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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

40. Archangel Michael Safety & Communication

I am here to keep you safe and to help you know that you are protected always.
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I am here to keep you safe and to help you know that you are protected always. Whatever you face in life know that I am always here, always with you and right beside you too.

To be truly safe in this conflicted world enables you to stretch your wings and fly. I have all bases covered, all angles taken care of – I am watching your back, and I am watching from above – sense my Sparkling Sapphire Star above you lighting the way and casting its blue ray before you too. The Star is lit through day and night, through storm and stillness, and the path upon which you walk with me is paved with this blue light – each step cleared and ready for your feet to pass upon.

I am your ally, your friend – yet your Teacher too – I seek not to do it always for you but to instruct you to find that deep well of safe support within yourself – for you are divine and have all within you that you could ever need.

I shall show you that you ARE safe and to learn to trust and have faith – to expect and anticipate only safety and then that shall become your norm.

Lean into your own support system, the people and structures in your life that offer nourishment and see me reflected back in them too. If none exist ask me to bring to you those that can offer such support and safety net, and I shall gladly do so – be that in family matters, finance, business or any other area needing more strength.

I am within the walls of your home keeping you dry and warm, I am in or around the car or plane as you travel, I am there for the big and small things and am around your amazing Earth too.

For many on your planet need to learn many truths and to aspire to a higher standard of living and being for all.

Let me help you to inspire others with your clarity which can be crystal clear …

Be the peaceful voice in a crowd of anger

Be the resolute warrior in a group of lost souls

Be the speaker of truths to those who are ready to hear

Be the ears prepared to listen to those less fortunate

Be the mouthpiece for those that cannot talk for themselves including young children and animals, those with Dementia or who are otherwise rendered speechless

Be the safe place in the storm for others to shelter with

Be the quiet still voice when around you others give their misguided advice

Be my ambassador here on Earth

Be my voice piece

For I wish to work through and connect with you and many

For I see you, I hear you, I listen to you

I am Archangel Michael and all is well

Essential Oils: German Chamomile, Cinnamon, Yarrow, Hyacinth

NB: Yarrow is a blue coloured oil that will seperate in the blend and this is normal - may cause mild staining if sprayed directly on to white fabric 

Crystals: Troelite, Kyanite, Turquoise, Amazonite Angel