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46. Archangel Uriel - Loving Service & Light

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In whichever area of life you feel that you lack peace Archangel Uriel can help you to win the battle and bring about completion of all struggles, behaviours and ills. He will work tirelessly to help you find the peace you seek and he does this also so that you can then spread that peace to others flowing out to the world. He is an Ambassador of Peace and asks you to be that too.

Closely linked to all Light workers Uriel helps you to find peace so you can shine your light brightly – to be of spiritual service in any way that is true for you. He is your ally that helps you see clearly the path ahead and what needs to be done minute by minute, hour by hour…

To be of service requires dedication, commitment and an assurance that all is safe as you take the steps before you. Archangel Uriel will walk before you, clearing the path, removing any threat and is with you as a fierce and loyal ally who teaches you too to be a warrior of peace and light.

When a direct approach is needed, when short cuts are not required – but a thorough fast response is needed Uriel will be there. His speed and energy is said to be like lightening – knowing exactly what is needed and when. Never afraid to tackle the ‘big stuff’ – Uriel can be called in during times of disaster, conflict, hardship and toil – he is fearless and like your own ‘Super Man’ energy ready to fight for you to bring about best outcome for all concerned.

A very active male energy Uriels power lies in his sheer strength. Although diplomatic he can also be blunt – helping you say what needs to be said and also acting in legal situations on your behalf.

His wisdom and intelligence can be linked in to at any time you need them - he can inspire, and impress you with ideas that come from nowhere….

He does all this to help keep you on your spiritual path – not be distracted or lost upon it. He acts with 100% devotion to God / Source and will remind you that devotion to cause, family, relationship, business is essential to bring about success.

He also helps you to understand the flow of give and receive in all aspects of life - Money, Love, Work etc

Uriel is a hardworking angelic energy - here to serve you and smooth your path.

Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cinnamon

Crystals: Carnelian Angel, Tiger Iron, Ametrine

Uses: When seeking Direction, Motivation, When needing insight upon the Spiritual Path, When lacking Trust and faith, When angry and Frustrated and Needing to find Inner Peace. When in need of a spiritual ally.

Helps calm energy during Natural Disasters (can be sent at distance)