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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

30. Earth Elemental Spray

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Allow the Earth Elemental energy to bring you HOME.
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Allow the Earth Elemental energy to bring you HOME. Maybe you have been feeling lost, unsafe, unsettled or unsure - it may also be that you struggle to put roots down anywhere never able to fully anchor even if only for a short time before moving on again.

Your roots are tangled, scattered or weak. Use this energy to help them grow and strengthen and really connect to the Earth and your place upon it – and yes you deserve and are entitled to be here. And you are loved by this earth. Each life equally important, each life special and sacred - your place upon Gaia assured long before you incarnated.

This IS your home for now - it is where you belong - indeed where you have always belonged, and you are welcome, and you are safe.

Feel the rich aromas of spice and mystery that seek to open your eyes to all that this Earth has to give you. For this Earth is an abundant place, a loving planet that seeks to support you and nurture you as she would a plant or tree upon the ground.

And yet the Earth needs to know you are here - send a signal to her today that you are ready to grow and thrive and walk new steps upon her. Maybe you seek new experience or maybe you want to deepen what you already have. Talk to her - the earth is receptive, she listens and she is here for you now.

Let her help you connect more intensely to the ground underneath your feet - helping establish firm foundations from which you can accomplish anything.

Let her encourage you to love all physical aspects of life – for the Earth is a physical place and whether you run, walk, sit or climb upon her it is about connecting and making conscious that which is real and tangible and alive.

Allow this Earth essence to also awaken within you your love for this planet again – to look with fresh eyes upon her beauty, to see the good in man rather than the bad, to connect to the animal realm and the wonders of nature. The Earth is a beautiful place and so are you.

Essential Oils in the Earth Spray are: Cinnamon, Bay, Myrtle, Ho Leaf

Crystals Within it as energy and used in its preparation are:

Kaurilite Sedona Stone, Hermatite and Quartz, Clear Quartz Cube, Red Tipped Amethyst

Useful for:

Travelling / settling in to new places and situations, Ley Line work, Visiting Sacred Sites, Feeling Safe, Connecting to Nature, any Lower body Muscular, Skeletal or Joint problems.

Compatible with: Archangel Sandalphon Bronze Earth Star Spray, Crimson Base Chakra Spray and Emerald Renewal and Regeneration Spray