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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

Archangel Metatron Colour Healing™


Level 2 – Distance Course – Practitioner Level


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Taking your healing journey with Archangel Metatron up to Practitioner Level:

  • Enabling you to practise on others and be of spiritual service
  • Suitable for those just interested in self-healing also.

A multimedia course designed by Amanda Ellis, Founder of the Metatron Colour Healing™ System and Metatron Healing sprays. Designed to be completed at your own pace and in your own time - now accessible wherever you are in the world. This Distance Programme has been developed from many successful Level 2 Workshops run by Amanda for a number of years. Simply put - it includes what works, what is achievable, and able to be integrated and then offered to real life situations and healing.

This Distance course consists of:

Video material to watch

  • Attunement Video
  • Elemental Healing Video
  • Distance Healing Video
  • Colour Sprays Video
  • Colour Sound Bath

  • Sound file recordings:       
    • Past Life & Ancestral talk / Meditations


  • 90 + page Manual with illustrations
    • Exercises to complete
    • Case studies to do (You are sent examples of previous students work to give you an idea of what is expected)
  • 10 Colour Healing Sprays 

Pre Requisites for this course:

  • Level 1 Archangel Metatron Workshop or Distance programme completion 
  • Compilation of 4 Case Studies concerning healing you conduct during this Level 2 programme to be sent to Amanda for approval prior to Level 2 certificate being granted.  In the UK Insurance is obtainable from Balens upon compilation of this course.
  • A willingness to serve spirit and be guided by Archangel Metatron through a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

  • An understanding of colour is advisable - however if you have no colour training - there will be some reference to colour healing properties during the course, but it will not be the main focus.  

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Level 2 looks at:

  • Review of Sacred Geometry
  • Explaining Metatron Healing to Clients
  • Who are my Clients? / Making a Vision Board
  • Where to Work From
  • Metatron & Working With Other Energies
  • The Extended Chakra System
    • Concentrating on working with Earth Star, Altar Major, Higher Heart, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway Chakras
  • Attunes you to be able to carry out hands on healing with Metatrons energy, as well as distance healing
  • Templates Given of how to carry out Metatron Colour healing include:
    • Cord Cutting
    • Past Life Healing
    • Ancestral Healing
    • Chakra Balance / Light Body Activation
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Colour / Sound Bath Healing
    • Editing Scripts Healing
    • Elemental Healing
    • Distance Healing
    • Overview of Properties of Individual Colours (NB this is introductory level only)


Cost Investment

Level 2 Distance Metatron Course

£330 (UK Sterling)


Price includes 10 Archangel Metatron Healing sprays (these are needed for the healing work and for you to carry out case study work).

o   Rose Inner Child spray (Inner Child Healing) (PINK ENERGY)

o   Crimson Base Chakra spray (Ancestral Healing)  (RED ENERGY)

o   Earth Elemental Spray (BROWN ENERGY)

o   Air Elemental Spray (BLUE ENERGY)

o   Fire Elemental Spray (ORANGE ENERGY)

o   Water Elemental Spray (TURQUIOSE ENERGY)

o   Cosmos Elemental Spray (VIOLET ENERGY)

o   Emerald Green – Renewal & Recovery Spray (GREEN ENERGY)

o   Fear Fighter ( YELLOW ENERGY)

o   Rainbow Bridge Spray (Across the veil work – numerous healing templates)

o   All 50 mls

The sprays you receive are pre selected for your healing work in this course and shown here:

IMG 0037 2

  • The 10 recommended sprays can be replaced above by others IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM but you do need ones to work with that relate to chakras (reason why the elements have been chosen here – 5 as opposed to 12 to keep cost down). No reduction is given for course material without sprays included. 
  • After completion of the course you are also offered a 33% reduction on an individual skype session with Amanda – normal price £75 – discounted to £50. This is not part of the standard course cost but an optional extra – if taken up this offer needs to be used within 6 months of the training program. 
  • Unlike Level 1 there is only one package offered for Level 2 as to achieve this level ALL aspects need to be covered in full.

          To Purchase Click here: Go to Shop - Purchase of Level 2

A description of Metatron Colour Healing™ is given here - this is the modality you qualify in!!!

"Metatron Colour Healing' is a method of healing that channels the transformational energy of Archangel Metatron using Colour and Light to restore, replenish and upgrade the whole body matrix made up of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. It does this via working through the extended chakra system which in turn disperses the energy to wherever it is needed - it is an intelligent energy and knows where it needs to go.

The Metatron energy is channelled via the higher chakras down through the healer to the client - as such the light emanates from higher realms but is anchored to earth by the energy of Archangel Sandalphon who grounds and ensures it is compatible with earths energy field and that of the individual. It uses both hands on healing as well as work within the aura to help maintain optimum health. The body responds naturally to the vibration of light and it has the ability to enter at cellular level to bring lasting change and recovery.

The client often experiences Metatron and Sandalphons energy via seeing colour, geometric shapes (Sacred Geometry is also used by the Healer), and a huge variety of sensations that always ensures the client feels 'lighter', relaxed, connected to their true self.

Guidance is usually given by the healer in terms of next steps to take as the Metatron energy is always about moving you on to be all you came here to be. If used to treat physical illness you will be shown underlying emotional patterns that may have helped contribute to the illness itself. These will need to be worked on layer by layer till full health is restored.

Colour can be incorporated in a number of ways during a Metatron Healing session - eg through the specially designed Metatron Aura sprays, as well as Coloured Silks, Crystals, Visualisation and Colour Breathing where appropriate.

You are required to empower yourself with Metatrons love, guidance and light to break free from old patterns, habits, behaviours etc and start the journey back to health, happiness and contentment.  It can also be used as a wonderful tonic and 'pick me up' whenever an infusion of light and love is needed to support your journey through life. Metatron Healing is recommended for many other issues including Ancestral, Past Life, Karmic, Inner Child and many other areas that can arise.

I hope you wish to continue your Metatron journey - it offers much for you and your prospective clients, as can be seen here from client testimonial of recent Level 2 graduates here in UK.
"A huge thank you for my Metatron Colour Healing, which I was blessed to receive from you. The environment in which you did the healing felt really sacred. I was especially impressed with how kind and gentle your approach was. I felt so cared for and safe the whole time. The whole experience left me feeling so uplifted and renewed. I just want to say thank you for sharing your extra special gift with me. You are indeed an exceptional woman. x” (Testimonial for UK Level 2 Practitioner Rosie Johnson)
"Attunement video was awesome as usual.  I watched it quite late at night (was having one of those days) and after that lovely experience I went to bed and fell straight to sleep - but had an incredible night of what I can only imagine is what is lucid dreaming.  I was being instructed by Sandalphon the whole night.

I woke fully several times - almost to check my body and then I would surrender and go straight back to that energy.  I don't remember any of what was said, but just that feeling of spending a whole night learning!  

I love that I can feel the huge progression I have made from starting Level 1 to now so it will be exciting to see what comes about next..thank you".
To register email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and speak to Michelle.
With Love and Thanks Amanda Ellis
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