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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

32. Water Elemental Spray

Allow these blessed holy waters to revive and purify you.
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Allow these blessed holy waters to revive and purify you. Representing life force energy the Metatron Water Elemental spray is there to bring relief from all that is blocked or stagnant within you. To quench your souls thirst for flow in your life and to dive deep into life rather than sit on the shoreline and wait for the right moment.

There is never a right moment – only now – and now is perfect to bring alignment back to places within you that feel disturbed, troubled or stressed.

Working strongly with the emotional body this energy helps to maintain equilibrium and restore balance. Used regularly it can be a valuable helper in regulating emotions. If the need to cry and release tears is needed this can aid that process. If tears have come too often it can act to dry them and direct energy elsewhere to strengthen and fortify – or whatever is needed.

The Water Element also helps hormonal issues and problems – again seeking to bring emotions into flow and balance – not to be clogged up by feelings and thoughts that causes huge dams to break as emotion is released in an unhealthy way.

Connecting you into the water within your body – you are 70% Water – it responds to what you tell it. Any thought or feeling or statement you say to yourself is absorbed into it. Over time this leads to toxicity and disease if the words you say are always negative, self critical or abusive.

By spraying and tuning into the water that flows through you – you can reprogramme such thoughts easily and effortlessly – this spray helps that process be fast and you will sense the inner calm returning as you affirm to yourself – ‘All is well, I am happy, healthy and abundant’. Let the living life force within you – which is water hear that and use this spray to remind you to do that – a meditative aid and one that can be used anywhere, anytime that emotional balance needs healing and help.

The Dolphin energy within this spray also invites you to play, to enjoy life, to seek out new experiences, new people, new situations. Life is ever flowing and you are encouraged to learn, grow, enjoy and savour all that is available to you in every moment. This includes the little things too.

This spray is also infused with the energy of the Icosahedron – a Sacred Geometric Shape that links to your Sacral Chakra – and your Creativity, Sexuality and Fertile Growth through life. When drawn to this spray you are drawn to life itself - to reconnect with the force of life within you and outside your own front door.

Essential Oils in the Water Elemental spray are: Spearmint, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Lavender, Rosemary

Crystals within it as energy and used in its preparation:

Shiva Lingam - from the holy Narmada river in India

Eliat Stone - comes from southern Israeli city on the Red Sea, and has been mined since the time of King Solomon - a great balancer of emotions

Fossilised Sea Shell with Drusy Crystal

Blue Halite - Fantastic Cleanser


Icosahedron Amethyst

Useful for: Maintaining Emotional Balance, Depression, Pre Menstrual tension, Menopause, any block in life whether medical or not, Detoxification, Purification, Urinary infections, Kidney problems, Sacral area issues, communication problems eg writers block, feeling stuck, throat and sinus infections

Other Archangel Metatron Healing Sprays that compliment Water are:

· Bluebell Bridge – For Loss & Grief

· Emerald – For Renewal & Recovery – many use this as a detox

· Teal – Alta Major – for Connection to Spirit. The Alta Major sometimes referred to as Well of Dreams it has a Watery Neptunian influence