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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

Colour & Light Healing Workshop

Colour Therapy for the 5th Dimensional World

Led by Amanda Ellis, a leading Spiritual Teacher and Colour INtuitive, this two day workshop brings together the latest teaching, newest energies, and ideas regards a healing modality (Colour) that is not new, just coming of age again.

All of the great civilisations from Atlantis to Ancient Egypytknew how powerful COLOUR was to HEAL, INSPIRE and create WELLNESS of Body, Mind and Soul.

Amanda is the creator of the Metatron Colour Healing system - a widely used, highly regarded range of Colour healing sprays and techniques - these will be referenced and used to aid connection to each colour ray.

We will also look at other colour tools too from Crystals, Silks, Cards, Mandalas etc

Amanda has decades of experience in using Colour as a theraputic remedy as well as teaching it. This workshop will be a deeply healing one as we release issues held in the body which colour can help and heal. We will also be opening up to great blessings and gifts that colour brings in to our lives also.

can3 2018In this workshop we will look at:

  • The full spectrum of colour including: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet as well as Purple, Pink, Silver, Gold and Magenta.
    We will start using the complimentary colours together and understand the added power of using eg Red and Green together, Purple & Gold, Orange & Blue etc
  • By the end of the workshop you will be confident in using the Chakra Colour Metatron Sprays either for yourself or in professional theraputic situations and understand how they can be used in a multi functional way.
  • Be able to articulate what each colour means and symbolises
  • Experience beautiful colour meditations and visualisations
  • Practise colour breathing, channelling colour, experience the different rays through different chakras
  • Receive healing to balance our Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies
  • Learn how the aura and physical body responds to each colour and practise our ability to see auras
  • Receive guidance from Metatron in terms of which colours are best suited to different ages, situations, conditions etc
  • Learn how colour can be used as a language to improve our everyday lives eg in our homes, clothes, workspace
  • Have added a new skill set to maximise your own therapy business and / or your own enjoyment and success with the colours and energy sprays

"Dear Amanda, thank you so much for a wonderful course this weekend. You are a gifted facilitator creating an atmosphere of trust and respect which made it safe for us all to respond to the colours as we did, knowing we were in a non judgemental and highly supportive environment. This willonly help us grow and develop further as our individual journeys unfold.

Cost Investment:

£275 ($497 CAD at exchange rate on 14th March 2018) for two day Workshop.

Includes a light finger buffet lunch

You can register and pay by the "Register (Individual)" button below.

Payments in installments are available upon request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once payment is made it is non refundable but in the event of you being unable to attend the price paid can be carried over and exchanged towards any other future course or current Distance program - as well as on Amandas wide range of healing sprays - value will be matched to include postage.

We have compiled a list of hotels near to the venue for those travelling to this event.

Quality Inn – 2930 South Sheridan Way (905) 847-6667 – this is very close to the event (5 minutes)

Holiday Inn – 2525 Wyecroft Road (905) 847-1000 – this is very close to the event (5 minutes)

Monte Carlo Inn – 374 South Service Road (888) 217-1426 – about 15 minutes from the event

Sandman Hotel – 3451 South Service Road (289) 881-7263 – about 10 minutes from the event

Holiday Inn – 590 Argus Road (905) 842-5000 – about 10 minutes from the event

Hilton Garden Inn – 2774 South Sheridan Way (905) 829-1145 – about 15 minutes from the event

Fairfield Inn – 2937 Sherwood Heights Drive (905) 829-8444 – about 15 minutes from the event

Staybridge Suite – 2511 Wyecroft Road (877) 824-3866 – about 10 minutes from the event

Event Details

Event Date September 13, 2018
Event End Date September 14, 2018
Capacity 33
Registered 17
Available place 16
Individual Price £275 ($497 CAD at exchange rate on 14th March 2018)
Harbour Banquet and Conference Centre, Ontario, Canada
2340 Ontario St, Oakville, ON L6L 6P7, Canada
Harbour Banquet and Conference Centre, Ontario, Canada

Venue Information - Harbour Banquet and Conference Centre, Ontario, Canada

A very special venue situated on Lake Ontario, hosting its own lighthouse and beside the water with a beautiful moorside setting of boats, yachts and marine life.

Harbour Banquet and Conference Centre
2340 Ontario Street
Oakville, Ontario, L6L 6P7, Canada


We are no longer accepting registration for this event