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24. Sunrise - New Dawn


Sales price £17.77

Used together with the Midnight Indigo Spray this Sunrise energy from Archangel Metatron helps us quell our fear and step into our power and light. 
Very helpful for any times in life where change and new direction are sought - or indeed any time when a boost is needed.
The pale gold of the Sunrise energy holds a perfect mix of sunlight, joy and positivity. It can be used daily to help maintain a balanced state of mind and happy and healthy outlook on life. It can also be used as a 'reward' or treat' when you feel you deserve a dose of high vibrational light to recharge you. 
Its delicate colour reminds us of the preciousness of happy times - to not take for granted all that is beautiful and loving in our world.
It helps you be receptive to see the best in any situation, to appreciate beauty in all its guises and forms - from the simplest delights of nature to sophisticated works of art. 
It holds a gentle assurance that ALL IS WELL - whatever is happening - that there is a divine plan at play - and a New Dawn can come from the most difficult situations or times. 
Sunrise as an energy is beneficial to maintain our Solar Plexus energy store - our reserves of power, confidence, belief and stability. Within the Archangel Metatron range there is also the Fuchsia spray for the Solar Plexus reminding us how well we are loved - and which works well with Sunrise too. In truth our bodies need and want different colour energies at different times - but the energy of Pink (Love) and Gold (Spiritual Power and Wisdom) are always beneficial.
Sunrise New Dawn as an energy replaces and fills the body with a sense of new beginning after the fear has been identified and made to go by the Midnight Indigo spray.  Fear can eat away and create a big energetic hole when it leaves the body!! The Sunrise spray used directly after the Indigo ensures the very highest levels of light recharge and replace what has been left as 'empty space'
Sunrise energy can also 'plump' up cells, organs, or any part of you that needs recharging - useful in times of illness when using visualisation and other alternative methods to 'combat' disease. 
Useful also after surgery, or any time the body has been shocked or hurt - physically, mentally or spiritually.