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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

Drunvalo Melchizedek was the person who introduced me to the existence of the Merkaba through his online teachings. I have great respect for what he teaches but for me and my work with Metatron it struck me (or was rather told to me by Metatron) that were other ways of activating it via the strength and power of angelic light and love. What I present here is simply a different way - and if it resonates that is great, if not then feel free to explore other ways and informatuon that is out there.Put simply the Merkaba is an electro magnetic field which forms a 3D Star of David made up of two interlocking tetrahedrons. A Merkaba exists around every living thing - that is you and me, planet earth and more of less everything you see. It looks like this:
Merkaba stands for:
Mer - Light
Ka -Body
Ba -Vehicle It helps us access higher dimensions and conciousness, to visit other planes of existance and bring that back into our physical life here on earth. It is dormant unless activated, you need to have reached a certain level of conciousness before you are aware and capable of working with it..
Many clients I have seen have realised as soon as I show them my Merkaba crystals that this is a shape that they have often seen in meditation or dreams and not realised what it is, or what it means! Many of you may have had your Merkaba activate without realising it also, if you live your life in what we call 5th dimensional conciousness.

P3205850 v2In the Metatron workshops and attunements that I run we look at activating our Merkaba via meditation and connection to Archangel Metatron.This is done in a safe protected way. Traditional Teaching up to this point in Merkaba Activation has been male oriented – by this I mean that it has been based on quite scientific, rational right brain thinking. I have looked into learning it this way, and quickly found it wasn’t for me.This is not because a) I don’t have enough intelligence or b) that I am not prepared to work hard at something – it is more due to time constraints. Like many other people I have moments in my life bringing up a family where I am ‘time poor’ – I simply don’t have the time to study and sit with all that i want to learn and experience in this life. And do you know what...Metatron says it doesn’t have to be that way anyway. If you want to go off and study and learn a different way – then that is your prerogative, and is not wrong – there are many paths to all light body activation work.
I am simply stating the way shown to me by Metatron that is for people like me (and you hopefully) that are time poor but seek activation of all we can be in this lifetime. This is left brain feminine teaching that uses the power of angelic love to activate and work with our own Merkaba.
It is simple, yet its ground rules need to be properly observed and understood. We are dealing with powerful life changing energy – and it has to be respected.

Some Pointers on Merkaba Work with Archangel Metatron

Even with Archangel Metatron at you side – if your heart centre is closed and you are unable to be in a loving heart centred place – not just to yourself, but the wider world and others – your Merkaba will not properly activate itself.

If you find this to be true it will be important for you to do more work on healing yourself, and you may need to work on concepts such as:

Letting Go, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Grace, Peace etc.If you want to learn more sign up for Archangel Metatron Level 1 (either at Distance or in one of my workshops) - run regularly - see my events page for further details.