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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

27. Lilac Light - to still the mind

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Lilac Light to still the mind - to go within and find a quiet safe place of balance and peace. With the lightness of this energy anything heavy or burdensome can be gently lifted away from both the body, aura and mind.
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Lilac Light to still the mind - to go within and find a quiet safe place of balance and peace. With the lightness of this energy anything heavy or burdensome can be gently lifted away from both the body, aura and mind.
Allow yourself to be led down this path of grace where beauty and purity lie.  The Lilac Light will slow everything down so that the only response can be one of stillness...allowing and giving permission to stop and just BE.
Perfect for enhancing meditation and connection to our inner state.  Relaxing into its soft embrace takes us back to a state of unconditional love where all answers lie. 
To be able to see and sense aspects in life from that higher perspective where there is no judgement, no right or wrong, just acceptance and trust and a dip into faith too.
In its silent reverent energy one can ask for help, feel that one is being heard and listen back for answers. Sometimes these may come from Metatron himself - or they come from your own inner knowing - Metatron reminding you of all your vast experience and wisdom - not just from this lifetime but many others which you can draw on to find the guidance and insight you seek. 
The Lilac Light brings balance to any situation or issue that you are searching for answers on - dissolving heightened emotions so that the truth can be seen and felt. 
Useful for anyone developing their intuitive and psychic abilities and opening up of all their senses on their spiritual paths. To be used to open up the higher chakras and the heart so that guidance can be sought.
The energy calms panic around any situation that is causing distress - enabling you to feel and see that there is always a way forward and always support when you need it.
Empowering you to realise your true potential - to have faith in your own instincts, hunches and feelings. To trust the guidance you receive and not doubt it or ask again and again....
To be less concerned with what others think and more at peace with how you feel and what you want. 
Lilac Light brings back the magic into ourself - rather than seeing it as 'out there' Metatron reminds us that Lilac as the last colour on the visible rainbow spectrum - heralds the pot of gold at its end. That gold lies within us and  is the complimentary colour to the Lilac. Gold Stellar Gateway links particularly to this spray - offering very high vibrations of light to work with and integrate - truly both are gifts from the Angelic Kingdom for us here on Earth.....
Essential Oils in Lilac Light are:
Rosewood, Melissa, Rosemary, Gardenia
Melissa a key ingredient in this spray has the following properties (taken from The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood
"Melissa vibrates at a very high light frequency, and travels far. The energy it brings into the spirit comes from a place more distant than we can imagine, beyond the sun, beyond the stars.  When the magnetic energy is at a low ebb, Melissa supports our need with understanding that defies words.  Melissa is a spiritual conduit, and thus a precious gift of the heavens at any time, but perhaps especially appreciated before meditation or prayer."
Crystals used in the making of this essence are:  Amethyst, Revelation Stone, Shattuckite, Lavender Jade, Kammererite
Shattuckite activates the throat and third eye chakras, enabling clear verbalisation of psychic visions. Shattuckite can also be used to process the channelling of information from the spirit world. It also provides protection against possession during channelling. Shattuckite may also be used with automatic writing to sharpen ones intuition.  (Taken from KSC Crystals website) 
Revelation Stone
Is a type of Jasper, found in New Zealand. Its colour varies through the range of red, yellow, brown, green and black.
Robert Simmons writes: "Revelation Stone has a powerful resonance with the heart, and it stimulates the heart's capacity to be conscious of the unfolding pattern of the future. If we work with Revelaton Stone while attuning to the heart, we can experience vivid and accurate visions from the future time stream. It displays that awareness to the mind's eye as images or visions rather than words.
"The future one sees with Revelation Stone is not a precise, predetermined set of events, but a pattern of possibility—the potential future, or the blueprint for what may happen, depending on human choices. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to improve their psychic capacities."