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26. Sunrise and Midnight Indigo Set


Sales price £29.98


Sunrise and Midnight Indigo Set

Used Together the Midnight and Sunrise Sprays offer a complete treatment and ongoing support for facing our fear and allowing our true light and power to shine. They are invaluable when going through difficult times, change and transition periods and when we feel undettled or unsure. They help us to see the higher perspective and illuminate your way.
Please read detailed descriptions for each to understand better their multi faceted applications and uses.  In essence they offer what Metatron is all about - helping us look and conquer whatever troubles or pains us - by healing that which is in need and renewing the body and aura with light and love.

They help sync the bodys natural rhythms also and the cycle of night and day, endings and new beginnings and the promise of safety whilst we transform, change and evolve on our individual paths.

Helpful for establishing better sleep patterns as well.  Metatron truly is the light in the dark.

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