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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

18. Bluebell Bridge – For Loss & Grief

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This spray could easily have been called Peace for it helps take us into a place of peace, stillness and calm – despite external situations that may be going on around us.
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"Come to me and let me hold you awhile - here in my arms you may find some respite from the heartache that comes from loss.

To have loved brings with it this high price of sorrow - yet to not know this would mean you had not experienced the sheer joy of their presence here beside you in life.

You may feel you are drowning in a sea of emotions and pain yet I will not let you go under. I will hold you in my powerful arms, steady you and keep you afloat through the most difficult times, for I know that grief comes and goes like the tide itself but what always remains is the water through which you navigate your life.
I am here and I am with you. I swim beside you, your lifeguard, friend and support.

It is true that loss defines us, truly you emerge from any such experience changed, yet within my soft bluebell energy I will ensure you are cleansed and washed anew - not taking away precious memory or familiarity but renewing you with the courage and strength to believe in another day that is coming.
Like baptisimal waters you arise once more forever changed by your experience but with renewed sense of purpose - for each monumental loss brings with it transformation for those left behind.

The Bluebell Bridge is a place for you to walk to - a sanctuary from the outside busy world - somewhere to come and be with me and allow some comfort and care. My door is always open, the bridge always swept and ready for your feet that may need me at any time of day or night....I am always here. You don't need to knock - just enter and you will find me.

I see the higher picture - the soul contracts, the love that binds across the veil and that cannot be shattered by death.
Yet you remain here to live your life to fulfil your unique destiny upon this great planet and that journey is one that sees ups and downs, challenges and gifts.
Right now you see just the challenge - but I will ensure you receive the gifts too in time.

No one is ever truly lost - for they live within your heart - a bright light that can be never extinguished or tarnished....
I will remind you of this - enable you to look back in time with fond memories, of what was learnt, what was given and what received.

What feels immeasurable loss only exists upon the earth plane - for at higher level no soul can ever be lost to another - all return together and meet again eventually.

My Rainbow Bridge exists as a meeting point for souls on both sides of the veil - I ensure you both return to where you belong though - you to Earth and they to their new home.

Communication isn't lost - it has just changed
Soul Connection isn't lost it has actually deepened - for without a physical body of the one you mourn, you meet them in new ways, different ways...the smell of cologne, the presence of feathers, the light and the shadows that you know are there just as much as if a physical person was right beside you

For they ARE beside you and so am I. We both encourage you to live your life - to honour your feelings but not be devoured by them, to carry on, to believe in the power of love that conquers all, is all and one day unites all

For now live, breathe, remember but do not give up...

My Bluebell Bridge is open - come sit with me awhile and just BE...

To anyone going through grief right now we send you love.....

Archangel Metatron via Amanda Ellis October 2017

Additional notes on this spray and guidance for those going through grief:

This spray could easily have been called Peace for it helps take us into a place of peace, stillness and calm – despite external situations that may be going on around us. For those facing loss or grief this is a personal sacred journey where we mourn who or what has gone, but are reminded of the angels love and support in our darkest hours.  To feel grief is to be vulnerable to a whole spectrum of emotions that may include; shock, numbness, anger, tears, helplessness, hopelessness and despair.  Yet within the Bluebell energy we can sense the spring rebirth which lies in wait for us reminding us of the cycle of life and the never ending arrival of fresh starts and tender shoots of new beginnings that are also present. 

Essential Oils used in this spray are: 

Crystals Used are: Apatitie in Quartz, Apache Tear, Morganite (Pink Beryly), Ajoite, Howlite, Flint, Tigers Eye, Amethyst Angel 

A Footnote:

When originally making this, I picked up the different responses people will get to using it - for some who find it hard to connect to their emotion it will release pent up tears, for others it will help stop a constant flow to more manageable pace.

One I have just made is leaking its contents before my eyes - just silently seeping out of the top of an upright undamaged sealed bottle - no doubt reflecting many unshed healing tears that just have to flow now for many of us.....

For all ultimately though it will help bring peace and balance.  It can be used in the immediate after effects of loss or for stored past pain that has not been dealt with or needs the final pieces releasing.

It is a comforter to all who use it.