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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

36. Spiritual Protection

This spray contains the Silver light of strength, purification and truth
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"Feel safe and at peace as I am with you.
Feel empowered and supported because I am around you.
Feel ready to face whatever is in front of you, knowing that I have your back and all is well.
Within my protective care no harm can befall you, and no darkness can invade your body, mind or energy field.
My force is stronger than all others, I am fearful of no one or anything - I am the ruler of the Sacred Circle of Light and Dark, Duality and Balance and will always ensure the highest outcome for any eventuality, situation or relationship.
My sword is there to protect, not harm, it is a warning to any that seek to lower you, destroy you or diminish you in any way. A deterrent that doesn’t need to be used as its power goes before it - as it does for you shielding you and being your guide also when you venture or stumble into lower vibrational territory.
Know too that such territory also includes your own mind – lower-self thoughts that attempt to derail you from your mission and purpose here, and seek to destabilise you.
By maintaining a healthy light filled aura you are able to rise above such energy and stay more with your higher self – which is what I always steer you to be in alignment with.
Like attracts like and energy attracts energy – my protective duty of care for you is ongoing – through day and night, year after year – I am always there, but you have to invoke me -you have free will.
I watch over this planet and I watch over you.
I watch over the elements here on earth, the waves of the sea, the ground upon which you walk. I am within the stars and the sun, the light and the love. I have many angels working with me to help - you are truly never alone and you are safe, and always will be. All is well."

This spray contains the Silver light of strength, purification and truth together with the violet energy of transmutation and also forgiveness for those that wrong us.
Like an early warning system this spray flashes up any incoming negative energy that is alien or negative to you and repels it back to sender with love. This way, those that seek to harm learn the consequences of wrong doing and weaken - whilst you strengthen from never having been affected in the first place.

Used regularly this spray builds up a wonderful protective field around you. It blocks and filters away that which is not needed and only allows in energy that is loving and light filled.

Suggested Uses:
Daily at the start of a day and before bed. Spray around whole aura including back and Alta Major Point (small hollow at back of neck). Breathe in the scent and ask for protection and easy flow of positive light into your being and aura.

This spray acts in the AURA. It is a preventative system of maintenance and care.

Essential oils chosen include:

Hyssop: referenced 12 times in the bible alone for cleansing rites. Used widely through the centuries for purifying homes and used by many priests and holy men to cleanse away bad spirits, bad luck, and threatened illness. It was even used in the middle ages to ward off lice!

Angelica: According to legend the plant was revealed to a monk by an angel as an antidote to the bubonic plague. It is said to help protect from Poisons, Epidemics and Infections. It is also said to bloom on the day of St Michael and as such protects against witch craft and evil spirits.

Juniper: Used until the 1950's in France where Juniper twigs were burnt in hospitals to cleanse the atmosphere.

Pine Needle: Cleansing and restorative.

Bay Leaf: The Romans believed it symbolised wisdom, peace and protection.

Crystals include Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Black Kyanite, Eilat Stone ...

Recommended to be used with the Jade Higher Heart spray which offers INTERNAL PROTECTION via immune system and strengthening physical body these two offer a complete package of self care.