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Amy JensenMetatron Colour Healing Practitioner - Minnesota, USA
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: https://amyjensen.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/amyjensenhealingarts
Instagram: www.instagram.com/amyjensenhealingarts
Youtube: Mercurius Being


I am an artist, astrologer, yoga therapist, sound healer, and I am super excited to be a Metatron Colour Healing Practitioner as well! Attuning to Metatron, my work has become clarified, amplified, and energized. It is as if everything I had been previously doing came together like puzzle pieces uniting into a whole image. Metatron’s energy has now become an umbrella under which everything I do has a perfect place and purpose.

Metatron doesn’t fool around! In my experience, when you ask, Metatron delivers. Through symbols, synchronicities, dreams, or messages, the answer or opportunity for growth, change, or resolution will come. You have to take the steps, but Metatron is there to light the path.

I love that each session is as unique as the individual receiving it. I offer a variety of modalities so each person can choose what they are resonant with at the time. Supporting and encouraging the client to recognize what is resonant to them, reenforces their inner guidance system. I believe that we all know our own answers and what arises in a session is an affirmation of that which the client already knows in their heart. I enjoy the experience of acting as the client’s steadfast supporter, assisting and guiding them back to themselves – their perfect, whole, and complete essence.