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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

12. Rose Gold – Stellar Gateway Energy Spray

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So refined, so light, so precious – Rose Gold could be the only colour at the Stellar Gateway – our entrance to the divine kingdom, and our ultimate connection with source and all that is.
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A Rose Gold burst of fragrant fine mist descends down through the portal of your Stellar Gateway Chakra. This is your highest energy centre - a link to Spirit and the Archangels via a divine ladder of light and to the Godhead itself.

To be connected at this level is an anointment and crowning of your own true divine self - you are precious light and soul here right now on Earth and the Rose Gold vibration reminds you of your heavenly home when you need its touch and gentle presence to be comforted and to know that all is well…

Archangel Metatrons highest level of light, holding 5th to 7th dimensional level consciousness - Rose Gold provides a safe space for you to expand your consciousness as well as merge with other soul group members for assistance and love should you choose to do so.

Unification energy is held within its warm embrace and the promise of connection and alignment to the light within you.

Combining dual colour properties the kaleidoscope of Rose and Gold blend to offer both beauty, grace, and sacred energy within you.

Be the beautiful light that you came here to be. Let no one interfere with your divine mission that is unique and for you alone. For you are special and perfect and are the only aspect of the divine that looks and feels like you - how precious is that!

You can travel through the Stellar Gateway to the wider cosmic energy whilst here connected by your silver cord to the earth below held by Archangel Sandalphon – the bronze spray of which links nicely to the Rose Gold spray, in terms of ‘As above So Below’

Protect and look after your higher chakras - they are delicate - do not abuse them with alcohol and drugs or anything that gives a false sense of bliss. The Rose Gold repairs damage done to the aura mending and sealing any fragmented parts or holes that are there.

The only bliss you need is divine bliss already at your disposal and the Rose Gold energy takes you there on an Angels wing…..

Rose Gold for Ascension, Rose Gold for Enlightenment, Rose Gold for Precious Beauty and Light

Essential Oils for Stellar Gateway are: Rose Blend, Frankincense, Basil, Jasmine Blend, Mandarin, Neroli Absolute

Crystals Used in the Rose Gold Spray are: Brandberg Amethyst, Imperial Golden Quartz, Rainbow Mayanite, Silver / Gold Healer, Astarline, Ajoite, Rose Aura Quartz, Star of David Spinel

Suggested uses for Stellar Gateway Energy Spray are during Meditation, Visualisation work, Astral Travel whilst using Earth Star to keep you grounded, Accessing Wisdom, Spiritual Truths, Aura Repair Work, Prayer and any deep spiritual process. Rose Gold is also very protective.