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Debra MitchellMetatron Colour Healing Practitioner - Canton NY, USA
Phone - +1 315-244-3082
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/
Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Namaste and welcome!! My name is Debra Mitchell. I’m honored to be here and to support and help you on your spiritual journey. I am a sensitive, an empath and an intuitive healer. I have my Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work and am Licensed as a Psychotherapist with over 30 years experience in the Healing Arts and Mental Health fields. I work closely with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, my Nature Spirit Guides and the Elementals.

I was born in NYC and raised in Forest Hills, Queens, though after university I have mostly lived in small rural college towns. I grew up in a family that fostered and celebrated creativity, learning, and exposure to new experiences. I believe that this laid the foundation for my openness and being a student of life, always exploring new things, growing and transforming. i learned Transcendental Meditation in college, then went on to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became certified as a TM teacher and then taught for many years and co ran the TM Center in Elmira, Upstate N.Y. I loved these years, however I knew I wanted to return to school and continue my studies in a career that would afford me the opportunity to be financially independent and to help people in the main stream population.

I realised that healing occurs on multidimensional planes and my quest to understand the healing process took me deeper on my journey. I feel very fortunate that I had the means and time to study with many great teachers, gaining new tools and knowledge, Debbie Ford, Essentials/Shadow-Work Life Coaching and N.Y. Times bestselling author, Sri Amma Bhagavan and their Guides. Several years later I became a Reiki Master. I loved hands on healing , connecting to spirit, and receiving and channeling messages as I worked. I began to recognise my gifts even more. My greatest joy was in helping others transform and expand in consciousness. However, I found that Reiki did not encompass all that I wished to bring to the healing table. This was when I discovered Amanda Ellis on FB and Youtube and started listening to her videos. I was very drawn to her work, her authenticity, she was grounded and had a very down to earth energy and the wisdom and teachings that she was channeling were amazing and profound. I enrolled in her courses on Metatron Colour Healing and became a practitioner. Metatron has taken me deeply into the healing process. I am clairsentient and when I channel Metatron and Sandalphon they often send me very clear “visual feeling experience” messages. I also hear channeled messages. Since attuning to Metatron's energy, I feel much more synchronicity and interconnectedness in my life. Light and colour are more vibrant and integrated into my daily experiences.

Currently I own and operate my private practice called Wings of Healing Studio in Canton, where I offer Metatron Colour Healing, and do in person sessions and also distance sessions. I created a Chakra Balancing Meditation/Healing Circle that meets regularly in person. Metatron Colour Healing Sessions are channeled and guided by Archangel Metatron and Sandalphon who are my main guides. However I also work closely with the Ascended Masters-Christ, Mother Mary, Merlin; my Nature Spirit Guides-the Trees, Mosses, and Stone Beings, Owls and Dolphins; the Elementals-Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Cosmos. I am guided by Metatron to call in who needs to be there. The sessions always begin with a brief discussion to identify the areas you wish to work on and together we set intentions for the healing. I always check the chakras to determine if they are blocked or open and remove any obstacles inviting the kundalini, life force energy to flow, balancing and upgrading the entire system. I work with the 12 chakra energy system activating the earth star, soul star and stellar gateway. Other processes that may be incorporated into sessions include Inner Child Healing, Ancestral Healing, Past Life Healing, Sacred Geometry, Colour, Sound, Crystals, Visualization and Amanda’s line of powerful aura sprays. Sessions end with sharing messages and experiences and I always am guided to give some “homework” that will help you integrate the healing with daily life. I pull 3 cards from the Metatron Mastery Deck prior to the session Past, Present, and Future and these are placed under the table during the healing session. Afterwards I go over their messages with you in a short reading.

I can be found on FB under Wings of Healing Studio or you can contact me directly via phone and/or email. Please reach out if you resonate with my work. I have always been heart centred in my approach. I am very passionate about helping people connect more deeply with their authentic self, reclaim their inner power, love and accept themselves, and recognise/honour their own gifts. Building meaningful connection is a priority for me. I hope that we can journey together. Many Blessings!!