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Samantha Lennie Hey lovely! My name is Sam Lennie. 

I am a certified reflexologist, reiki master, energy intuitive, teacher, facilitator and a conduit for divine light.

I work with the angelic realm, spirit guides, intuition and my healing toolkit gathered over the years. I help you to achieve your desires, to live life with joy and purpose and to your highest potential. In 2020 and beyond, we are all being encouraged to drop the old, limiting habits, beliefs, stories and pain, to align fully and wholeheartedly and unapologetically to your own truth of who YOU are.

Wherever you are in the world, you’ve answered the call and arrived here. Let me help you shine your light. 

If you were to try and follow my path to becoming a healer, what you would probably see is a plate of spaghetti!

I’ve experienced highs lows and sudden seismic shifts in my 40+ years on this earth. I’ve moved across the globe. Like many of us, I’ve enjoyed a successful corporate career in sales and marketing and then dabbled in more creative and entrepreneurial activities too. But I have always had a connection to spirit and I guess it took me to adulthood and consciously being on my own spiritual journey that I finally took notice.

I’ve witnessed life and love many times over, moved away from my tribe, had soul relationships come and go, life partnerships thrive and burn only to be revived, stronger and healthier for the experience. 

Giving birth to two of my biggest teachers and losing them to old patterns and out-dated stories built up over many generations has been by far the most challenging of lessons to learn. Yet, it gives me a higher and wider perspective on life’s curveballs and a kaleidoscope of relationship expertise.

Many times I have laughed and cried. 

Your mess becomes your message and my message to you is that if the path you’ve chosen doesn’t fill your heart with joy, then you must choose again and follow the path that does. 

Life passes by, people stay forever, they may stay for a moment, yet YOU are all you have in every moment, and YOU are the only thing that you are responsible for. You have a commitment to self, nobody else can take that obligation on for you. 

Choose love… deep love and respect for yourself, and deep love and respect for everyone else and you’ll never feel deep fear or sadness again.

I do what I do for you because it excites, inspires me and lights me up.

I consciously began my energy healing journey in 2015 and since discovering Metatron back in 2018 and becoming attuned to his frequency in 2019 with Amanda, his energy has permeated every part of my life. It has become clear that Metatron is helping me to serve people all over the world with distance healing and is orchestrating connections to indigenous healers in spirit to assist me with the intensity of this path. His light and his gentle yet persuasive support is truly a blessing!

How would I describe Metatrons energy? Three words… Immediate, subtle, sledgehammer-like!!

I look forward to connecting with you.


Sam x

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Distance & In-clinic Metatron Colour Healing & Akashic Record Readings