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Marije Laarakker - van OosterhoutEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 0064-3-5285143
Website https://labyrintharttherapy.wordpress.com/

MeWe: Labyrinth Art Therapy

Kia ora, my name is Marije. I live in Motueka in the top of the South Island and I am honoured to be starting my journey as a Metatron Colour Practitioner.
I grew up in the Netherlands. From a young age I felt drawn to the more spiritual and mainly invisible side of life on earth.
Very thankful for my Steiner schooling I realize how blessed we were to sit and play in the energy of the fairies, the little folk and the angels; how Mother Earth’s and the Cosmic energies were honoured, celebrated and included in the daily and seasonal rhythm and the year’s festivals.
I experienced the importance, significance and symbolism of the year’s festivals on a very deep level and I feel how they still work through me. I’ve always been in awe of the Archangels and somehow able to sense the energy of the angelic realms. I felt closest to Archangel Michael and called upon this protective and strength-giving energy in challenging stages of my life.

As a teenager I was interested in paganism, did yoga, tarot courses, read many spiritual books and I loved my crystal collection.
In my twenties I did several courses to develop different ways of working with universal energies and studied Anthroposophical art therapy.
In 2010 I moved to New Zealand with my husband and daughter and found work in aged care, first as a care giver, later as a diversional therapist.
In 2019 I discovered the work of Amanda Ellis. I had not heard of Archangel Metatron at that time, but the more I tuned into his energy, the more familiar it became.
I felt the need to connect more and learn more and, did my level 1 Metatron Colour Healing. During this period, a dear friend of mine was on a journey with a very progressive blood cancer. A beautiful group of friends, mainly healers in their own field of expertise, wove an energetic web around her to hold her and walk beside her on this path toward transition. I actively started to work with Archangel Metatron’s energy around my friend, using Amanda’s White Light and Rainbow Bridge sprays and saw its magic happen in front of my eyes. It had a calming effect during moments of heightened anxiety and brought peace when in pain.
When I feel it appropriate, I use the auric sprays in the rest home where I work, to ease the transition of residents who are actively dying. It brings peace and serenity to the soul on the threshold of life and death.
I have witnessed how the Bluebell Bridge spray for loss and grief has helped several residents when overwhelmed with emotion or sadness.

In the evenings and on Saturdays I offer hands-on and distance healings from home or from our 354 High Street clinic in Motueka.
I am looking forward to welcome you.

Marije Laarakker - van Oosterhout
Labyrinth Art Therapy