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Sales price £17.77

Magenta - an anointing spray for when you wish to to receive Divine Love. Magenta a colour long associated with Archangel Metatron - the highest of the Archangels and the one closest to God / Source.   The Magenta spray is the BRIDGE which connect us back not just to his energy but our higher self and divine light we all hold. 
It reminds us of the holy place within ourselves - the heart and seat of our soul.  When we are able to see the divine in all things as well as ourselves we raise our vibration to that of the angels. 
Magenta stops time, and stops all that holds you back from experiencing a state of alignment with the highest vibration available to you.
It allows you to access a place of enlightened consciousness where only love is real - all else falls away....
It holds within it the Namaste energy - I bow down to the divine in you and everything I encounter. 
Within Magentas ray there is no place for judgement or blame, hatred or fear - just an expanded self that knows itself at one with the universe and the laws of that - which are love.
In essence this spray is Metatrons BLESSING......a special energy that holds the key to an elevated state whenever it is used.
It comforts, supports and holds you in his loving embrace and helps you gain insights and revelations that get us back on our paths and in touch with our truth.
It is Divine Love encapsulated in oil and water form - a sacred way of connecting to higher beings of light since the dawn of time. 
As a colour Magenta is not a traditional colour of the rainbow - it is one of the new 5th dimensional colour frequencies coming into our planet now and is the herald of many more.  It contains both Red and Blue as colour properties bringing in positive qualities of both those colour rays - Strength, Protection, Direction. 
Even though the Magenta Metatron spray is highly linked to spiritual connection it is also very grounded as a result of the Red energy it contains to. 
Metatron helps us bring to earth all that we access from higher realms whether that be via meditation, merkaba travel, or more...
Magenta is also a colour linked to the healer - so this spray is an important aid to anyone who practices healing on others - or who wants to heal themselves. 
Essential Oils in Magenta are:
Galbanum (an ancient biblical oil), Myrrh, Rose & Frankincense, Yarrow and Cardamon - the sprays scent is reminiscent of Holy Incense.
Crystals used in the making of this essence are:  Same as for Gold Stellar Gateway which teams up well with this spray too -
Rainbow Myanite, Imperial Topaz, Amethyst, Selenite
Any time Love or Connection to an Enlightened Space is Needed. Perfect for Healing in any form.
Works well with Teal Alta Major which also clears and amplifies head chakra points.