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I received this question and today I thought I would answer it here in this newsletter… it follows on from a video I made last week on Evil and Wrong doing in our world (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nkj0TPa5zs) and several posts I wrote after the Manchester suicide bombing.

Here is the question:

“Where was God when the bomb detonated…sitting watching as the innocent children were blown apart. Not all powerful then and certainly not beneficent… why do we have evil… there is no God as far as I can see only illusion.”

You ask where was GOD…?

‘Can you really not see me… I am in the strong arms of the men who cradle the injured and dying
I am in the warm loving hearts of all those who flocked to help
I am in the open doors and invitations to strangers houses who need a bed for the night
I am in the hospital with doctors piecing back together victims bodies and minds
I am with the ones departed and was there when they crossed over
I am in the spirit of the good men and women who come together in vigil, prayer and support for their community
I am in the healing
I am in the energy of all those who try and protect and keep peace

BUT I am not man – I gave you free will – that was your request – what you desired – what you needed to learn and grow whilst here on Earth.

Yet some abuse this gift – choose to use it instead for bad deeds, evil acts – they work not in my name but in their own… and I watch on in sadness at their choice – yet will always hold open a window of forgiveness too.

I am not in the bombers hatred
I am in the love and sacrifice of those who would give up their life to help another
I am not in the voice of anger, prejudice or cruelty – but in the expression of hope and compassion
I AM not Separation – I AM Unity
I AM not in the bomb, or gun or knife
I AM in the love that repairs the damage…

You ask where I was…..
I was there…..but not in the way you thought….

Words Amanda Ellis

On to other matters... in this newsletter you will find details of three workshops planned for the next few months. The Archangel Workshop in Dublin is nearly sold out – the other two – ‘Working with the Ankh’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ both have more availability.

Other than that the next few months are busy ones with 7 new Archangel Sprays to be launched and back to the Metatron Oracle cards for final push forward.

Thank you all for your continued love, support and friendship – it means so much.

Wishing you all well and Metatron Blessings,


Archangel Workshop - Angelic Celestial Colours

The Archangels are here!! We still have a few places available on the Archangel Workshop to be held in Dublin on 24th and 25th June 2017. Join me for a two day immersion into the Angelic Kingdom covering 7 amazing Archangels who are particularly linked to the work of Archangel Metatron & Sandalphon and who step forward to guide us now collectively on this planet.

Archangel Workshop
Grand Hotel Malahide, Dublin, Ireland
Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 June 2017
10am to 5pm daily
Cost £222
(Non-refundable deposit £55 to secure your space.)

Click here for more information about the workshop - http://www.facebook.com/events/599859363554670/

Working with the Ankh - Part 1

Explore 3 Main Themes in this introductory workshop with Amanda Ellis:

1. Links to New Christ Consciousness
2. Unlocking The Hidden Chambers of the Chakras with the Ankh
3. Egyptian links and Life Force energy

A Second Part to this Ankh Workshop will be held later in the year exploring: - The Ankhs relation to Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies, Galactic Star Systems and much more...
Working with The Ankh - Part 1
The Cottonwood Boutique Hotel, Bournemouth
Saturday, 30 September 2017
10am – 4.30pm
Cost £111
(Non-refundable deposit of £55 to secure your place)

For those staying over a limited number of one hour personal sessions with Amanda are available on the Sunday priced at £75.

Click here for more information about the workshop -
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Ascension Colours

Join us for this brand new Colour Workshop with Amanda Ellis. We will be looking at the 5th to 7th dimensional colour vibrations and how they can help us on our ascension journey.

This is an Interactive Workshop where we will explore YOUR relationship to each Ascension Colour. Archangel Metatron has repeatedly said WE HAVE TO BE THE COLOURS - that means living by what they represent and we will use a number of tools to help us do this.
Ascension Colours Workshop
Bournemouth, Dorset
Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th November 2017
10am to 5pm daily
Cost £222
(Non-refundable deposit of £55 to secure your space.)

Click here for more information about the workshop - https://www.facebook.com/events/1405117872891586

A warm welcome to my first newsletter of 2017, January went quickly didn’t it and now we are well and truly into the new energy of this year.

I pondered what to write about and a theme came out of something else. I am in the exciting position of being about to employ someone to take on the packing and posting of the Metatron sprays – the Metatron Colour System has taken off beyond my wildest dreams and I need someone now to really take this on so I can get on with other projects and ideas.

I have been very tired as I have been juggling many jobs and roles for a few months now and so this new help will be Metatron sent I am sure. However the exhaustion I was feeling prompted something else I wanted to talk to you about … GUILT.

It was prompted as things usually are by something quite silly. I decided as I am tired to not work a second day at an event I had signed up for, it also tied into my Mothers birthday so I decided to just do the one day and be with her instead. Even though I knew this was the right thing for me I still felt guilty for letting people down (not my mum I would have seen her anyway). I then went out to lunch on the day I ‘should’ have been working and bumped into a friend who I hadn’t seen for ages and felt guilty I had been too busy to see her. On the same day my daughter became ill with a high temperature so I felt guilty that I had been intending to work and would have not been there when she needed me. By the end of all these guilt trips I was even more exhausted… but also wise enough to know it was ridiculous – who was judging me anyway – it was myself!

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why instead don’t we do what is actually asked of us by spirit and just do what we can. Angels and Archangels know it’s not the easiest planet to be on much of the time – why do you think so many flock to help us every day?! We make it even harder for them to help us, for example find peace or stillness, by these constant blocks and judgements we place on ourselves.

I grew up with a permanent motto repeated by my father – along the lines of ‘as long as you do your best that’s all that is required’… I think this is really accurate - so since when did I and countless others add in the other words ‘and be perfect’ into the equation.

No one asks us to be perfect - we are all just doing the best we can – why don’t we all GIVE OURSELVES SOME SLACK.

The energy of the world feels taught and tight right now – and we are adding to it by this permanent sense of ‘shoulds’ and guilt at what we aren’t doing… whether that’s losing weight, exercising or something much bigger.

It’s time to drop the word Should and also drop the Guilt…

Where does it come from anyway….?

I think deep down it is always about putting others before our self. Although there is a time and place for this – it has to be balanced by self care - particularly if we are Light Workers here to serve others. If you are such a  person by nature you often put others first – but this year with so much to do, and so much to happen for us all we have to drop the high expectations we have placed on ourselves and listen instead to the sweet gentle rumblings of spirit that just says ‘Be Yourself… do what you can… and we love you and thank you for that’.

I don’t know about you but for me that feels a much more comfortable space to be and from that place of ease and peace many other beautiful things can grow.

Tied into finding the space we all need is another important aspect – really choosing how and where and with whom you spend your time and energy. Maybe you are doing too much, trying to stay connected to too many people, juggling simply too many things.

Why not throw the balls up in the air and see which ones you get left with… those will be the ones you actually valued and hence saved to carry forward.

This February choose carefully, allow space and time for you, let go of the guilt which is only old patterning that you don’t have to listen to any more.

By finding your own still centre – that place of total clarity, peace and safety within – you are able to steer your own ship through whatever waters are around you at this time.

I wish you well.. I wish you to be captain of your own ship this February – the angels are behind you but need you to steer softly…

Well 2016 draws to a close – whilst it has undoubtedly had difficult moments for many I don’t share the view that it has been an annus horribilis for all!

I have noticed a trend sometimes that as one year ends we can be quick to write it off as a ‘bad one’ and assume the next year is going to fantastic.

It’s a bit like emigrating and thinking by moving country you will leave all your problems behind, or having a baby to ‘solve’ a marriage that is disintegrating. It just doesn’t work like that. We take our stuff with us from year to year unless we are truly ready to look at it now – and that doesn’t mean waiting for January 1st as some panacea that comes in gifted to make that easier.

I have been very called myself to get to grips with a diet and exercise plan – and my guides are screaming at me to do it NOW not wait till New Year when even more damage will have been done and needing repair… sound familiar!?

New Years are of course about setting goals and new beginnings but I really don’t like this energy of writing off a year just because we know quite a few have suffered in it. That doesn’t make it a bad year per se. It may have been a year of wake up calls, of hard learning – but given we are only here on this planet for a limited number of years maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to bin a year that hasn’t gone quite as we expected it to.

‘Into every life a little rain must fall’ feels true. But it is the rain that allows the growth to happen…

I know too that many have lost loved ones this year which is one of the hardest things we have to face - the poem later in this newsletter reflects my thoughts on this and was actually included in a funeral my husband went to yesterday of a relative who lived a happy, long life to 95 years old. I know many who are not so blessed - but however long or short life was - the poems sentiments are right.

For me this year my highlights were undoubtedly meeting so many of you. It was wonderful to spread my wings and visit both Canada and USA and also make connections with many others both here in the UK and further afield.

In Canada I was struck by the natural beauty of the place, the ancient indigenous feel of the land and the relative youthfulness of the country itself. The swim in the lake, the 5 crystal bowls played, the warmth of my hosts, and the spectacular majesty of Niagara Falls will long stay with me, as well as many other memories.

In USA arriving a month before the Election there I was aware of the political energy I was walking into. I was also educated fast at how traditionally Christian much of the country still is (much more prevalent than in the UK for example). As I boarded a plane at Heathrow I was surrounded by about 20 people who had been on a bible tour, and getting on to a plane at Charlotte in a thunderstorm I was greeted by a pastor clutching a bible to his chest as he moved past me. I sat with my energy and respected theirs but was aware that they may not have respected mine if they had known some of my beliefs!

Both energies political and traditionally religious were tangible in USA. And yet the people I met on retreat were so open to new ways of looking at the world that I realised there is a huge transition coming in to that country now, and it is a pivotal time there of change and revolution. I will be back that’s for sure… and I thank all my clients wherever they are for so much support and love in 2016.

I finish off 2016 with a series of 12 special videos I am making. They are a set that will stand together as a separate piece of work and are in the process of being made now. Each one looks at a different Ascended Master or Archangel that wants to come through with wisdom and love for us now.

It seems there is a big outpouring of support for all of us right now – and many guides coming in to help us.

If you need help ask – see which of the Guides that I bring through over the next couple of weeks speaks to you the most and then allow them to keep serving you to help make 2017 a good year. They are or will all be up on my You Tube Channel Amanda Ellis11 which has over 4,000 subscribers now – again thank you to all of you.

Back to close of 2016 rather than writing it off... ask yourself instead:

  • What has this year taught me?
  • What has been the biggest blessing and gift?
  • What have I learnt about myself?
  • How am I doing on my spiritual path?
  • How have I served?
  • What do I need to focus on next year (may be to do with qualities such as forgiveness or self care etc)
  • Who has supported me this year – and have I said thank you?!
  • Who hasn’t been there for me this year (and I may have to let go of)?!
  • How can I create more joy in my life, what will bring happiness into my life?
  • What have I got to be grateful for?

I still think that last question about gratitude is so important. We ALL have something to be grateful for, and gratitude raises our vibration whatever else is going on around us.

As we flow into a New Year take with you what works and what is beneficial – let go of what isn’t – and ride these powerful energies of transformation right now which are here to help not hinder us.

Having been tuned in to the energy of Christ all morning (making the third video in the Master Teacher series) I wish you all a Happy CHRIST – MAS. He wanted us to separate out those two words and to realise that this time of year is about a MASS of all of us coming together in Christ Consciousness love to stand united in a world that needs light now more than ever.

I wish you all a good festive period and for angelic blessings to be with you all. Thank you for being with me through 2016 – I hope you are able to still journey on with me through 2017. There is still a lot more to do, see and discover.

Amanda xx


There is a growing trend I have witnessed amongst some in Light worker circles to dismiss the importance of Angels and Archangels. The theory goes that we need no help other than our own inner guidance, connection to I AM Presence and Higher Self.

I think this perspective misses the point entirely. Whilst no one would state that the above aspects are worthy and what we all aspire to - let us not be under any assumption that anyone can do it all of the time.

We are human – yes we have divinity within us, yes there is a higher self which wishes to serve you, and a centred connection to God/ Source that you can find and learn to find but I have met no one in my life who is able to stay in this state ALL the time.

We have as part of our human condition Ego, Shadow aspects, Primal emotions that are still in place to eg protect us (think Fight or Flight) and many spiritual aspects that need mastering eg Judgement, Forgiveness,  before we can begin to see ourselves as anywhere near truly enlightened.

We are here to learn, grow, feel what it is to BE human which by nature IS flawed.  As one of my mentors the astrologer Steve Judd says ‘If we had wings on our back, we wouldn’t need to be here’!

Angels and Archangels are there to be of service to US – because they love us. They are not here to disempower you and prevent you from tuning inward – in fact that is the very thing they DO encourage!

They are – and Archangel Metatron is in particular a bridge that leads you back to YOURSELF – not away from it.

They don’t wish to be prayed to or glorified – they are there to serve and to steer and to inspire – but never to do the job for you.

You have free will – you can and will make many twists and turns on life’s path – some will be glorious successes when you have listened to your own inner truth and others will be mistakes or times of uncertainty where you stumble or fall.

AngelWingsAngels and Archangels watch over you throughout – they don’t abandon you when they see you have been able to manage on your own, they are there to pick you up next time you falter.

Archangel Metatron as head of the whole angelic kingdom in particular will stand back and give you the opportunity to make mistakes – THAT IS HOW YOU LEARN. He will also push you lovingly towards that which is healthy and right for you – but he will NEVER do it for you.

That crosses the line that angelic energy understands – that you are unique – you are your own boss in this life and they respect and honour that.

Back to the question – why do we need them? We need them because they represent pure, untainted, enlightened energy that is here to help, support and above all offer us love… and I don’t know about you but I welcome that anytime…

SpiritualProtectionSprayIn this newsletter we highlight the new Archangel Metatron Spiritual Protection Spray – this is selling very fast indeed and many are buying two at a time. I will respond to this unprecedented demand and offer a 100ml bottle format of this spray in the New Year if demand continues.

I must say I am really enjoying using it too – it gives me peace of mind that my protection is in place every day and night. A few squirts of the spray morning and night and a conscious connection to it and what it is invoking is making me feel much stronger and happier. Details of the spray are given below.

I am also  busy firming up 2017 workshop schedule – I am not quite yet ready to announce my full itinerary yet as I am still finishing off 2016’s commitments but diary updates will be made ASAP.
We certainly plan a Metatron retreat near to Glastonbury in June and I will be visiting Sardinia too likely later in 2017, as well as Scotland and Ireland.

There are two more Metatron Teachers just qualified too – Susan Alexander in Brisbane, Australia, and Carol Thorneycroft close to me in Dorset, UK. They will be offering Level 1 and 2 in Metatron Colour Healing soon too – details will be on my website page ASAP with other qualified Metatron Colour Healing Healers and Teachers all trained by me, under a new and coming ‘Find a Practitioner page’. New Teachers are also in the pipeline including those in USA and Canada.

I am also very excited to be collaborating on a future CD and possible USA retreat with Elaine Penn and Nancy Pitkin. They are wonderful musicians and have offered to help me get some meditation CDs out there and we are looking to combine the power of Sound and Colour together in new work next year.
So there is a lot to look forward to – and of course the coming Archangel Metatron Oracle deck is not too far away either.

I am taking some time off from my individual session work to prepare all the above and more. Session work linked in to Distance Learning will continue but my private readings will be available again in a few months time in 2017.

Wishing you all a smooth run in to December where I will send out my last newsletter with a bumper festive issue and some planned channelling from Archangel Gabriel who features strongly in presence at this coming time of year.

Much Love and Metatron Blessings to you all for now,

Amanda  x

I am just back from a night away – we usually always book a hotel chain when away from home - you know what you are getting, the standard is consistent, they are convenient, accessible and I realise now after last nights experience anonymous….

And that anonymity was thrown into sharp relief by staying somewhere different and realising what we miss when we don’t interact and sink into faceless blandness.  I was in a very comfortable and beautiful Bed and Breakfast. It had been chosen as it was close to where we were picking up our new puppy in the middle of nowhere in rural England!

Rather than the usual routine of arriving and sinking behind closed doors to throw off shoes, relax, and emerge next day for breakfast in a restaurant, we this time were in someone’s home – an elderly couple who had travelled the world and had many tales to tell.

And they told many tales… at first, if I’m honest, I just wished they would let me be – I wanted silence - but the more I analysed that silence it actually felt I was just wanting to be anti-social. The truth was I didn’t  want to interact with this fascinating couple (I later discovered them to be) – I just wanted to check my phone, check my emails – engage  online – anything other than have a real conversation with a real person!

I may be exaggerating slightly but I am sure you sense what I mean.

They insisted on us not making our own tea in our room so we could watch TV in private but sit with them in their sitting room. They poured tea out in fine china cups, and handed us biscuits and I softened – I realised they were there to teach me something. Their kind old faces were genuinely interested in who we were, why we were here and they were enjoying just being with us in that present moment.

So I started to listen – I started to share my stories – and before I knew it I was enjoying myself…

The same happened at breakfast – no single table away from others to skulk behind a newspaper or worse again get out the phone…

No this time we were seated at a huge oak round table – one other family who had booked were also sitting around it. My teenage daughter hissed to me – ‘Can I sit by you, not them’! – but again my morning dullness was brightened by others chat. I joined in – I realised that this is what we so often miss.

We can be on a train, a bus, in a shop, or sitting with loved ones and we are so often failing to really engage with others. Go on holiday and you will see families not talking to each other but seated around tables staring at their individual phones and technology.

Technology was supposed to give us more time – but it seems to be robbing us of precious time SPENT WELL that we cannot get back.

Technology is making us lose our ability to converse - and to enjoy human interaction – I am sure it has to be a factor in holding back our spiritual evolution too. How can our hearts open unless fully engaged in a world that is full of beauty.

I’m not against technology – it has many plus sides, it brings people together too – but balance as in all things is needed.

I feel in terms of energy the Metatron spray that helps us with all of this is the new Air Elemental – it is about Space and being able to breathe – slowing down, and BEING.

Within the Elemental workshops – we talk about Air as an energy helping us to appreciate every minute and really feel, sense and experience all that life has to offer. I sense it counters all the oppressing energies that can crowd us in, demand our time and end up suffocating us.
Metatrons words to the Air Elemental spray ring true….

“The gift of air - to soar and reach heightened states, to be able to see, hear, feel and sense all of life from a Birds Eye view, letting go of our human smallness in terms of perspective and accessing a clear perspective on life in the freedom that comes from being in air.

Helping also to aspire and dream big – to think in new ways and instigate new activities and behaviours that were before closed off to us – all with the motivation and direction of air behind us encouraging and steering us forward.

To live life fully and to breathe deeply this is the gift of air – to help us not become so entangled by what lies here on earth in day to day life – but to understand everything as part of a greater whole, including phases of life and different ages of being.

Helping with transitions – and cycles of life – just as the birds migrate when they know winter is coming to warmer lands – so to this Air essence helps us travail through each part of life – giving us just the right vibrational energy we need at any one time.

When air around us feels stale and enclosed this energy comes in to purify our space – both in our surroundings, our auric field and within ourselves.

For air sits within us – we breathe it in and exhale it in equal measure. Think of your lungs and the air within them – when was the last time you properly exhaled DEEPLY – allowing all old energy to leave, and likewise when did you last breathe in DEEPLY – taking in as much fresh air as you can?

This spray reminds you of the gift of the breath – the majesty of each one. It encourages us to look up, to see the beauty above us – to look for the sunlight and starlight rather than the ground underneath our feet.

To stand straight to look ahead knowing that all is safe before you.

Let’s all take deep breaths of air this July – and engage fully in all that is presented to us.

Much love,


March 2016 Newsletter

The Dimensions of Alertness

Hi Everyone, Well we are fast approaching Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere - March 20th the time when day and night are of equal value. From then on the light starts to grow, days get longer and summer is around the corner.

I’m aware some of you are reading this approaching different seasons too but change and natures cycles of life are to be seen everywhere.

March has been a full on month energetically and April with Easter crossing its path offers a chance for us all to pause and see where we are at.

Collectively much is coming up to be healed from the shadow. We see it in all parts of the world, and of course what happens at macro level reflects down to us too with the need to look at our micro ‘stuff’ too.

Here in Europe we have the biggest influx of refugees since WW2 with society failing to cope with a wave of humanity in desperate need and individually many are struggling with what that brings up for them from their own shadow. Protectionism, Them against Us, Fear, and Haves and Have Nots - how do we respond from a spiritual perspective?

And in USA we have one of the most challenging elections in generations. Again feelings and ideology that has been buried is coming up to be aired. It doesn’t matter which party is doing it, and it doesn’t matter who is saying it - anyone voicing fear is simply voicing what is out there in the collective whether we like it or not.

It is easy to point the finger of blame and make that person the ‘bad guy’ - yet the uncomfortable truth is many agree and approve of what is being said.

Read more ...

January 2016 Newsletter


I write this New Year newsletter a day after the death of David Bowie – the world is still reeling and I look and ask why?  I think the answer lies in the fact that beyond the huge legacy of great music, talent and star quality lay a man who broke the mould… and I feel many of us feel constrained / boxed in by a world that places  conformity, expectations and roles on us (often at a young age) that we yearn to break free from.

We also place them on ourselves too of course – staying in comfort zones rather than seeking out the new.

But what if we could? What if, like David,– we simply realise that change comes and so when it comes knocking don’t just tweak the outlines of your life – instead radically shift and evolve and become so much more than you are now… learn, grow, enjoy, experience all of life not just the part you already know.

As he himself said ‘I’m not a prophet or a stone age man, just a mortal with potential of a superman… I’m living on.’

He believed in striving to be better, to access super consciousness powers that do indeed bring manifestation and magic beyond the closed minds wildest dreams.

Not that there is anything wrong with being ‘ordinary’, but your soul didn’t come here to settle for that – your soul isn’t ordinary – it is made up the sum parts of all of your existences, timeframes, lifetimes, talents and learning. It didn’t chose to come to this earth plane and settle for ordinary – human bodies settle for ordinary - souls don’t, and you and I are soul, body and mind combined. Our individual and combined power is awesome beyond measure.

Sure structure is important and so is dedication, responsibility and duty but there is always the opportunity to adapt and grow every day and every week of your life.

To live an extraordinary life, as Bowie did, doesn’t have to be just for the select few – it can be for you and I – but first you have to look at what your expectations are for this year. Maybe spend some time reflecting on that. My expectation is to have a phenomenal year and so I will – I will also meet challenge and difficulty too, but I expect the year to be good. That is my mind set coming into 2016 – what is yours… really ask yourself that.

Do you dream big, or just assume things will proceed as per last year? Your response to that determines the experience you will have in 2016.

Never before has there been such strong energy pushing all of us forward – to think bigger, to dream bigger, to live a bigger life.

What does that mean to you? It doesn’t imply material success on which the world is presently based – it may be better health, more open hearted giving, being open to new adventure and experience or it may be more travel, time for creativity the list goes on and on.

I will be travelling more this year – I am just firming up details of a New York workshop for this year and a Canadian one with definite dates already set. Our workshop location is based in a lakeside cottage in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario on Little Kennisis Lake. Again details to follow very soon on my website and Facebook page Angelic Celestial Colours.

For interest in either New York or Canadian trip please email Syma at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and details will be sent to you.

I have never been to either America or Canada and so I am hugely excited about this opportunity and I guess it lends itself to the theme of this newsletter which is leading an extraordinary life not an ordinary one.

Archangel Metatron is there for each of you to achieve your goals and ambitions – but first you need to have set them in place. Take time out this month to review where you are, what you want and then ask for the help to come in making that possible. I also think then keeping that hope alive is very important – keep thoughts positive, upbeat and streamlined – see yourself doing or being whatever you set your mind to.

2016 is a 9 numerological year – the start of a whole new cycle for all of us – make sure you make the next phase of your life a good one, and that has to come from within. ‘Dig deep’ someone said to me this morning – and I think this is valid too – dreams and goals require hard work, commitment, faith and belief in self……you can do it, we all can – make this year an extraordinary one – for that is what you came here to claim.

Metatron Blessings and Much Love.... I attach now the latest painting for sale from the forthcoming Archangel Metatron Oracle deck - progress on the 55 cards is at an advanced stage - and there are only another 13 to paint. We have interest from a wonderful publisher and hope to have these cards available to purchase as soon as possible.

Here is the painting for 'Blessings & Thanks' - it is for sale priced £99 plus postage (as of 13th January - they usually sell very quickly).

Channelled words as follows:

Blessings and Thanks 2.jpg

Universal Harvest is available to all and yet so often you fail to see it as you look around at a world where suffering, lack and poverty are commonplace. This is not what was intended - the earth has enough bounty for all to share freely and yet it is blocked by individual and collective fear of not having enough - needing to hoard and save and worry over where the next meal is coming from, the next holiday, the next bill.

What if we said to you you will always have enough, but you need to trust that is so? What feelings does that bring up in you to head? Maybe there is a story within your own family of lack - lack of money, lack of food, lack of security or safety - and so you dread those states of being - but make them more real by running from them, pushing them away - which is why a millionaire may still feel he hasn't 'enough' however much he has or earns - the spectre of the past lack still haunting the present.

Heal that part of you that fears not being supported, and looked after - your spiritual army of helpers will not see you go hungry or alone if you truly ask for their help.

For the truth is the earth is alive and able to evolve and sustain all who live upon her as long as Gaia is respected, and energy and intention is poured back into her soil, her elements - and this is something all can do every day.

The simplest way to give back to the earth is to GIVE THANKS - to be full of gratitude for all that you have.

For the food on your plate, the money in your pocket, the sounds and rhythms of your beautiful world that wants to bestow many blessings on to you - if you are open to receive.

The Cornucopia illustrated here - a horn of plenty symbolises all the abundance available to you - everything that you need for your wellbeing from fresh food, golden coins, light rays and the sounds of the universe filling your soul with song and joy...

The warmth of the colours too reminds you to remember and be thankful for the heat of an open fire, a warm bed, a loving home.

The wish of the angels is to bring you all this and more. Saying thank you for what you already have is a courtesy that brings more to your door - a never ending supply of sustenance, help and what you need to thrive in this life.

Thanking also the angelic realm and the mighty Archangel Metatron for being there through all our life helping us with opening up to receive and we thank him now for that today and every day, as well as his custodianship of our earth who supplies us so well.

Channelled Words Amanda Ellis
Artist Jane Delaford Taylor
Copyright Amanda Ellis 2016


Have an abundant January - much love as always

Amanda x

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