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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

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There are two levels of attunement and Metatron training that I offer either at Distance (please see seperate page) or via workshops in person in the UK or internationally. There are also some additional modules to be introduced in 2016. Level 1 and 2 is also available through Teachers trained by me.

A Teachers Level also exists although this is by invitation only.

I offer my own range of attunements to Archangel Metatrons energy, which I call Divine Light Attunements. The system itself I teach is called Metatron Colour Healing. These are different from other systems you may have researched on the web, and encompass what I have been personally led to develop by Metatron. If what I describe resonates wth you I will be happy to discuss your progress with this further. They can be used to harness Metatrons energy in your own everyday life and whatever area of work or specialism you have. I have attuned people who have incorporated Metatrons energy into Counselling, Art, Fitness Training, New Business Start Ups, Working with Animals, Children.....the list goes on. Attunements can also be undertaken specifically to become a healer using Metatrons energy (this would necessitate taking attunement to at least Level 2). 

Metatron Divine Light Attunement and Workshop Level 1:

metatron symbol2
Metatron Gateway Artwork
by Corrine Cyster.

This includes:

  • Understanding Archangel Metatrons energy and Archangel Sandalphon
  • Integrating Metatrons energy into your physical body.
  • Gaining some clarity on life purpose.
  • Enhanced ability to integrate a 5th dimensional consciousness into all you do
  • Being able to Channel Metatrons energy when ever needed
  • Deep cleansing and purifying of the body – an ongoing process
  • Helping align male and female energies within us
  • Learning about Merkaba and aspects of Sacred Geometry (Platonic Solids)
  • Filling you with strands of beautiful divine light, which help activate your spiritual light body.

Price is £200 (maybe slightly more if out of Bournemouth area to cover travel) for a new expanded two day course, which includes:


12 hours teaching

Merkaba Crystal

Pre and Post Attunement manual

Downloadable meditations to keep

  IMG 0093 level 1
"I received my Metatron attunement from Amanda in July 2011.My introduction to Metatron had been powerful and direct and I knew in the depths of my being that he was going to play a very significant role in my life. And so it proves day after day. I believe that Metatron has been by my side guiding me and supporting me since my attunement, as my experience has always been that doors open and opportunities arise just as they are needed, and I am always in the right place at the right time.
I have learnt not to push too hard, but to have faith that I will be taken care of and be exactly where I am supposed to be. When an opportunity arises I know I can take it as it has been given to me with a specific purpose. All that is required from me is hard work, dedication and commitment.
I connect to Metatron via meditation, and as a visual thinking person he communicates with me using images. There are so many and I record them all in my journal. An overriding imagine he gave me is of him cradling me in his enormous hands, secure in the knowledge that I am safe and loved, knowledge which is empowering me to live my life with purpose and in endeavour.
I would recommend Amanda without hesitation. She offers wisdom, insight and support and is a great source of knowledge and experience.
(G. Brown, Bournemouth)

"I can't recall now how I was guided to Amanda to start with but felt a strong pull to do the Metatron teachings with her, like there were some missing pieces of the puzzle I had been collecting that would be put in place once I submitted to doing the course. So I did! About 10 days before the course I received with gratitude the beautifully done pre-course material and Metatron meditation sent with love by Amanda. Oh boy, that meditation connected me closely to Metatron's Energy. I felt his energy encasing me with love, strength and compassion. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. The interesting thing - I felt the same by looking in Amanda's eyes when I first met her in person. She is embodying what she is teaching about. I couldn't contain my excitement and was counting down the days before the workshop.The workshop was absolutely magical. The energies that were in the room and flowing through me were so alive, fresh and vibrant. Amanda's sprays are powerful little bombs that literally "talk" to me, eg. which one should be used and when.
So easy to follow. I felt like a fish in a water. I had no problems with receiving guidance or seeing colours or images. I felt my gifts decide to unfold with new power and Metatron's energy made it safe to do so.
Amanda is a great facilitator and both days flew with ease and grace. Two days have passed since the workshop and I am closely working with Metatron, he helps me to prioritise my daily tasks, has also helped with two major issues, and already is giving me ideas and guidance on what I need to read or learn or change. It's a pleasure and a honour to work with Him. I am looking forward to Workshop 2, to take Healing with Metatron to practitioner level. Thank you Amanda. you are truly a Warrior of Light."
(N Bond, Harrogate)

"A wonderful awe inspiring weekend..I absolutely loved it and got so much out of it on a personal level. Confirmation that I'm on the right path, one leg over the hurdle now, as Metatron says(!), and to keep going with recovering my health...xxx Thank you Amanda and to all of you of our wonderful group for a lovely weekend. Namaste and om shanthi..xxx (A Harris)

Metatron Divine Light Attunement and Workshop Level 2:

DORSET Metatron MAY 2015 067EnhLevel 2 Attunements is for those wanting to take the next step on their journey with Metatron (you will need to have completed Level 1)

Either undertaken for themselves to upgrade the level of energy they carry and can channel or to work professionally with the public using Archangel Metatrons energy, in a number of ways.

Level 2 will focus on incorporating the energy into hands on healing techniques. If you are Reiki trained this will be wholly compatible with your existing techniques, and indeed I have run workshops where the energies of both Dr Usui and Metatron are present, and are very happy to work together!
You do not have to be Reiki trained however. Also, if you are not an experienced healer and want to learn how to heal with Metatron then the course is equally useful and valid. Metatron and I will help get you to the standard that is required from whichever starting point you are at. The attunements in Level 2 are a 2 day process specifically to allow time for practical demonstrations, and experience of working on each other.

Level 2 looks at:


  • Activating & working with the following Chakras:

Earth Star

Higher Heart

Alta Major

Soul Star

Stellar Gateway Chakras


  • Upgrades and attunes you to be able to carry out hands on healing with Metatrons energy, as well as distance healing with the public
  • Receive templates of how to carry out Metatron healing, including:

Past Life Healing

Ancestral Healing

Cord Cutting

Inner Child Healing

Light Body Activation

Chakra Balance

Body Balance

Practical exercises to do under my guidance



Level 2 also looks at the Metatron energy sprays - their use and application etc

The Level 2 course is certificated, and after completion you are qualified to work with the public,using Metatrons energy. I am currently looking into insurance options.

If you don't know already - he will push you out of comfort zones into pastures new - so it is good to share tips and hints in handling the energy both for yourself, and when sharing it with others.

As already mentioned, this 2 day course will include attunement itself as well as practical sessions, and teaching.

Price for two days is £200, a non refundable deposit of £30 secures your place. Dates are up on Events Page.

For Level 2 an understanding of colour is advisable - however if you have not already completed some form of colour training with me - there will be some reference to colour healing properties during the course, but it will not be the main focus. If you have little prior understanding of colour - it is advisable to have some colour training with me at some point in the future, as well as background reading on colour and learning which I can advise you on. This will enhance your understanding of the language of colour which flows alongside much of Metatrons work.

level 2 b DORSET Metatron MAY 2015 074Enh

Teachers Level - Metatron Colour Healing

This is run by invitation when I feel you are ready to pass on this system to others - you need to have been working and living with the Metatron energy fully for some time. You also need a good understanding of Colour Therapy (I run linked courses).

Here is the first group of qualified Metatron Colour Teachers - all qualified in May 2015 - here are some photos from that weekends journey. Their details are being added to individual country specific pages on this website with their details.

IMG 1291 IMG 1296