is also infused with the energy of the Icosahedron – a Sacred Geometric Shape that links to your Sacral Chakra – and your Creativity, Sexuality and Fertile Growth through life. When drawn to this spray you are drawn to life itself - to reconnect with the force of life within you and outside your own front door.

Essential Oils in the Water Elemental spray are: Spearmint, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Lavender, Rosemary

Crystals within it as energy and used in its preparation:

Shiva Lingam - from the holy Narmada river in India

Eliat Stone - comes from southern Israeli city on the Red Sea, and has been mined since the time of King Solomon - a great balancer of emotions

Fossilised Sea Shell with Drusy Crystal

Blue Halite - Fantastic Cleanser


Icosahedron Amethyst

Useful for: Maintaining Emotional Balance, Depression, Pre Menstrual tension, Menopause, any block in life whether medical or not, Detoxification, Purification, Urinary infections, Kidney problems, Sacral area issues, communication problems eg writers block, feeling stuck, throat and sinus infections

Other Archangel Metatron Healing Sprays that compliment Water are:

· Bluebell Bridge – For Loss & Grief

· Emerald – For Renewal & Recovery – many use this as a detox

· Teal – Alta Major – for Connection to Spirit. The Alta Major sometimes referred to as Well of Dreams it has a Watery Neptunian influence

Fire Elemental Sprays
untitled 9306

There are two variations of the Fire Dragon - a Gold and Orange Flame version - a Red one may also be added - all three representing the fire energy. This Fire Elemental spray captures the energy of one of Metatrons Power Animal helpers - the Fire Dragon. Here lies an energy that is afraid of nothing, can both soar into the sky and ensure the path ahead is clear as well as be earthbound to guard, strengthen and fight any negativity around you at ground level too.

A powerful transformer of energy – that which is stale shall be renewed – that which is weak shall be strengthened – that which is lacking direction given motivation and much more.

Use this energy when you need results – you need advancement and courage to see through that which you have started or to initiate something new. You are not alone with the Fire Dragon beside you – he helps you tap into your own masculine active doing energy – your own reserves of power – that which lies dormant within you but which is there to serve you whenever you need it. It puts you in the mind set of the Firewalker, the intrepid explorer or the one that simply seeks new experience, activity and a fresh burst of life. Use it when there is a new start in life or when you just seek change.

Fire energy will purify you, burning away that which no longer serves you or anything that is detrimental to your wellbeing. Maybe you are over sensitive to others energy and pick up too much to your own detriment – the flames of this dragon will gently cleanse away all that is not yours – so you can concentrate on your core strength and inner flame.

Focussing on your core then gives you drive to connect to your passion, what it is that you want out of life and the all that you can be. Here lies an energy that sees your greatness not your human smallness.

It takes heat energy to where it is needed – old bones, sore joints, cold areas of the body…so to it seeks out aspects that are frozen within you – that need its warmth to open up. This may include sociability, search for relationship, friendship and any other aspect that requires fire underneath it to awaken once more.

Metatrons Fire energy is holy – it seeks not to damage but to transform – to clear away the old to prepare new ground for something better. This fire is not dangerous – it is sacred and blessed to do the job it needs to do and nothing else. It is intelligent – able to guide itself to where it is needed most – if you are connecting into it now it has called and is seeking once again to light your own inner flames of joy, purpose, strength and motivation. Your Fire Dragon is here all is well.

Essential Oils in the Fire Spray are: Mandarin, Ginger, Black Pepper Amarilys Sandalwood

Crystals within its energy and used in its preparation: Copal, Fire Agate, Red Jasper Dragon, Carnelian Heart

Useful for: Purification, Manifestation, Kick Starts, Physical energy, Protection, Ambition, Direction, ‘Burning away’ viruses / colds etc, Rheumatism, other Muscular and Skeletal issues.

Fire is compatible with the following Metatron sprays as suggestions:

· Aquamarine – Throat Chakra – To Speak your truth with courage

· Fuchsia – Solar Plexus Spray

· Lemon Joy

· Plum – Sacral – Creative expression

Cosmos Elemental Spray
untitled 9304

Be all that you came here to be….you are so much more than you realise, and not just the world is available to you but the wider universe from which everything is created. By working with this Elemental spray which makes up the mysterious fifth element you dive into fifth dimensional consciousness – able to be master of your own world, creator of all you see and do, and allowing universal law, energy and love to run through you.

No longer are you confined to just a pure physical body – you are unchained from confines that keep you small and you reach up, expand and bring down all the many gifts and blessings from this loving universe that is here to help not hinder you.

You are of the stars – and of the earth – your Galactic links to other Star Systems, Galaxies and planets is honoured by this energy. Maybe there is a Galactic being here waiting to meet you bought here for you by Metatron whose energy spans the entire universe. Here time, space and dimensions merge and you can be anything, tap into anything – all under the care, support and safety of Archangel Metatron.

The violet light within this spray purifying and balancing all aspects of your being – so you can find stillness, connection, and the presence of your eternal soul.

Hear and listen to the whisperings of your soul – what does it say, what does it yearn for?

Here is an aid to help bring in new creative forces, the magic of the universe and all encompassing light from which everything is made.

Filling your light body with light – you remember who you really are – a being of light so bright that no one can dim or tarnish you.

You are light – you are the creator – you are living consciousness made manifest.

What do you need now – ask and it shall be given….

Awaken the mystery of life, the jewels that lie waiting to be claimed – and breathe in the stuff of life itself….suspend this reality and step into a new dimension…

Essential Oils in the Cosmos spray are:

Ylang Ylang, Gardenia, Patchouli & Purple Pansy Flower Tincture

Crystals within it as energy and used in its preparation:

Rose Quartz with Flower of Life in Gold, Moldavite, Brookite, Astaraline, Epidote and Prehnite, Sauralite Azeztulite. Sauralite Azeztulite emenates Prana filling the cells with Vitality as well as heavenly light. It integrates the physical body with the Body of Light.

Other Archangel Metatron Sprays that compliment Cosmos Spray include:

· Lilac Light – Guidance & Insight

· Magenta Divine Love

· Sapphire - Peace

Spiritual Protection Spray

Spiritual Protection Spray

"Feel safe and at peace as I am with you.
Feel empowered and supported because I am around you.
Feel ready to face whatever is in front of you, knowing that I have your back and all is well.
Within my protective care no harm can befall you, and no darkness can invade your body, mind or energy field.
My force is stronger than all others, I am fearful of no one or anything - I am the ruler of the Sacred Circle of Light and Dark, Duality and Balance and will always ensure the highest outcome for any eventuality, situation or relationship.
My sword is there to protect, not harm, it is a warning to any that seek to lower you, destroy you or diminish you in any way. A deterrent that doesn’t need to be used as its power goes before it - as it does for you shielding you and being your guide also when you venture or stumble into lower vibrational territory.
Know too that such territory also includes your own mind – lower-self thoughts that attempt to derail you from your mission and purpose here, and seek to destabilise you.
By maintaining a healthy light filled aura you are able to rise above such energy and stay more with your higher self – which is what I always steer you to be in alignment with.
Like attracts like and energy attracts energy – my protective duty of care for you is ongoing – through day and night, year after year – I am always there, but you have to invoke me -you have free will.
I watch over this planet and I watch over you.
I watch over the elements here on earth, the waves of the sea, the ground upon which you walk. I am within the stars and the sun, the light and the love. I have many angels working with me to help - you are truly never alone and you are safe, and always will be. All is well."

This spray contains the Silver light of strength, purification and truth together with the violet energy of transmutation and also forgiveness for those that wrong us.
Like an early warning system this spray flashes up any incoming negative energy that is alien or negative to you and repels it back to sender with love. This way, those that seek to harm learn the consequences of wrong doing and weaken - whilst you strengthen from never having been affected in the first place.

Used regularly this spray builds up a wonderful protective field around you. It blocks and filters away that which is not needed and only allows in energy that is loving and light filled.

Suggested Uses:
Daily at the start of a day and before bed. Spray around whole aura including back and Alta Major Point (small hollow at back of neck). Breathe in the scent and ask for protection and easy flow of positive light into your being and aura.

This spray acts in the AURA. It is a preventative system of maintenance and care.

Essential oils chosen include:

Hyssop: referenced 12 times in the bible alone for cleansing rites. Used widely through the centuries for purifying homes and used by many priests and holy men to cleanse away bad spirits, bad luck, and threatened illness. It was even used in the middle ages to ward off lice!

Angelica: According to legend the plant was revealed to a monk by an angel as an antidote to the bubonic plague. It is said to help protect from Poisons, Epidemics and Infections. It is also said to bloom on the day of St Michael and as such protects against witch craft and evil spirits.

Juniper: Used until the 1950's in France where Juniper twigs were burnt in hospitals to cleanse the atmosphere.

Pine Needle: Cleansing and restorative.

Bay Leaf: The Romans believed it symbolised wisdom, peace and protection.

Crystals include Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Black Kyanite, Eilat Stone ...

Recommended to be used with the Jade Higher Heart spray which offers INTERNAL PROTECTION via immune system and strengthening physical body these two offer a complete package of self care.

Olive – Hope Spray
untitled 9192

Hope- the greatest gift that can be given….to hope for better times, better circumstances, a better world, and renewed life that can be offered by this deep Olive ray.

Olive as a colour linked to this hope filled energy is a soothing balm to tired souls, to dispirited aspects of our self that can feel like giving up when the going gets too tough. It represents planting seeds and to know that those seeds will be nourished and grow, for a fruitful tomorrow.

To never give up hope, to keep striving on, to believe when all around may be falling away.

No one can ever take hope away – it lives and breathes within you – even during times when all seems lost – Hope still persists. Hope can help usher in a new way, a new beginning – but this is not false hope Archangel Metatron tells us. No, this is hope built on solid foundations of truth and the unquenchable thirst of the human spirit and divine combined.

The Golden Ankh energy that sits too within this healing spray offers us a key to unlock our own reservoirs of positivity, strength and endurance. The Ankh is a powerful symbol that subconsciously links us back to a state where we knew how to live peacefully, in fellowship and compassion during ancient golden ages. It is time to turn the key within ourselves and remember....

It also unlocks golden wisdom from great ancient civilisations that we carry within our DNA just needing a trigger to recall.

As we seek to bring about a new Golden Age upon Earth we need to remember and we need to have Hope that we can prevail. We need to be the best version of ourselves to create the best version of the world to pass on to future generations. That is the thing about Olive – it is planted and enjoyed by generations to come...

The Olive of this spray also connects to the Divine Feminine energy that is here to help restore balance to ourselves and the world. It is through this energy that the new way will be birthed - pain free this time - without all that has held us back so far.

Maybe you too need to connect to your divine feminine essence (whether Male or Female) – to nurture and care for yourself and the earth through acts of love, compassion and generosity. What you reap you shall sow...

This spray contains Geranium which Valerie Ann Woodward (The Fragrant Heavens) links to Mother Earth and the Archetypal Goddess energy of feminine birth and rebirth. She also says "When the spirit is hidden, like a frightened child within, Geranium offers its warm hand of comfort, opening our hearts and memories and healing the pain".

Benzoin also features in this spray – the only other time it appears in a Metatron spray is for the Rainbow Bridge Spray – offering a bridge between two worlds Earth and Heaven. Here Benzoin offers a different path – from struggle, despair or confusion to freedom, happier times and clarity – all via the bridge that Hope offers.

Again from 'Fragrant Heavens' the following is said of Benzoin:
"It can assist in the choices that must be made by the heart, and be the softness needed when all contact with the self is lost, helping guide us home to that place within, the inner sanctum of the soul" – where I will add Hope remains...

Hope is here - it is blown in on urgent wings by Archangel Metatron to help, heal and support us all through these times.

Hope will not whither it will grow stronger just as the Olive tree itself does year after year.

Each time you turn to this Hope energy you gain back who you really are.

Essential oils chosen include:

Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Orange, Clary Sage, Benzoin

Crystals Used in its Energy:

Green Amethyst, Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Peridot, Fluorapatite, Brazilianite

Hope – Suggested Uses – Anytime it’s needed!

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

You come down from pure spirit to live an earthly life…to be spirit made man
And you live an earthly life with the intention of doing so with spiritual intent
This is Mastery – understanding the connection between As Above So Below, From Whence you came to where you go and ultimately will return
The dance between Spirit and Matter, God and Man, Earth and Heaven – all are one, all are part of each other and you are given right now an opportunity to walk the Tree of Life in the manner of your choosing.

Where do you feel you are upon the tree?
Floating high with Birds eye view at Kether with Archangel Metatron or Standing firm grounded at Malkuth with Archangel Sandalphon. The tree is both its’ furthest tip and its deepest root, its greenest leaf and its dried up fruit.
You are called to learn all you can about the Tree – the journey down from crawling infant to pathway back at wise old age. To heightened spiritual connection and material everyday concerns – the duality at play balancing and serving each other.
Some of you may depart the tree early – but none fall from its branches – its Seriptoth catching you wherever you are upon it and with grace placing you back in Gods embrace.
The tree has within it 10 Archangels, Holy Spirit, Male and Female, Planetary energies, Elements, Challenges, Blessings and much more.
You may walk its branches anyway you wish - you may pause a while upon its Seriptoth - there are 11 - Archangel Metatrons number - experiencing and integrating all you can there from each place of learning, looking at:
The Still Point, Wisdom, Understanding, Mercy, Severity, Beauty, Victory, Glory, Intuition, The Material World, & The Void…

Where do you choose to be upon it?
Are you stuck, or moving fluidly?
Sometimes consciousness may shake the tree itself and you find yourself upon a different place faced with a new view, a new perspective, a new aspect to look at, work on or embody. Yet you are always where you are meant to be – as you created your pathway to it. If it troubles you seek a new pathway – see where that leads. There are no dead ends – just endless possibilities – experiences to have, people to meet, different aspects of consciousness to meet.
The tree is wide and tall its might can only be contained and held by the presence of the powerful Archangel Metatron ad Sandalphon who both grow it and ground it.
The tree contains all the wisdom, all the learning and all the energy from all lifetimes it has existed through – which is all of eternity…
We cannot see where the tree ends or begins – just as we cannot always see where we begin and where we will end – yet within the Tree of Life we have all we need.

Rest, Shelter, Nourishment, Safety, Structure and a Divine plan - indeed a blueprint of creation and evolution that is alive and vital and welcoming. Your journey here adds to the Trees heritage and history – your connection to it aids the divine on understanding what it is to be human and for you to experience what it is to be divine.
A Master Plan, from a Master Creator – held by two Master Archangels – Metatron and Sandalphon for YOU to gain Mastery….so let us continue…the path of enlightenment you seek…

Uses: Teaching Aid, When Stuck, Unsure of Where to go or next step to take, Deep Meditation Space, Connection to Your Soul and Spirit, Expansion of Self Understanding, Seeking a Higher Understanding of a Life Situation, Connection to any of the Archangels upon its Branches …..Archangels Metatron, Tzaphkiel, Raziel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Haniel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Sandalphon and Holy Spirit

Essential Oils: Hyacinth, Violet Leaf, Sweet Orange, Jasmin

Crystals: 144 energised crystals from Aura Beads Kaballah necklace & Lapis Lazuli

Archangel Michael Safety & Communication
Healing & Connection Spray
Archangel Michael

I am here to keep you safe and to help you know that you are protected always. Whatever you face in life know that I am always here, always with you and right beside you too.

To be truly safe in this conflicted world enables you to stretch your wings and fly. I have all bases covered, all angles taken care of – I am watching your back, and I am watching from above – sense my Sparkling Sapphire Star above you lighting the way and casting its blue ray before you too. The Star is lit through day and night, through storm and stillness, and the path upon which you walk with me is paved with this blue light – each step cleared and ready for your feet to pass upon.

I am your ally, your friend – yet your Teacher too – I seek not to do it always for you but to instruct you to find that deep well of safe support within yourself – for you are divine and have all within you that you could ever need.

I shall show you that you ARE safe and to learn to trust and have faith – to expect and anticipate only safety and then that shall become your norm.

Lean into your own support system, the people and structures in your life that offer nourishment and see me reflected back in them too. If none exist ask me to bring to you those that can offer such support and safety net, and I shall gladly do so – be that in family matters, finance, business or any other area needing more strength.

I am within the walls of your home keeping you dry and warm, I am in or around the car or plane as you travel, I am there for the big and small things and am around your amazing Earth too.

For many on your planet need to learn many truths and to aspire to a higher standard of living and being for all.

Let me help you to inspire others with your clarity which can be crystal clear …

Be the peaceful voice in a crowd of anger

Be the resolute warrior in a group of lost souls

Be the speaker of truths to those who are ready to hear

Be the ears prepared to listen to those less fortunate

Be the mouthpiece for those that cannot talk for themselves including young children and animals, those with Dementia or who are otherwise rendered speechless

Be the safe place in the storm for others to shelter with

Be the quiet still voice when around you others give their misguided advice

Be my ambassador here on Earth

Be my voice piece

For I wish to work through and connect with you and many

For I see you, I hear you, I listen to you

I am Archangel Michael and all is well

Essential Oils: German Chamomile, Cinnamon, Yarrow, Hyacinth

Crystals: Troelite, Kyanite, Turquoise, Amazonite Angel

Archangel Jophiel - Beauty & Wisdom
Healing & Connection Spray
Archangel Jophiel - Beauty & Wisdom

The Sun will always rise in the morning – and with it my illuminating energy is with you for the day ahead

I am here to help you see that each new day is worth living, worth exploring, worth being present for

To see that whatever you are going through, however troubled or sad you feel that my yellow rays of light can uplift and inspire you even in the darkest hours

I am here to teach you that life is beautiful, that there is treasure in each moment, each person and each situation if you only dig deep enough

I ask you to smile even when you don’t feel like smiling

To laugh even when life is difficult, to see humour and light in life, not be drowned instead by difficulty and challenge

My light illuminates you and your path – I carry a beacon that never dims and can be held by you whenever you need my help

I both awaken and keep lit your own inner light also – I tend it when you do not, I strengthen it when needed, and I encourage you to take your own light and shine it brightly in this world for all.

I help open your eyes to all that is beautiful and can feed your soul

I help you notice the small things and the big things – the gestures, colours, aspects of nature and yourself and others that radiate goodness and love

As you walk upon your spiritual path know that I am ever present and beside you helping you see with clarity, enabling decision making and helping you judge what is beneficial or not.

I work particularly upon your Solar Plexus Chakra filling you with confidence and wisdom and you Third Eye to see clearly not clouded by fear or illusion.

Those who wish to learn – call upon me to help your mind open to universal truths and reasoning – to fine tune the mind so that it works in union with the heart (not separate from it) and to lessen misunderstanding and confusion.

I am Jophiel and my light is the light of God, I shine that upon you today and bring sunshine and radiance to you. I am here and all is well….

Uses: Anytime a Pick Me up is needed, Feeling Down, Studying and Learning, Needing Clarity and Insight

Essential Oils: Melissa, Cedarwood, Neroli

Crystals: Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Optical Calcite, Siberian Gold Quartz

Archangel Raphael - Balance & Harmony
Healing & Connection Spray
Archangel Raphael - Balance & Harmony

Feel my cooling embrace that removes your fear and lets you know that help is here. My healing touch is available to all and is there any time of day or night that I am called. I will sit and watch you sleep and be there through daylight hours when times are tough. My green ray brings balance and harmony to body, mind and soul, I am Spiritual Physician that you need no appointment to see – I am always here for you or those you care for, or are concerned about.

In matters of ill health I will prompt you to seek treatment, I will be there at diagnosis, I will be there during treatment, I will be there during recovery

I am there for the small things and the big things – the little colds and the life threatening diseases, for the mental battles and the physical ones.

I offer my support and help and healing to young and old, rich and poor – all are equal in my eyes, all deserve my green ray to bring healing when you need it.

I offer not a guarantee of perfect health for sometimes illness teaches the soul much – but I support and strengthen you through any journey where healing is required – whether it is a long path ahead or a short period of imbalance.

I am there in the Counsellors chair, the Surgeons knife, the Healers Hands, the Doctors waiting room. I work through many and I work through you if you let me.

I teach you to heal yourself – to think positive thoughts, to visualise yourself well, to be resilient yet also able to surrender when rest is needed – to learn to listen to your own body and what it says, to note your own mind and where it is taking you, to follow your heart and trust your hunches, instinct and feelings regard to your own self care package.

If you need more exercise I will prompt you, If you need to eat healthier I will steer you, If you need to work less and play more I am there too.

I act as Life Coach helping to prevent illness and imbalance as much as correct it when something is wrong.

I am with you from cradle to grave – I have a full encyclopaedia of wisdom and knowledge on anything that troubles you – I see also the causes of disease – the behaviours, addictions and choices that may have played a part in any problem also.

I am to bring balance and harmony – to pick up shattered pieces and put them back together again , to unite all aspects of yourself, to encourage and hold you, comfort and be there for you.

I am Archangel Raphael and all is well….

Uses: Anytime Healing is required. Compatible with all energy healing systems, and for self healing too.

Essential Oils: Lemon Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Pine Needle

Crystals: Green Galcite, Amazonite, Green Aventurine, Howlite

Archangel Chamuel - Love & Beauty
Healing & Connection Spray
Archangel Chamuel - Love & Beauty

Here is Chamuel and here is Love – the love that holds the answers to all. The love that can stop you in your tracks, commands you to yield into its soft yet strong embrace and wraps you in its energy of perfect peace, stillness and support.

This is love at its most powerful – its most urgent, its most felt – none can ignore this call back to love – for it is your natural state – from where you came, who you are in essence and to which you return.

Chamuel teaches we have all forgotten the true might of love when it is most pure – untainted by greed, sacrifice, judgement or demand. We play out conditional love in our relationships here on earth seeing the imperfect in another and judging it. Yet True unconditional love is within us all and in the one we judge so harshly – if we could only focus on that and see that seed grow – we would cancel out the growth of negativity , blame and disharmony – for energy goes where it is directed. If you direct it into pure love – you receive pure love – if you direct it into blame you receive more to judge. Unconditional love is however within all things, within this great universe that was made from its divine sparks of radiance and perfect love.

This love that Chamuel offers is a balm to all who are troubled, anxious or lost.

It is the way shower that reminds us that all is well – all makes sense – that nothing is lost, and everything is to be gained by just surrendering into loves embrace.

To re-experience it means you can embody it more – return it and live it.

To those that wrong you, those that fight you, those that misunderstand you. Your greatest weapon is not force or retribution but love, love, love….

This love steadies the heart, nourishes the soul, cares for your physical body – tends to its wounds and battle scars – and heals all…

Nothing is stronger than this love it shows compassion where it is needed, strength when times are tough, comfort to all who seek it. It is not weak but the greatest force in this universe.

It holds within it the restoration of the Divine Feminine energy to come in and balance out the Divine Masculine energy too. Each of us needs to become acquainted with both aspects of ourselves. The Divine Mother, The Goddess Archetype, The Fertile Feminine Earth and the All Loving, non judging, Active, Alive Divine Male. Chamuel knows that she can not operate in a world of just feminine light – but needs the male counterpart too – hence her role in awakening all apsects to bring about balanced divine love here on Earth.

I Chamuel am here I offer the greatest gift of this love and serve you to bring it into your everyday lives, your surroundings and into your own heart. You may be unaccustomed to it, need to get to know it – but I will steer you, remind you and whisper to you of the need for love to restore and replenish all …I am here and all is well….

Uses: Anytime Love is needed!

Essential Oils: Linden Blossom *Lavender, Jasmine, Rose Otto, Rose Geranium, Cinnamon

Crystals: Rose Opal, Mango Calcite, Rose Quartz, Spirit Quartz

Archangel Gabriel - Soul Calling & Guidance
Healing & Connection Spray
Archangel Gabriel - Soul Calling & Guidance

A return to innocence – a return to a purified state and knowing - and a link back to your true divine state of being.

You came into this life knowing your mission, knowing who you were – a divine child of God – your soul still remembers that even though your mind forgets as you grow and age here on Earth.

So, I Archangel Gabriel guard your soul journey, I protect your soul as Michael and Raphael protect and heal your physical self. I am aware of the important dates, events, people and situations that your soul has called out to experience in this life…

You easily forget …as once here in earthly life it is easy to get distracted or lost upon lives path.

It is my job to remind you – to bring you back to the initial state of readiness that you came in with and to call to you when needed of why you are here, what you are made of, and how God can work through you in this life. For each of you has a purpose and calling – a reason why you came, a job to do, something to be….

My messages come via many ways – through the soft breeze and the raging storm – some of you may hear me, see me or feel my presence but I am with all of you when you need me most.

When needing guidance, when troubled at soul level, when you don’t understand the signs upon your path or the route you are going down…..I will whisper and inform, I will prompt and cajole, I will warn and help you prepare….

I will also help bring about meetings that are important, create space and the right conditions for relationships to form.

I listen to your soul and I know you well. I am with you through all stages of your souls development here on earth. I knew you before incarnation and we will journey on long after this journey ends. I help you draw up what your soul needs for growth in this life before you are born, and I help your soul recognise the signs when it is time to come back home.

I act as intermediary – I can help send your prayers to God and your messages to another. I link up soul groups, soul mates and all those who you are meant to connect with.

I have your souls best interests at heart for it is precious and so are you. I help you feel your own unique identity – your soul essence and to understand its nature too. I encourage reunion with soul brothers and sisters both here upon this earth and at Cosmic and Galactic level that can help you too.

You are never alone – but your soul can become under nourished – I will prompt you to look after it, honour it, give it what it needs whether that be quiet time, learning and further spiritual study (for the soul is hungry for wisdom) or just through listening to its gentle voice.

I see you, I hear you, I honour you – call on me when you need my help and I will be there.

Essential Oils: White Camphor, Clary Sage, Fennel, Grapefruit

Crystals: White Argonite, Moonstone

Uses: When unsure of decisions to be made, when needing a message from the other side, when wanting closure and new beginnings.

"No Timidity surrounds Camphor, a fragrance of the Warrior Angel. For Freedom of the spirit and enlightenment Camphor protects the Soul. Camphor brings purification and cleansing and has done so for aeons. For longer than we can imagine the Camphor tree has been guarding the passages of life, a spiritual protector and guardian of rebirth."
(Valerie Ann Worwood)

Archangel Zadkiel
Healing & Connection Spray
Archangel Zadkiel

What binds you to pain? What binds you to the past? What keeps you trapped within a prison of your own making, where light struggles to get through, your soul feels under nourished and your inner light and inner voice are dimmed?

Are you not tired of this way – of holding on to wrong doing, misjustice, hurt, envy and pride?

There is another way and it sits within my purple / violet ray of transmutation..

Anything can be released, anything can be let go, anything can be lightened – but you have to be ready, have to be prepared to put down old scores, old thought forms, old patterns and begin anew?

Can you do this? If so I can help you. My violet ray holds within it the answers you seek - the doorway to a new world, the key to your own inner prison.

Spray my fine purple rain and let it shower down over you – let it absorb all negativity, toxic energy and transmute that at a deep and lasting level…

Feel the beauty of release, the peace that comes from surrender and the path that leads to restoration and hope.

Can you forgive those that have harmed you or those you love, or indeed the wider world?

We blame those in our own inner circle and those in the wider consciousness where we can place all our resentment, anger and frustration on to.

Yet forgiveness releases you from this pain – it sets YOU free and is the panacea for all that you keep within, locked up and chained not wanting to see or feel your own shadow aspects

Allow my energy to purify you and through purification to gift you the space, time and place to begin the process of forgiveness. We understand this is not always an instant process but linking in to me and my energy enables you to walk that new path with forgiveness in your heart.

The first step to practising and holding forgiveness is to take that first step ….let me help you to see all of life from a higher perspective too – making sense of any situation or aspect that you can’t understand and can’t heal.

I Archangel Zadkiel am here and all is well….

Essential Oils: Lavender, Jasmine, Linden Blossom, Myrtle, Neroli, Palma Rosa

Crystals: Amethyst Chevron Angel , Charoite, Amethyst Cluster

Uses: For Purification, Forgiveness, Violet Flame energy and Seeking Transmutation of old / toxic energy

Lavender one of the key ingredients (and the obvious choice for Zadkiel) has many wonderful soothing properties – ‘The Fragrant Heavens’ describes it spiritually as: “Cherishing and nurturing, and very active in the auric field closest to the body, incorporating heavenly energies into the physical with great efficiency…..and for those with worries Lavender blows it asunder. The mother of essential oils will not tolerate bitterness, malice or jealousy, but with compassion seeks to bring out the best in us all’

Archangel Uriel - Loving Service & Light
Healing & Connection Spray
Archangel Uriel - Loving Service & Light

In whichever area of life you feel that you lack peace Archangel Uriel can help you to win the battle and bring about completion of all struggles, behaviours and ills. He will work tirelessly to help you find the peace you seek and he does this also so that you can then spread that peace to others flowing out to the world. He is an Ambassador of Peace and asks you to be that too.

Closely linked to all Light workers Uriel helps you to find peace so you can shine your light brightly – to be of spiritual service in any way that is true for you. He is your ally that helps you see clearly the path ahead and what needs to be done minute by minute, hour by hour…

To be of service requires dedication, commitment and an assurance that all is safe as you take the steps before you. Archangel Uriel will walk before you, clearing the path, removing any threat and is with you as a fierce and loyal ally who teaches you too to be a warrior of peace and light.

When a direct approach is needed, when short cuts are not required – but a thorough fast response is needed Uriel will be there. His speed and energy is said to be like lightening – knowing exactly what is needed and when. Never afraid to tackle the ‘big stuff’ – Uriel can be called in during times of disaster, conflict, hardship and toil – he is fearless and like your own ‘Super Man’ energy ready to fight for you to bring about best outcome for all concerned.

A very active male energy Uriels power lies in his sheer strength. Although diplomatic he can also be blunt – helping you say what needs to be said and also acting in legal situations on your behalf.

His wisdom and intelligence can be linked in to at any time you need them - he can inspire, and impress you with ideas that come from nowhere….

He does all this to help keep you on your spiritual path – not be distracted or lost upon it. He acts with 100% devotion to God / Source and will remind you that devotion to cause, family, relationship, business is essential to bring about success.

He also helps you to understand the flow of give and receive in all aspects of life - Money, Love, Work etc

Uriel is a hardworking angelic energy - here to serve you and smooth your path.

Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cinnamon

Crystals: Carnelian Angel, Tiger Iron, Ametrine

Uses: When seeking Direction, Motivation, When needing insight upon the Spiritual Path, When lacking Trust and faith, When angry and Frustrated and Needing to find Inner Peace. When in need of a spiritual ally.

Helps calm energy during Natural Disasters (can be sent at distance)



Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine Aura Spray

untitled 9197

"I Mary stood at the sea shore with my feet in warm sand and water lapping at my feet and I remain there still today on the coast lines of all countries all continents and all people. I have watched tides come in and tides go out…stormy seas and calm waters ….waiting for your arrival in a boat of golden light…for I have long searched for you, called to you and offered my love.

You are ready to embrace me, feel me, know me as I am ready to embrace, feel and know you….

My energy calling out like a beacon in these times to help heal and open hearts, bring forth your own innate feminine qualities and offer solace and nurturing for all that need it. Whether Male or Female, Young or Old, Any Faith or No Faith – the barriers are long gone – I truly never existed within them…..my love is simply for humanity of any colour or creed.

I see your scars, I see where you are depleted – I hear the cries of your soul and witness the tears in your eyes…

I see your light and your beauty and will help you see that too…to cherish yourself – to love and nurture yourself …for isn’t it time?

I understand what it is to be shunned, to be misunderstood, to be judged and to be scorned….but I offer you my hand for I transcended all that long ago and you can too..

I healed it with love and love again….

Through a softening and opening of your heart space I can enter – my energy can warm you and comfort you and all through the force of love - the most powerful energy known to this world.

My love is not to be hidden – and I show you how to express your love too…..from romantic gestures, passionate moments to the soft stillness of two beings holding hands in silence with no words needing to be spoken…

I am there to help you through all stages of love as well as the letting go of it either through passage of time, sudden event or slow process of release…

I knew what it was to be loved, to be cherished, to be honoured as a woman in my own divine feminine power and I am here to show this is available to all who seek me….

I honour all adult consensual sexuality that has love at its core – and also offer my hand of friendship to any who have been tarnished with sin or accusation thereof – for love heals all, forgives all, conquers all….

My Divine Feminine Light is here now for everyone – for you and for your childrens children….for I love the little ones and all who parent, support or guide these special souls too.

I am Mary and I stand before you now – come out of the boat where you have been adrift and let me dry your weary feet…

Love is here – and love will stay ……"

Mary Magdalene – Channelled through Amanda Ellis 31st January 2018 – Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Essential Oils: Tuberose, Patchouli, Benzoin, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite, Green Beryl, Amethyst Icosahedron Rare Phantom quartz and a Tantric Twin quartz (combined) with three additional crystals within it - Strawberry Quartz, Lepidocrocite and Orange Iron.

Suggested Uses:Strengthening your own Feminine Side, Relationship Difficulties, Intimacy Issues, Twin Flame Partnerships, Useful for Burn Out – or when Depleted or Feeling Broken, also After any Significant Shock or Set Back

Mary Magdalene Teaching & Anointing Spray

untitled 9213 2

"I Mary carried an urn to anoint and bless others many years ago – oils and herbs of nobility and high office such as Jasmine, Cinnamon and Spikenard – to recognise divinity in those whose head or feet it touched.

Today this gift is available to all – my fine mist of oil, blessed water and crystal essence here to welcome you back to your sovereign state of being that always belonged to you. Allow its energy to integrate into your multi dimensional self and all that you are.

You have never been separate from that divinity – that has been an illusion passed down over many centuries and an old story that now needs to be torn up…

Just as my words and scripts were burnt and nearly destroyed so to were you by following in many past lives a path of being lost from your own highest truest self…

But today via this ascension process of New Earth you rightly claim back your power, majesty and divine birth right. Remembering that you are a Master Co-Creator – that you are one with all universal truths and Ascended Beings of light…

My teaching and guidance is here to assist you with this process and to correct the wrongs, misunderstandings and imbalances that have seen so many follow ego over their own heart.

To be anointed and connected to me brings back to yourself much wisdom that I have kept for you till a time when you were ready with ears to hear and voices to proclaim…

Yet this is not a movement that gathers momentum whilst alienating others – rather my energy creates community, kinship, unity, family and a shared goal that is always about taking the best of the past but welcoming the new…

My words and what I may ask you to do, teach, heal or just simply BE are within your grasp – for you and I have already walked many paths together – often during our times as Essenes…..

There we helped each other, grew together, stood tall together and we will do so again – we will bring back the divine feminine energy into a world that is starved of that love and I will show you how, where and when to do that – during the big and small moments of life.

You do not do so alone – many are being called – and many are answering that call….just as you did many thousands of years ago..

But this is the New Age – the New Dawn – the new beginning for all – leaders, inspirers, writers, healers, parents, poets, artists, musicians are called to bring my energy to life – for I am alive – I am here and I wish to serve just as I have done before and for you to do so also.

To fully understand what it is to serve the divine without ego, competition or greed but for the good of everyone – including all, excluding none…

My arms are wide open, my heart expanded and bursting with pride – kneel down as I do before you now and let me anoint and connect with you – a sacred moment of the combined divinity of us both held in love, respect and service to the highest light.

I am Mary – together we rise and together we will NEVER fall…."

Mary Magdalene – Channelled through Amanda Ellis 31st January Lunar Eclipse in Leo


This is a blend containing 33 drops of oils - including Orange that you will see as separate drops at its neck.

Essential Oils: Tuberose, Spikenard, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Patchouli, Benzoin, Cardamom, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite, Green Beryl, Amethyst Icosahedron Rare Phantom quartz and a Tantric Twin quartz (combined) with three additional crystals within it - Strawberry Quartz, Lepidocrocite and Orange Iron.

Uses: For Teaching, Connection, Accessing Wisdom and Insight, Anointing and Attunement to Marys energy and lineage - connects you also back to Essene Lifetimes (if applicable) and Ancient Knowledge

Archangel Metatron Sweet Dreams
Childrens SpraySweet Dreams group

Let me Archangel Metatron guard you through the nighttime hours just as I do the daytime ones ....my care for you is 24/7 - 365 days of each year, for every decade of your life - from babyhood to old age. In truth more angels sent by me watch over you as you sleep at night, as we know darkness has always been something that troubles some - but which in truth there is nothing to be afraid of ever. Still we keep guard over you allowing your body, mind and soul to rest and be welcomed into sleeps warm embrace that nourishes, replenishes and helps you recharge each night.

For night time is special - its dark skies herald the arrival of the silver stars and magical moon in all its stages from Waxing to Waning, to Full to New to Eclipse too...the wise loving man on the moon is true if you believe him to be so....

Let moonlight guide you just as the suns brilliance does during the day...the white moon having the power to reflect and amplify that which you give attention to....and so make sure your last thoughts at night are positive affirmations and loving intentions for yourself and the day to come. Ensure that you give gratitude for all in your life that is good, and set an intention to love yourself a little more tomorrow with gentleness and grace.

With my help allow your mind to soften and relax, for the night time shadows to fade and be replaced by angelic friends beside you so you can rest and settle down to sleep and the world of pleasant dreams. Give any cares or worries to me and allow my wings to enfold you keeping you warm, comforted and supported....you will feel my love.

In my care and guardianship no night time terrors or nightmares may piere through the veil - instead sweet dreams that help balance and heal you and that bring you peace..

Become too like the owl who relishes the dark - this is his time - when he can soar, see through the night sky to that which is beyond - to horizons far and wide - and so to the night offers your soul the chance to fly free and connect to loved ones who cradle and look after you both sides of the veil too..

No intrusion shall be allowed under Archangel Metatrons watchful gaze - instead safe passage through the night till the morning rays appear and a new day arrives to greet you...and I will be there as you awake just as I am there as you fall asleep... Rest now little one.....all is well.....Sweet Dreams.


This is a blend containing 33 drops of oils - including Orange that you will see as separate drops at its neck.

Essential Oils:Lavender, Rhoman Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Linden Blossom, Vetiver

Crystal Base:Hypersthene 'The Stone of Rest', Green Opal 'The Stone of Tranquility' Moonstone, Spirit Quartz

Hypersthene - channelled through Katie Jacqueline in 2008 is said to be 'A stone that helps induce states of deep relaxation, eases insomnia and can act as a guide during the understanding and curbing of nightmares. Hypersthene can also help the being to find the root cause of ‘sleep walking’, then working toward it being lowered or even stopped.

Also, Hypersthene can help bring calm and stability during times of stress, pressure and tension. It is a stone that works to ease feelings of being overwhelmed, quietening the mind and soothing the soul.

Hypersthene brings grounding and connection. A stone that helps to lift away feelings of loneliness, emptiness and loss. Alongside this, Hypersthene will become a guide and support to the being living with PTSD and C-PTSD.

This stone awakens courage and confidence, whilst teaching the importance of self-belief and self-worth. Hypersthene is the perfect support for the being that has been bullied or abused, helping with healing and inner-strength.

Alongside this, Hypersthene can help to ease the effects of hypersensitivity, anxiety, stammers, tics and tremors, as well as Tourette’s syndrome.

Hypersthene calms over-stimulated energy centres, as well as helping the being to connect with guides and ancestral wisdom.

Archangel Metatron My Super Power
Childrens SprayMy Super Power group

Do you know how absolutely AMAZING you really ARE? Forget what you think you are and step into who you REALLY are...an amazing child of God with talents, abilities and strengths that match any comic strip Super Hero out there...
You may not feel it or know it but you are DEEPLY loved and appreciated for what YOU bring to this world..

Maybe you haven't found what makes you special yet?
Maybe you doubt your own abilities?
Maybe you lack confidence or have been bullied, shamed or made to feel small...but these problems can all be overcome....
I Archangel Metatron am here to tell you that you were born with something that no one can ever take away from you - your own power which is still there and which I can help you find and light again within you.

A power that can make the impossible posible
A power that can help you conquer anything
A power that is not venegful or that hurts others but one that inspires those around you by just being YOU...
This force within you is strong, stable and secure - it is always there to help, encourage and support you through the tough times, the challenging times and the times you just need some extra help...

It is your own essence - the unique beautiful thing that makes you YOU - and sets you apart from anyone else on this planet...
You may never have found or experienced your own strength yet - but I will help you harness it and unleash it into the world...
It was there when you were born - imprinted into you - for you are a child of God and have his essence within you - anything is possible...

Open up your arms to receive my support and I will help you remember who you really are and what you came here to do...
To play
To Learn
To Love
To Have fun
To Work
To experience everything that you signed up to when you decided to come here - and the Earth is pleased you came...

My red empowering energy sustains you, enriches you and gives you the energy you need to change what needs changing, and do what needs doing....
Powerful colours that help you enjoy your life and stand up for who you are and what you believe....
Not everyone will like you and thats OK....
Not everyone can be number 1 or top of the class - and that's ok
Not everyone will understand you and that's OK too...
But MANY will love you - through a multitude of phases as your life moves on to different chapters each day.
This Superpower Energy helps you find your tribe, your place in this world and to feel happy and secure in that space also.

You will see that you are bigger than you ever imagined - that your dreams and ambitions can be as well. That those that seek to put you down are simply not important - that their influence and power over you fades away as you find your courage, power and strength..
Remember that what seems huge and so difficult today won't always be this way - life always changes, always creates new opportunities and this will come - nothing ever stays the same....

No one else is you, and no one else can do what you do....you are LOVED....believe that - you are LOVED ....and step into your Super Power - it is yours and no one elses - all that matters is you.....

We in the Angelic Realm salute you - as we already know who you are....let us help you remember that today too....

Transform, let go of that part of you that feels thwarted and step into your Super Power...for you are amazing - never forget that fact!

Words Amanda Ellis

Essential Oils:CedarWood, Frankincense, SWeet Orange, Thyme, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang

Crystals:Green Calcite White Buffalo Carving, Turquoise, Hanckmanite, Fire Agate

Archangel Metatron Fear Fighter
Childrens SprayFear Fighter group

Let me show you how to fight fear - to blast it away, to be the warrior that you are who may sense and feel fear but won't let it beat them.
I am Archangel Metatron and I fight anything that frightens you - I also equip you with a sling of arrows filled with my firey energy to target anyone or anything that worries or concerns you....I will teach you to face your fears - to not run away from them - but to realise that you are always equipped with exactly what you need at any moment to win, triumph and succeed.

How can you not with me by your side as Teacher and Guide? Nothing frightens me or troubles me - for I know that my light is stronger than anything in this great universe - and yours will be too. Feel upon your back the weight of my might and my ability to protect you and shield you from that which troubles you..

Like clouds in a bright sunny sky my energy like the wind can push away the shadows and return you once more back to hope, positivity and confidence.

There is nothing to fear my child - I am here - I am with you - and from me you will learn how thoughts can be changed - how anything that seems heavy can be filled by my light to steer you.

Fear is also something that everyone has - so do not be critical of yourself for feeling it - I will show you that by confronting it and doing things even if you feel shaky inside - you will grow stronger. It is so true that only by doing brave things do we become brave! So I will also encourage you to tackle what needs doing, face what needs facing...warriors dont run after all do they - they stand and fight - but we fight with love - we fight our own fears and we fight to become stronger and stronger...
Together we can do anything, achieve anything, face anything....
I hope you are ready because I am - come let us do this together....it is time as I am now here...be brave -you have a lions heart, a warriors soul and me by your side. There is NOTHING to really be that frightened by any longer...

Essential Oils:Lavender, Benzoin, Mandarin, Cedrawood, Melissa, Frankincense

Crystal Base:Generator Quartz, Nirvana Quartz, Blue Amber, Red Tigers Iron, Black Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate

Nirvana Quartz
The 'Stone of Protection', brings forth protection to its surroundings, whether indoors or outdoors, and makes a very beneficial guardian of the family home.

Quartz overall is a high vibrational stone with a very pure and self-adjusting energy. It works on the whole of the being, the whole of an atmosphere and widely strengthens the energy output of other crystals and minerals. It is a stone mainly in its clear pure form that can be called upon when seemingly all else fails, or when there is confusion of what other crystal or mineral to connect with. In its different forms it does have differing offerings, yet with the same undertones.

Nirvana Quartz is excellent for placing as a grid section, it helps to protect the oneself, others and area from environmental stresses, especially electro-magnetic fields and frequencies also known as EMF. This also makes it a beneficial stone to place around any electrical items.

A stone that will be helpful in areas where there is, or has been a lot of tension, to cleanse and bring a more peaceful atmosphere.

Nirvana Quartz is especially protective around children and will be of great benefit kept in areas around them safely, such as out of reach in sleeping and play areas.

This stone tunes well to its keepers and those near it often, making it an easy stone to tell when it could benefit from charging or even if it is no longer needed for its chosen use.

Nirvana Quartz will amplify other stones of protection immensely, as well as helping to give some balance to stones that are conjoined, yet do not work to well in harmony together.

Use this stone to help one to determine if a crystal or mineral is the right choice to become the keeper of, or when choosing a crystal or mineral for others.

Katie Jacqueline - October 2008

Archangel Metatron Rainbow Ray
Upgrade & ExpansionArchangel Metatron Rainbow Ray

The rainbow was given to you as Gods promise of his eternal presence with you - so too my coloured rays enable you to find that source light within you.
The pathway of light back to your own divinty, the bridge back to your true essence....
The rainbow arriving after the darkest storms to uplift, sustain and guide you on...how many times have you seen a rainbow at pivotal times - moments when you needed the reassurance that I am with you ...indeed many more shall be seen as we increasingly connect, integrate and grow together...
For I Archangel Metatron am not seperate from you - I am part of you and you are part of me - just as the different strands of colour form the rainbow - so too you and I weave into and around each others existence ... we blend, we become as one.

My rainbow light has been waiting to meet your own light - to create a higher portal of change upon this planet and within your own life- for you are the carrier upon this earth of this precious light sent from my heart to yours.
All colours seen and unseen interlocking and flowing into each other - a cup that overflows with love, healing and sustenance- and above all HOPE.

The body so long held in dense 3rd dimensional existence has craved these colours united as one within all energy points within the physical self.
My Rainbow Light can be used at ANY chakra point - to bring balance, wholeness and health...it can also be used in combination with singular use of colours to amplify and increase the help needed in any one centre - be it Crimson and Rainbow within the Base Chakra or Rose Gold and Rainbow within the Stellar Gateway..
A rainbow by nature attracts colour to it - never repels any away...it is an amplifier energy supporting and lifting any energy centre in the body where it is used.
Your mind too is ready for the gift of Rainbow Light within it - too often stuck within one groove be it thought, pattern, habit or yes colour...There is more to the Third Eye than Indigo - however safe and familiar that may be. Traditional colours working alongside newer vibrations of light and the rainbow as the bridge enabling that upgrade.
Colour can expand your mind - like the largest palette upon which the divine can paint new ways of looking, thinking and being..

Allow me to pour my Rainbow Ray through you and around you - for you to be illuminated by it, upgraded and able to expand in new ways of being
For colour is light - and light promotes life itself ...via having this ray within you - you say Yes to Life, you turn towards the highest potential - moving away from third dimensional thinking, being and doing - you enter the gardens of 5th dimensional living and beyond - for the rainbow will take you as high as you wish to go - beyond 5th to 7th and beyond - yet always rooted to earth - the rainbow after all having footholds both As above and so Below.
Be aware that my Rainbow Light does indeed 'Go Below' - a perfect arc of light that also goes below ground forming a perfect circle to the arc of Rainbow light above...

Colours of the sky and the higher realms and rich colours of the earth too - deep plums, crimson reds, rich greens - to match the pale violets and blues and sparkling golds of above..
All of this is available to you within my Rainbow Ray - my gift to you - my promise to you - that I am always here and that together we can
indeed create Heaven on Earth...by you and I holding this rainbow light and shining it brightly for all to see...this way we change the world.

The golden calcite chip inside each Rainbow spray symbolises the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow showing it has been given to you - it was always right in front of you...no need to search anymore...what you sought for so long is here within the Rainbow Ray.
Gods promise delivered by Archangel Metatron - and all that entails.
The spray also contains a few drops of liquid gold.

Essential OIls: Lemon, Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Patchouli, Vetiver, Rose, Elemi, Cinnamon, plus

Crystals: Rainbow Mayanite, Opal Aura, Rainbow Chakra pendulum, Colour Crystal wand containing: Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Lapis, Green Calcite, Carnelian and Red Jasper

Uses for Chakra Upgrade & Expansion, for dimensional frequency upgrade (Portals, Moon Phases, Ceremonial energies) - To Help you step into all you came here to be, When facing times of Darkness & Despair, For times of celebration, Rites of Passage - eg honouring milestones - be it big birthdays, or achievements, a great 'party' energy also - the angels love having fun and spreading joy.
An uplifting spray helpful for anytime it's needed...