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Stefanie Salzgeber


Mobile - 0041 77 508 29 39

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/goldeneacht.ch

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/goldeneacht_st.german/

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website - https://www.goldeneacht.ch

When I was contemplating how to introduce myself to you, the song by David Bowie called «Sounds and Vision» started to play, in which he sings, "blue, blue, electric blue". OK then, hi there, my name is Stefanie Salzgeber and the colour of my energy is blue, blue like the sky, my totem animal is the Caracal and I incarnated 1981 in the Alps of Switzerland.
A long time in my life, I was on the run from my roots and focused on my career. However, losing my father at 29 years old was a wakeup call I couldn't ignore - the murky water started to rise. In 2016 a few years later Metatron guided me with a gentle but firm hand through a transformative year and stripped me bare layer by layer while nurturing a new skin to grow.
The attunement to Level 1 in spring 2018 was forceful. I suddenly knew who had supported me all these years, and I realized it was time for the next step. I heard the call to finally do something that makes my heart sing and helps Mother Nature and the insects.
So after almost 20 years I returned to my home village St.German (note the name;) and started creating a permaculture garden and signed up for the Level 2 Metatron Attunement. While spending many hours outside in nature I discovered my love for the wild and medicinal plants. I pick and process them with great passion, be it into tea, incense or tinctures.
Of course, I offer also Metatron Colour Healing. During your session we will look at what is currently most important to you and what can best support you now. Depending on Metatrons guidance, I will balance your chakras, help you to cut cords, conduct a guided meditation etc.
Following my first attunement I had as well started to paint intuitively or as I call it "playing with colours". I always paint on the floor, well grounded, and I quickly feel which colour energy the painting wants to carry. The picture shows me what it wants to look like.
Recently I was asked to do personalised energy paintings to assist the transformation of energy with colours. Through my deep connection with nature, the energies of the elements or the animal world often show themselves. All these different energies I weave together into your personal painting supported by the powerful Metatron Healing Sprays.
More about my journey, my gardens and my offers you can find on my homepage in English and German but feel free to write me also in French. I feel that the time has come to support you on your journey to yourself. Together, it is simply more fun - are you ready?