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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

sandy venezianiNorwich
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mob. 07932 634433
Skype: sandyven

I currently live in Norwich with my family and divide my time between my healing business, home and my husband’s business, which keeps me busy! Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster, lots of highs and lots of lows, but I've come to realise that the experiences and lessons I've learnt over the years have given me access to a huge treasure chest of life skills that I would never have had otherwise.
I have also met some amazing people along the way, who have been such an inspiration to me. Amanda has been one of these people.
I absolutely love working with Metatron and Amanda’s Metatron Colour Healing. During a healing session, I find I’m always directed to what each client is in need of. With Metatron’s assistance, peace and calm is brought in for the client, releasing tensions and stresses. This sometimes is enough to enable our own internal healing mechanism to kick into play, or acts as the foundation for further Metatron healings.

I have had the privilege of creating with the guidance of Metatron, some essential oil blends. They are perfect for using during a healing session and also in the comfort of your own home. Blends currently available are:
Inner Peace: assists with physical and mental fatigue
Clear Vibes: enables you to clear mind chatter, organise your thoughts and increase your self-confidence.
High Energy: this blend is stimulating, uplifting, refreshing and encourages motivation and clarity of goals


"Sandy is an incredibly intuitive and thoughtful healer. The Metatron process of healing is very good at revealing hidden blocks and releasing them. Sandy worked with me to help me focus and start writing a journal, to help organise my thoughts, ideas and projects. I received signs the following day that confirmed the healing session for me. I felt a great sense of release. The session included balancing my chakras too.
I would thoroughly recommend both Sandy as a practitioner and the process to facilitate path progress and well-being." ~ Samantha

"I had a wonderful Metatron Healing session with Sandy on Skype a few months ago.
It was just what I needed as I was going through a very difficult time with my health. During the treatment I became totally relaxed and my fear/anxiety levels reduced considerably.
Sandy was very calming, sincere and sympathetic and I felt completely supported and cared for during the healing.
Afterwards I was lighter, clearer and had a feeling of floatiness. The session elevated me to a place of peace, hope and trust and this carried on for a few days.
Sandy's wonderful intuitive way of working was profound and powerful. I recommend her highly.
Thank you for your time and healing session, it was amazing!!" ~ Kulwant

"I started seeing Sandy just over a year ago when I was first introduced to Energy Healing. After just one session I started to notice a difference within myself. Today I am a totally different person, much happier, more positive and confident. Sandy, you have given me such a great outlook on life and I feel like a new woman. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me - you have changed my life.” ~ Lara

"Sandy was able to provide effective relief from my symptoms of excessive tiredness and anxiety that was getting me down. She has a soft presence and yet is assertive and powerful. I feel like a huge weight has lifted from me and now feel calm and peaceful” ~ Mafalda

"I had a few healing sessions with Sandy and every time I was amazed how unique, pure and powerful her energy is. Sandy helped me to identify and lift a few blocks that were holing me back. It was incredibly powerful. Her logic, intuition, knowledge and professionalism are impressive. Sandy is 'must have' in your life. I always feel understood, nurtured, supported and safe in her company. Gifted healer and beautiful person. I feel 'on top of the world' after her healings, forever grateful." ~ Natasha

"Wow what can I say!! So much. Sandy you have the most beautiful energy. What a divine blessing it is to receive such a healing session. You are full of love and light. I am truly grateful to experience and to have connected with you, and have you as part of the journey." ~ Alex