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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

41. Archangel Jophiel - Beauty & Wisdom

The Sun will always rise in the morning – and with it my illuminating energy is with you for the day ahead
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The Sun will always rise in the morning – and with it my illuminating energy is with you for the day ahead

I am here to help you see that each new day is worth living, worth exploring, worth being present for

To see that whatever you are going through, however troubled or sad you feel that my yellow rays of light can uplift and inspire you even in the darkest hours

I am here to teach you that life is beautiful, that there is treasure in each moment, each person and each situation if you only dig deep enough

I ask you to smile even when you don’t feel like smiling

To laugh even when life is difficult, to see humour and light in life, not be drowned instead by difficulty and challenge

My light illuminates you and your path – I carry a beacon that never dims and can be held by you whenever you need my help

I both awaken and keep lit your own inner light also – I tend it when you do not, I strengthen it when needed, and I encourage you to take your own light and shine it brightly in this world for all.

I help open your eyes to all that is beautiful and can feed your soul

I help you notice the small things and the big things – the gestures, colours, aspects of nature and yourself and others that radiate goodness and love

As you walk upon your spiritual path know that I am ever present and beside you helping you see with clarity, enabling decision making and helping you judge what is beneficial or not.

I work particularly upon your Solar Plexus Chakra filling you with confidence and wisdom and you Third Eye to see clearly not clouded by fear or illusion.

Those who wish to learn – call upon me to help your mind open to universal truths and reasoning – to fine tune the mind so that it works in union with the heart (not separate from it) and to lessen misunderstanding and confusion.

I am Jophiel and my light is the light of God, I shine that upon you today and bring sunshine and radiance to you. I am here and all is well….

Uses: Anytime a Pick Me up is needed, Feeling Down, Studying and Learning, Needing Clarity and Insight

Essential Oils: Melissa, Cedarwood, Neroli

Crystals: Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Optical Calcite, Siberian Gold Quartz