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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

My Team

I am blessed to have a team behind me who help me to deliver this work to you. Each of us are real people dealing with real problems just like anyone else - however we all work hard to puruse our spiritual paths and hold Metatron dear to our hearts who guides and help us in our personal and professional lives. Here we are alltogether - then let me introduce you to each person and their contact details:

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Tracy Eden - Sprays & Workshops

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Hi Everyone!

I'm Tracy, I make the sprays and also pack and despatch the orders, help organise the workshops and basically just do whatever I can to support Amanda.  I'm married to Mark, 30 years in June!  We have 3 beautiful grown up daughters of whom we are very proud, 3 dogs and live in Bristol.  I discovered Metatron in 2016 when I did Level 1 with Amanda in Bournemouth.  It was a last minute decision for me, I suddenly got the feeling I was meant to do it, Metatron gave me his special "Push"!  Now I know why!  Later that year I was in the shower one day and this idea just popped into my head that Amanda was getting so busy now she could do with someone to make the sprays for her.  Having qualified in Aromatherapy back in 2006 I wondered if I could do it, this led to mega head tingles and an overwhelming sensation of YES you need to do this!  I was too scared though, scared of being wrong, of not being up to the job, being rejected, oh so many things I was scared of.  It was so far out of my comfort zone it took me several weeks to approach Amanda about it, she was already looking for someone to come to her house and help despatch the orders by this time.  I was getting bogged down in my fear and the logistics of it all, I didn't see how it could work.  This was an important lesson for me, if we follow our hearts and our intuition we don't need to know the specifics or the Hows, the Universe takes care of all that for us.  Our job is to Trust that.  So I put on my big girl pants, remembered my promise to Metatron that fear wasn't going to hold me back any longer and I contacted Amanda with my proposal.  Typical Amanda, she hardly knew me but said it "felt right" and here we are.  I felt so incredibly lucky, I finally had the job of my dreams and felt I'd really taken a giant step forward on my spiritual path too. 

Then it all fell apart!  Less than a month later, just before my 56th birthday in April I found a lump in my breast.  I knew straight away it was serious and on the 11th May (yes Metatron was always with me) I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  I didn't understand the timing, why now??  Of course the timing was perfect, I know that now.  I've long had an interest in healing cancer naturally and have always known I wouldn't want conventional treatment.  However, when you are face to face with the doctor saying you need to start chemotherapy straight away and he clearly thinks you are making a bad decision when you tell him you don't want it, the doubts tend to creep in!  I WAS sure of one thing though, that I had to do what was right for me.  Trust myself.  This was new for me but I've come to believe that it's what my breast cancer journey is all about, giving me the opportunity to believe in myself and step into my power finally.  This was the Gift. 

Since then I've been given all the tools I need and the help and support I have received has been humbling.  I know that Metatron is with me every step of the way and I am constantly guided to people, therapies etc. that will help me, it really is Awesome in the truest sense of that word. 

I know my job is just to Trust that all is well and I'll be okay.  I think we are all on this same journey aren't we?  Namaste xx

For help in booking workshops contact Tracy at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For help in ordering sprays This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Marina Kaplais - Facebook & Social Media Support  


Hello all,my name is Marina and I am one of Amanda’s team,dealing with facebook admin and mentoring those taking the distance Metatron training. I live in the UK with my daughter Sammie, and our three crazy dogs.
I was called to Metatron and Amanda around 5 years ago and am now a Metatron teacher and healer.I am qualified in other healing modalities too but Metatron is my main guide, the one I call in to every healing, along with Sandalphon his twin flame.
I have had some pretty awful things happen to me in my life including the death of two children, abuse and physical and mental ill health and these experiences have meant I can empathise on a personal level with those going through tough times. I am naturally highly sensitive, an empath, and have had to learn how to protect my boundaries to keep myself safe and healthy.
Apart from loving my work with Metatron and his team I also work in mental health, educating public servants (police, prison officers, social workers) on personality disorder, I am a Mind peer supporter and a Dementia Friend trainer. I adore going to car boot sales and charity shops as not only do I love a bargain, but I much prefer the planet-friendly idea of re-using and recycling. Sammie and I are dog crazy and currently have three...I have always wanted a West Highland terrier so may be four soon!
So,if you message Amanda through Facebook,or sign up to take the Metatron distance course,its likely to be me who answers you.

Sending love, Marina


Michelle Wilkinson - Distance Programme Management & Client Email Support 

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Michelle manages the Distance Course programmes (Metatron Level 1 &2) that we run and is main point of contact for client enquiries.  She is a qualified Metatron Colour Healing Teacher and Therapist as well as a trained Homepath. 

Michelle - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Anna Cutts - Crystal Essence Creator