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My individual client work is typically done either via Skype (recorded) or via a recorded session that I conduct for you based on questions you send in to me. This will be sent via email and includes my intuitive ability to channel and bring through messages that are appropriate for you based on your current situation, energy and life stage.

Sessions will likely include tools and guidance, tailored visualisations or meditations or any healing aspect that needs to be bought through. 

Consultations (1 hour) - £75 With Amanda

When available through the year...a waiting list is usually in operation 

Consultations can be repeated and used as support throughout the year - typically I would advise 3 months apart for a processing of the prior sessions themes. Although all consultations are talking sessions the energy contained within them comprises healing energy - and as with all work I do Archangel Metatrons energy is present, and will help push you on lovingly. You will be sent photos of cards and colours chosen for your individual session.

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"I have come to really value my  sessions with Amanda very highly, having worked with her now for the past 2 years. Whatever comes up in each session, whether it is insights from her or Archangel Metatron or meanings / messages from the colours, it is always very apt and spot on as to where I am at and it never ceases to amaze me ! I am currently doing a Colour Therapy course with her and this is helping me to further deepen my knowledge and understanding of colour, plus further understanding of myself. Amanda is a wonderful and inspirational teacher and certainly 'walks her talk.' I admire and respect her completely. This system of healing with her and Archangel Metatron has helped me so much, why don't you let it help you...! (A. Harris)

"Having a colour session with Amanda is a truly enlightening experience. Through her deep connection with Archangel Metatron and her innate understanding of colour, Amanda clearly interprets the messages the bottles are trying to convey. She does this with such grace and compassion, getting straight to the heart of the issue concerned, shining a light on it and bringing it into focus to bring about healing on many levels." (D.Pike)

Christmas closure period.

Although the shop will be open to accept orders no orders will be despatched between the 21st to 28th December.
Thank you.