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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

The Out of Body Chakras

Different theories and understandings exist in terms of how many chakras there actually are - there are certainly many more than the 12 chakras we focus on at prsent within Metatron Colour Healing - but these 12 are the ones that Metatron wants us to focus on first. 

The Earth Star Chakra

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The Earth Star
chakra is located aprox 20- 30 cms below the feet - but when acttivated and open can expand much further than that.

Earth Star is our connection to Mother Earth and all the support and foundation she gives us to go forward and live our lives. Unless we are firmly grounded - not just at the Base Chakra - but deeper still at Earth Star level we will find it hard to integrate and be able to use the wonderful new energies pouring in through our crowns!
We will indeed feel spaced out, unfocussed, indecisive or just unable to take the steps forward we need to.

Archangel Sandalphon rules the realm of Earth Star and is a perfect compliment to the energies of Metatron who he is often around - they worl together much of the time.
Message for the Earth Star spray is here

The Soul Star Chakra

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The Soul Star
lies above our crown chakra - again 10 cms or so above the top of the head - its precise location varies from individual to individual but you can usually sense where it is by holding your hand above your head and dictating the change in pressure / energy as you get near to it.
Metatron is traditionally associated with this chakra but really he watches over all the higher chakras. I view him as a gatekeeper at the higher chakras - only allowing through that which is of the right vibration for you, and filtering out anything that is not loving and pure.
The Soul Star opens up our pathways and channels for guidance and healing from the divine. It is the chakra that has to be open and activated in any healer.
Message for the Soul Star is here

The Stellar Gateway

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The Stellar Gateway is our portal through which we can connect to universal love, the divine and our interconnectedness to oneness.
It is the place from which when open we can travel to the stars and back - reach out to other galaxies, our intergalactic friends and helpers.

The Stellar Gateway is situated above the Soul Star and is heavily protected. Metatron will only allow it to open in a safe space that is right for you.
With all the higher chakras it is advisable not to drink or take drugs or partake of anything that is hallucinatory whilst attempting to reach such elevated states of consciousness. Such things would block your ability anyway - but it is advisable to respect the pure nature of these higher chakras and what they offer via meditation, use of sparys or any other technique.
The message for the Stellar Gateway is here