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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

Mary Magdalene Energy Day, Brooklyn, New York

In this one day workshop we will connect with the beautiful energy of Mary Magdalene via:

  • Meditation
  • Colour Sprays
  • Channelling
  • Oracle Cards
  • Crystals
  • Mandala Work

The day will be guided by the Divine Feminine energy that Mary Magdalene embodies, helping us understand:

  • Its arrival and significance
  • How it will change our inner and outer worlds
  • Heal our own issues to do with our feminine side whether we are Male or Female
  • Her links to the Divine Masculine

We will learn about who Mary really was and why she is back now as never before to teach us and help the ascension of our world.


  • Attunement to her energy using specially created sprays, silks and flowers
  • Messages from her to you
  • Techniques to help you recall your own past connection with her

The day is open to all of any denomination - she comes through now stripped old vestiges wanting to reveal who she really was and her soul connection with all at this time.
This course is not linked to old Christian teaching but to see her as an Ascended Master in her own light that came to serve 2,000 years ago and is here again now.

What can she teach us?
How can she help us?
How can we connect to her?

mary2A number of issues amy come up for healing including those around intimacy, love, betrayal, judgement and more....we will be open to what arises on the day with the group assembled. It is very likely that healing of the female ancestral line will also occur.

Group size is limited to 22 and the day will be faciliated by UK Spiritual Teacher Amanda Ellis.

Together we will create a portal of light and love for the city of New York, USA and all communities and families that we represent - as well as ourselves.

"This week the Mary Magdalene spray arrived. WOW! It feels like the key of a lock inside me that can fully open. I feel a strong and powerful energy with this spray beside me, also a sensual, feminine dark pink kind of energy. Rose paddles. This morning I felt as if a piece of myself is back ...or it was always there but it seems like it turned on again. It awakens the divine feminine power exactly like a new era is being born. A kind of 'time for action' energy. Amazing. Thank you so much for thsi divine spray and energy Amanda "

Cost Investment:

Two day Workshop £150 ($209 dollars at exchange rate on 16 March 2018) - payment needs to be made in UK sterling via paypal.
You can register and pay by the "Register (Individual)" button below.

Non refundable once paid but in the event of being unable to attend the price paid can be carried over to any other course (including Distance Courses) as well as Amandas wide range of healing sprays - value will be matched to include postage

Event Details

Event Date November 5, 2018 10:00 am
Event End Date November 5, 2018 5:00 pm
Capacity 19
Registered 19
Available place 0
Individual Price £150 per person ($209 dollars at exchange rate on 16 March 2018)
Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Brooklyn, New York

Venue Information - Brooklyn, New York

In Private House - details of address will be given on receipt of payment and in good time before the day. This was a private invitation by the ownner whom I am very grateful to - and who already holds the divine Mary Magdalene energy - and who works with it.

As the event is held in someones private home you will HAVE to sign a non liability form removing the owner of the house from any eventuality from being present there (eg accident, fall - this is simply precautionary we do not envisage anything happening!)

We are no longer accepting registration for this event