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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

22. Sapphire – Divine Peace

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How do we find peace in a world of seemingly endless conflict, noise and chaos....
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How do we find peace in a world of seemingly endless conflict, noise and chaos....
Peace – Finding Peace does not have to be hard, we look on your world with its endless talks and initiatives towards peace, we see you reading about how to find peace, ways to accomplish it ......can we instead go back to the beginning?
Peace doesn’t come from anywhere else or anyone else – it lives within you. It lives within you even in times of struggle, trial and hardship, it lives inside you during all phases of your life - the truth is it never leaves you – it is always there – just waiting to be unlocked.  There is no magic to finding it or ideal way of finding it – but I tell you this – it is not found in rushing and striving and hurtling through life. It lies in stopping, being still if even for a short time. It is there and reachable and attainable in every day – yet so many of you bypass it. Just sit and stand and breathe – connect into my Blue Sapphire ray of Divine Peace and allow your body and mind to be still. Do not force it, do not judge or cajole it – just allow the SPACE and TIME to be – even for a few minutes each day. To sit and connect to yourself – how you are feeling, what you need help with, to commune with your soul.
Your soul is never stressed or tense or fearful – your soul – flows from one lifetime to another experiencing, observing, participating, enjoying, learning – but it stays at peace within you.
Connect into your breath, connect into your heart – bring the Sapphire energy deep within you – breathe it in allowing its softness, calmness and simplicity to sit within you. Allow it to wrap around you – to feel the safe, everlasting peace of divine love always available to each of you.
This can be done amidst the noise and everyday life around you – surroundings do not matter – what matters is what is inside each of you – and that is love and a well of peace available to everyone at all times.  Stop and be, be still and calm, be held in love and feel free.
Also hear my plea to be ambassadors of peace in your world – again this is through who you are and the energy that you carry – it is about exuding peace, responding in peace to situations or people who are not in alliance with it – it is about teaching by example to family, friends, children. That is how peace will eventually be established as the norm – by being it and demonstrating it. Start now, take it a day at a time and in every moment remember you have a choice to be peace – use the Sapphire energy to help you become that and allow it to grow inside you, so peace is what and who you are.
As an additional note to this spray here are some observations I noted whilst making it:
Peace - this has been a theme very much to the forefront this week as I make the Archangel Metatron Divine Peace Spray, and also in clients I have seen these last few days.
One beautiful lady today cried intensely with me and I held her and explained that the peace doesn't come when X or Y happen, it comes amidst the imperfection of our lives when we tune within, and when we come to peace with ourselves, as well as allow ourselves to feel divine love.
As I made the crystal essence yesterday I stood back and looked at what was happening. It was a beautiful sunny day on the 11th of a month (11 always being a number linked to Metatron about illumination). The spring water had been blessed and the crystals sparkled and I could almost see the transference of energy between them....and then something happened.  Out of nowhere a lot of noise started coming up from the road below my balcony. I could hear building work going on in the distance, someone else was cutting hedges back with some piece of heavy machinery and my immediate thought was 'Great just when everything was perfect' (!). I questioned Metatron about should I bring the water in until a time it was quieter, maybe on another day also. He smiled at me and laughed at said 'But this is the exact purpose of this spray - to find peace even amongst the noise of life around us'. He reminded me how unless we retreat and live in the middle of nowhere it is virtually impossible to find complete silence in our towns and cities - but that it doesn't matter. And also Jesus himself created miracles in the midst of busy markets, crowds and general hustle and bustle.
What we all need to do is find the peace within ourselves despite anything in our lives that we judge imperfect.
To find that still place within our heart - our sanctuary and place of refuge, healing and where all our answers also lie.
Peace doesn't have to be elusive or found when we have completed something, are somewhere, or as an aspiration to achieve. It is possible today - right now - and the new spray will help us find it. 
Brilliant Sapphire Divine Peace Energy for use whenever we need it.  Works as a compliment to Flame Guiding Light Spray, Rose Inner Child and any other spray you would like to compliment with this energy.
Essential Oils in Sapphire Spray are: - Peppermint, Lemon Grass, Coriander, Lavender, Elemi, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood