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Kathrine Lemmon

Mobile - 1-905-802-3442

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website - https://lighterlifedynamics.com

In 2008 I initiated the rather extreme but surprisingly natural transition from corporate lawyer to energy therapist. I began like so many others on this path by qualifying as a Reiki practitioner. Since then I have studied a number of different energy modalities and I have travelled to many spiritual sites on Earth guided by local Shamans, absorbing their teachings. I am so grateful to be living my soul purpose today providing energy therapy, teaching, spiritual counselling and mediumship/intuitive guidance to clients. After working for so long in a stressful corporate environment, I fully appreciate the need for these services to help relax the body, quiet the mind and nurture the soul.

After completing training in angelic healing in 2011, I became acquainted with Metatron’s energy when a strong and distinctly powerful angelic vibration entered my healing room. A couple of years later I was literally struck to my knees as a burst of energy entered my crown and was surprised to find that somehow I was channelling Michael Jackson’s spirit, receiving messages about healing the Earth and bringing peace to the planet. I was shy of mentioning this to many people since it seemed a little too fantastic for words, but it suddenly made wonderful sense when I was introduced to Amanda online and her relationship with the Heart Squad. I now understand that Metatron’s energy is strongly connected to people that are change agents. After taking Level One of Metatron Colour Healing and receiving my first attunement, I was visited by other members of Amandas Heart Squad Princess Diana, Elvis, Prince and John Lennon, communicating their presence and purpose, and delivering messages supporting our evolution of consciousness.

Today having completed my Level 2 I feel very blessed to offer Metatron Colour Healing to my clients as a session allows me the opportunity to provide a service that incorporates so many of my skills – energy healing with crystals, colours, aroma, sound and sacred geometry, intuitive guidance and mediumship work. I find that Metatron’s energy is a strong support for transformation and positive change. I am pleased to facilitate access to this for clients by providing both in person sessions and sessions by distance.