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Amanda Ellis

Spiritual Teacher, Angelic & Celestial Channel & Colour Intuitive

The Chakras and Our Energy Body

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To understand the charkas, which are the energy centres in our body, we have to redefine how we look at the world and ourselves.
The truth (which in our day to day lives we usually forget) is that EVERYTHING in the universe is made up of energy, including our physical bodies. The charkas, which by their very nature are pure energy are either in balance or out of balance dependant on their interaction with so many internal and external stimuli.

cience is starting to research the effect of different therapies and how they influence and harness the energy flow in the body.
hink of the most popular complimentary therapies;Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Colour Therapy,Sound Therapy, Crystals, Flower Essences etc

hey all have as their central premise a belief that the body’s energies can be manipulated and led back to a healthier state by different vibrational state that affect the persons energy system.

ke sound healing as an example: - Dr David Hamilton – a respected UK scientist, in his book `It’s the thought that counts’, talks about the evidence behind the Power of Prayer, the Power of Words and our DNA structure.
cites an example of an experiment conducted in China where three doctors from a Clinic and training centre in Qinhaungdao, stood behind a woman who had a cancerous tumour in her bladder, approximately 3 inches wide. They placed her in front of a real-time ultrasound scanner so there would be a visual representation of what was happening inside her body.

The doctors chanted a sound that means ‘already gone’ and the tumour shrank before their eyes. It disappeared completely in 2 minutes 42 seconds. Leading spiritual teachers such as Louise Hay and Greg Bradon have cured themselves of cancer by using a number of spiritual and holistic tools including positive affirmations, visualisation, and other healing method.

So energy healing works whether it is sound, colour, or any other form of vibrational therapy. However, working with energy is something like anything (!) that needs to be learnt and practised.


o energy is both around us and within us - and we each have our own personal energy field, that we walk around with from the moment of birth to the moment of death. This is called our aura – and it can be physically sensed, as well as seen – again with practise.

en someone gets too close to us, we say ‘they are invading our personal space’, and that is exactly what they are doing! There are of course times when a persons energy field merges with another persons, this can be on a partial level during day to day contact eg. giving somebody a hug, shaking hands etc
ur aura reflects what is going on in our lives, and as such is a barometer of emotional, spiritual and physical health. it will, like the charkas change from day to day. It is therefore unique to us, and is influenced by our thoughts, experiences, and everything that we arre.
e Chakras are essentially energy centres inside the body.

For thousands of years the Chakras – which are based along the body’s central column, have been recognised by healers, philosophers and seers.Indeed, understanding the charkas and how they hold the key to optimum health can be traced back to at least 3000BC, in ancient India.
References to the Chakras whether written or illustrated in art can be seen down through all the ages of civilisation.

The Chakras are associated with the flow of energy inside our body (although obviously this is affected by external forces in the aura as well)
hakra itself is an ancient word, and a Sanskrit term meaning wheel or disk.
These c
hakras look like spinning wheels or Vortexs / funnels. In illustrations, Charkas are often depicted as flowers, particularly the lotus flower:

When the petals are shown fully open the Chakra is at its full potential and healthy. When the petals are nearly closed the Chakra is blocked or dormant.

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The Chakras then are a linked mechanism through which our energy or life force flows.
They both attract energy and can bring into our life situations, events and circumstances, or they can repel energy, and lead to stagnant situations in our lives eg. a blocked heart chakra can keep someone locked into a pattern of self loathing.

In a healthy body all 7 Chakras spin and move in a regular pattern – the speed of which differs from individual to individual.
he frequency with which they move in
creases from being at its slowest and densest at the Base chakra to at its highest at the Crown chakra.
When the charkas are moving slowly or stuck they create imbalance in the body, which over time if not acknowledged can lead to illness and disease. It may be that all or a selection of Chakras are out of balance.
Fom my experience in my healing work, most people have at least one out of balance at any one time – this doesn’t mean there is physical disease or illness, just that the energy is blocked at this time. Practises however ideally need to be developed to prevent illness in the long term - whether through certain types of eg. yoga, meditation, massage or healing.
n truth the chakra system is typically in a state of flux – its structure ebbs and flows - the key is to start to regularly tune in to our bodies, and learn and feel what our charkas are telling us.

See next page for details on the 7 chakras and  - their meanings and the new colours....New Metatron Chakra colours