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General Usage Guidelines

Kyle 2

This is Kyle Gray - 'The Angel Whisperer' (www.kylegray.co.uk) trying out the Flame spray after his successful Bournemouth show in 2013

All Metatron Energy Sprays are handmade and contain:

Blessed spring water

Essential oils (list of actual oils used for ecah spray are given on bottle messages page 

Crystal essence

A few drops of Alcohol (as preservative) are also included, - products can be made up with cider vinegar on request instead of alcohol

All of the stock crystal essence was made during powerful moon phases and astrological alignments. F

The products are intended to be sprayed in the aura or towards the particular area of the body needing help. a few sprays is all you need - but then stay seated or standing and allow the energy to envelop you for a few moments. Spray them around you or towards the part of the body requiring help or support and invite Metatron into your energy field - the sprays bestow protection to allow you to open up to receive this.
Whilst being still listen to your thoughts and inner knowing and hear / feel what Metatron is trying to convey.

They are multi functional – they can be used anywhere on the body, and if you want to use aquamarine on the base chakra area then do!!

They can be sprayed into your hands – then breathe in the energy and ask for a message – or just receive to a download of energy. It is helpful sometimes to imagine the essence entering through your lungs asyou breathe it in, and then allow it to travel wherever it needs to in the body. Ensure that the energy also moves down to your feet - to allow it to ground into you.

They work just by having them in your space, or by holding / meditating with them. Here is some recent feedback....

"I am sitting next to my bookcase which is where all my bottles are and the beautiful smells from them are keeping me calm! I was getting a little stressy this morning or some reason and so tried the new sprays first Joy followed by Flame and then Jade and they really did help me the energy is gentle but I immediately felt I could do what I wanted to do – very reassuring and smell so wonderful. You are very clever!

Loving the new essences....I have them in my lounge on the table and the fragrance lingers in the room even though I haven't used them in there...??? When I "sniff" the bottles none of them smell like the fragrance that I can smell in the room .... very strange but wonderful"!

Legally, I have to recommend that pregnant women do not use them – this would be true of any aromatherapy product. However they can be used at your discretion during this time – there is nothing toxic within them. All crystals have been infused via the indirect method meaning they are safe as well as low levels of the oils themselves.

Also please note that they constitute a complimentary treatment for any ailment or condition listed, and should not replace other official medical advice or treatment.Please also always seek a doctors opinion for any medical condition new or outstanding.

Contents are entirely natural.

Keep them out of direct sunlight to preserve the aromatherapy oils, and away from electro magnetic radiation eg computers, phones etc.

Above all else have fun using them. Treasure them, and they will treasure you.

Metatrons energy is 100% within them, and he wants that accessible to you now...

Much Love and Blessings Amanda x