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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

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A very important component of the Sprays that are created is the Crystal energy within them. Amanda makes all of the crystal essences by hand at her home in Bournemouth which is near to the sea and on the St Michaels Ley Line leading to Stone Henge and Avebury via local milestones of Hengistbry Head and St Catherines Hill. She is lucky to have a private balcony where essences often sit for a few days soaking up energy for a set day and set intention. Amanda uses her own intuition as to when each is ready to be bought in. They are made in a home setting not mass produced in a factory!
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The crystal essences are made via times of high Solar or Lunar activity eg. Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse, as well as on Master number energy days (11th and 22nd). This essence is used by Tracy whilst making each spray.
The different combination of crystals contained within each spray can be found via information given for each one on the Shop page. 
Amanda enjoys sourcing new crystals all the time and now has an impressive collection built up over many years. By maintaining this aspect of the production of the sprays Amanda keeps her energy ongoing in all of the sprays sold. 
Archangel Metatron teaches that it is the layering of different modalities that really amplifies healing ability of each one (eg Colour, Crystals, Oils, Sacred Geometry).

Crystals are picked intuitively and also at times via channelled guidance - often via their colour properties and / or metaphysical aspects as well.  You may notice some crystals and indeed oils that are not traditionally associated with a particular chakra – this is the whole point – we are being asked to rethink, experiment and enjoy all the colours, crystals  and vibrations available to us – not be stuck in confined old ways of thinking and being. Having said this, the crystals typically chosen with guidance by Metatron are not completely random!

Some more examples below!

Mohawkite, Dioptase, Petrified Wood, Brazilianite,                  Turquoise, Amazonite, Celestite, Linarite, Azumar, Howlite 
Blue Amber and Emerald                                                          Calcite, Larimar, Clear Quartz 
 20140407 103859Aqua Jade
Emerald Renewal & Rejuvenation Spray                                  Aquamarine & Jade Higher Heart Spray

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Archangels !
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 Mary Magdalene Crystals including Twin Quartz