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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

All genuine comments ....

"Just letting you know that I have received my goodies, and they are so beautifully blissful – thanking Amanda and yourself so much for the creation of them xx  I took my time yesterday when I opened the box, after clearing my space for the new loving energy to come in with each bottle, I ceremonially and with love opened and tapped into each bottle’s vibration with such gratitude.  Oh my goddess they are so beautiful, precious and filled with such love and grace xx  I actually felt Metatron’s presence more greatly, and I wonder what the combination of oils/essences were in the Cosmic Light bottle – it was a scent I could not place"!
Australia Customer

"Hi Amanda
Wanted to just let you know I love the new kids sprays.
I used them on myself this morning. I could feel them physically life my energy and support me. They gave me a clear message that everything  will be ok and I had nothing to fear. Metatron has my back on all levels. I feeling of excitement came over me and there was nothing else that could have created this feeling at the time apart from your gorgeous sprays!"

"Hi Amanda and Tracy. I just wanted to reach out to thank you for the beautiful Mary Magdalene sprays. Let me tell you the first bottle that came out was the Teaching & Annointing spray and once I sprayed it, it really took its time settling in, it just kept going deeper and deeper, exposing layers upon layers of its scent. I was eager to get to the second spray, but this energy kept me from doing so, and just wanted to be savoured, which I did! The energy is so strong but gentle at the same time.

The second was the Divine Feminine Spray. Once I sprayed it the scent of this one was that of honey, and I felt like clear, rich honey was poured into my lungs and heart, and then it expanded to the rest of me, a really beautiful experience. 

Then I came to the Water Elemental and the Sunrise New Dawn sprays, so I placed all 4 of them as a small grid to anchor the energy in my space". 

"THANK YOU all so much for these amazing spraysI adored the little sprinkles of pink hearts, horseshoes and LOVE that came in the packaging, so lovely. My son who is 10 was just as excited as I was opening the package when it arrived and when I explained to him what they were he ran all around the house spraying his favorite one, the Plum, in each and every room and even outside the front and back doors of the house!

It was wonderful to see his joyful reaction to it = he was diagnosed ADHD and I'm hoping the sprays will have a grounding effect on him!  I will be ordering more soon as the Plum spray is already about half gone!  😀
Thank you all again for the time and effort and love put into creating these sprays and I'm very much looking forward to working with them.
Love from CT, USA"




I'm very excited to get to know their energy deeper. Thank you once again for such beautiful creations. "

(USA Client) 

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