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Romella JonesMetatron Colour Healing Practitioner - Shropshire, England
Website: www.romella.co.uk

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com

Blog - www.romella.co.uk/blog

Facebook - www.facebook.com/romella101

Geographically Shropshire, England, UK

Offered online, distance healing or zoom sessions.

Available day, evenings and occasional weekend, but with the joy of distance healing you can download and experience the colour healing at any time of place or timezone!

You can book through email, DMs or online through website.

Offering individual sessions or regular sessions -
Metatron Colour Healing
Aura Cleansing
Colour therapy
Chakra/light body activation
Cord cutting
Crystal healing
Inner Child healing
Past lives healing
Ancestral healing
Removing the story/belief systems

I love creating bespoke sessions mixing Metatron Colour sprays, crystals, light work, energy and personal oracle card messages. Working intuitively to create the most suitable and effective session for the client.

I love working with energy and colour and Metatron Colour Therapy has it all in a spray. As a former aura soma practitioner I've always loved working with colours and bringing them into my therapy sessions.
Using the sprays brings in energy, crystals, aromatherapy, colour and sacred geometry plus the energy of the associated being or element.
My particular favourites are Mother Mary, inner child, Gabriel and the Lemon/Joy spray. I also carry hope in my handbag for a quick lift when out and about :-)

As a busy mum, author and therapist I love a quick to use tool that really shifts the energy - exactly what these Metatron Colour Therapy sprays do! Plus who doesn't want a bit more unicorn in their life