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My path of awakening and owning my power began in 1990.At a certain point I realised I wanted to share the modalities and the knowledge that helped me most with others. So I did - and for my healings and energy work I used ways of working that I had learned from the Q'ero (keepers of wisdom of the Inca), Chakra reading and healing and Ilahinoor (Divine Light) - a beautiful and powerful energy.

Then a couple of years ago I found Amanda Ellis on Facebook and You Tube and started following her. This felt so right and I became intrigued by Archangel Metatron - so I decided to do the Level 1 course. This bought the energy of Archangel Metatron very tangibly into my life - and so after that I completed Level 2 and became a Practitioner. Archangel Metatron is now very present in my life and in my healing and growing path and I am very grateful for this. I am also grateful that I can now work with his energy withmy clients.

I offer Metatron Colour Healings - one on one - both face to face and at a Distance - please email me to arrange this from any of the links above.