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Here is an exhaustive list of what is included in this package to help you make the right decision.

Level 1 - Platinum Package
£330 (UK Stirling)

The highest standard of the Level 1 course and the only one giving you a personal reading with Amanda, and therefore limited to 7 spaces per month. 


A beautiful, orange calcite heart energised under the New Moon to signify the start of your journey with Metatron. It is attuned to his energy for you. This crystal is only available for platinum customers. 

         Merkaba Crystal Pendulum – to help connect to Metatron and use in healing work.

At times, the pendulum may be substituted for another crystal of equivalent value and quality. This will likely be either a heart or platonic solid shape infused with Metatron's energy. 

A bespoke 30cl Archangel Metatron Candle to compliment the Flame Attunement Spray. The same oils are used although scent is more subtle. It contains clove, sweet orange, palmarosa, ylang ylang and clary sage. The candle also includes an embedded crystal quartz chip. It's made of soy, has a cotton wick and cased in a glass container. 

"The light of this candle welcomes you to Archangel Metatron's Colour Healing circle. We are a rainbow tribe consisting of lightworkers with love in their hearts, the strength to endure, the desire to seek the highest truths and our feet grounded, ready to walk the talk. By lighting this candle, you raise your own frequency and that of the planet.  It is a symbol of the illumination that Metatron brings to you, to guide and elevate your path, as well as a promise that he will never leave you. It can be lit as part of your attunement ceremony whilst watching the video we send you, or in meditation/reflection any time after. Light it as and when you need it."  

            4 additional Metatron Sprays
(Magenta Bridge, White Merkaba, Midnight Indigo and Sunrise sprays.)


Two additional video tutorials post-attunement.  

Three additional meditations - Chakra Meditation, Return to Egypt Meditation, Archangel Sandalphon meditation 

The platinum package also has the following, which comes as standard in the silver package

Preparation manual – sent via email.

 ‘The Bridge’ Meditation, Remove the Story Meditation and Merkaba Meditation  – sent via email download.

Flame Attunement & Connection spray and Archangel Sandalphon spray.

 Attunement video. 

Three video tutorials.

   Metatron workbook/manual (70 pages long) – sent via email to complete independently in your own time.


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 Level 1 - Platinum Package