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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

Archangel Metatron Level 1 - UK With Amanda Ellis - Dublin

We are in a numerological 11 Year - this number has always been linked to Archangel Metatron and so Amanda is called to present her first Level 1 Workshop for over two years.
This course and content is established, proven and has been loved by many around the world. If you wish to link into Metatron in a close and profound way during 'his' year then come and find out more...there is so much to explore and enjoy.....

Set in beautiful Malahide outside Dublin in Ireland these two days offer a retreat from the outside world and a journey into your own divine self, set alight for you by Archangel Metatron and his 'twin' energy Archangel Sandalphon who we also explore as a separate energy during our time together. We learn best when we feel the contrast and with these two angelic energies - where one is present the other is always there.

So often we seek to grow spiritually, desire only upward connection to the higher realms, and yet lose our focus on how to put into practise what we discover, learn or experience. The combined energies of Archangel Metatron & Archangel Sandalphon help us to evolve and grow yet with sustainable strong roots too. We will spend a two day intensive looking at both unique Archangels, learning:

• Why they work together
• How their power combined can help you
• Attunements to both Metatron and Sandalphon
• Exploring the difference in energy between the two (they are strikingly different!)
• Create an enhanced ability to integrate a 5th dimensional consciousness into all you do – looking at working with Merkaba energy, understanding its energy as well as that of Metatrons Cube and some other aspects of Sacred Geometry.
o Be able to Channel Metatrons energy when ever needed – this may be in a healing practice or via speech, movement, writing, teaching etc.
o Deep cleanse and purify the body – an ongoing process.
o Help to align male and female energies within you.
o Via meditation and visualisation receive upgrades of light body activation
o Show you how to self heal with Metatrons energy
o Help and guide you regarding how Metatrons energy works
If you are wondering how Metatron calls you or what can be offered here is a piece of feedback I received just this week - shared with permission...

"I'm trying to work up the nerve to share my journey. I've tested the waters here and there, sharing with some friends and family. But it all seems so fantasy like that I know many will dismiss me as crazy. It's also challenging when you have grown up Christian and now start speaking of an Archangel Metatron, it was off putting to me at first as well. Like I couldn't say the name without feeling a bit silly. I had never even heard of this angel before. And the name Metatron was so foreign it sounded like a name off of a sci-fi movie. But my experiences wouldn't allow me to deny his existence nor his wisdom and love because it was so real and present in my everyday life. The messages I received some by way of Amanda were so relevant that I couldn't doubt him if I tried. I thought I was awake before but now I'm wide awake. So much clarity in so many aspects of life have been gifted me and have awakened a knowing in me and reminded me of who I AM and was before the world rocked me to sleep" .

“Following your Metatron attunement, I have been in a state of calmness ever since. I feel nothing will faze me. I usually fall asleep at some point, but not today. I saw Metatron & Sandalphon colours in meditation today, colours are not something I usually see. Thank you for an amazing experience Amanda”

Level 1 is equivalent to a Reiki 1 standard in that you will be able to practise Metatron healing on family and friends, but not the public. This is covered in Level 2.

Before the course you will be sent a Pre attunement Manual by email and a meditation to prepare yourself for the attunement during the workshop.
You will also receive a further full manual during the workshop.

Amandas Metatron sprays will be available to purchase during the workshop as well.

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Amanda is an experienced Metatronic Guide, Healer and Teacher. She is also a mother, and prides herself on her grounded approach to spirituality. She has over 20 years experience of teaching groups and is an experienced and professional workshop facilitator.
Since being attuned herself to Metatron in 2005 she has designed her own method of attunement to his energy, that incorporates colour, sound, sacred geometry and a range of beautiful Metatron aura sprays. Two further levels of attunement and training are available for those wanting to progress further, particularly if wanting to learn to heal with Metatrons energy.

Workshop fee is £222

To register and confirm your space you can register below and pay your deposit of £50.

Facebook - Angelic Celestial Colours
You Tube Channel - Amanda Ellis

Event Details

Event Date June 16, 2018 10:00 am
Event End Date June 17, 2018 4:00 pm
Capacity 30
Registered 29
Available place 1
Individual Price £222.00
The Grand Hotel Malahide, Dublin, Ireland
Grove Road, Malahide, Co. Dublin, K36 XT65, Ireland
The Grand Hotel Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

Venue Information - The Grand Hotel Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

We are no longer accepting registration for this event